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    Speculation: Big Brother Australia in 2019?

    Just off the top of my head, the entire package of sponsored prizes and a car given to every evictee, and the KFC Toasted Twister Twists, but there are probably others.
  2. MJL

    Audience laughing at sam because of his mobility issue/disability

    Wait, I don't get it, did something happen with Sam...? Maybe bbfan25 should explain it again. :rolleyes:
  3. MJL

    Most to Least Favourite Housemate List

    No point in ranking them when so many of them are the same. Let's try this: Love: Priya Dion Like: Aisha Jake Lawson David Indifferent: Sandra Lisa Jason Katie Ryan Sam Skye Dislike: Cat Hate: Travis
  4. MJL

    Big brother 2014 failing even greater ?

    Oooh *shiver* I just got Kris Noble-era flashbacks. John, you're not being clear, and you're running out of time. What are you really trying to say about Big Brother? Get to the point.
  5. MJL

    Can a drug user win BB?

    More: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Adam_Jasinski
  6. MJL

    Big brother 2014 failing even greater ?

    Oh John you beautiful psycho. <3
  7. MJL

    So...Back In 2015?

    Gah, I mean Shirley Jones, not Sharon Powers. But it's too late to edit now. :shifty:
  8. MJL

    So...Back In 2015?

    Best case scenario: Nine renews Big Brother but installs a new executive producer. Possibly even ships over someone from Endemol UK, like Sharon "I don't wanna bake cakes, I wanna spin people 'round till they're sick" Powers, who was responsible for (arguably) the best UK series and the biggest...
  9. MJL

    Eviction Stage design, On-Air Graphics and Theme Song Talk

    But... When they actually do let her adlib (i.e., after a VT), all we get is "Ahhhh, that was amazing! Wow!" and then she runs back to the comforting bosom of the autocue. :D Maybe she needs a co-host to bounce off.
  10. MJL

    Eviction Stage design, On-Air Graphics and Theme Song Talk

    Oh, eww. :stop: This is where you lost me.
  11. MJL

    Eviction Show Format & Ideas

    Oh, huh, OK. This thread exists. I did all my points in the design/stage/titles/etc. thread. Here:
  12. MJL

    Last nights treatment of Gemma was terrible

    Why do you think they stopped the voting as soon as it was decided? O_O
  13. MJL

    Eviction Stage design, On-Air Graphics and Theme Song Talk

    Hey, it's better than the Strobing Armchairs. Live show thoughts: Mad Auntie Sonia's entrances are getting awkwarder by the day: I actually loved the live show, though... the latest Monday Night Live and "tonight's" eviction have made everything "click" for me and I've started properly...
  14. MJL

    How a personality can change a persons "hotness"

    Me and my best friend call them "personality swayers". You heard it here first.