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    Interview Videos! (Just Videos)

    They're just jealous. She's staying in touch with the relevant HMs anyway. Why does she need Jake, Lisa, katie, sandra, sam's approval? (vomits). If she was based in sydney/meb London Management would of been her agent anyway, if she wants a career in radio/TV Skye should move to Melb/Syd
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    Skye does not tag Ryan in Instagram pictures?

    Post show she is only talking to Aisha, Jason, Priya, Travis. Everyone else she doesn't care about.
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    Lasting friendships?

    Personally I dont Gemma think will remain friends with anyone Skye will remain friends with Trav, Aisha, Priya and Jason
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    How do you think the series would have gone if it was Vote to EVICT?

    Nope, Skye would of made it to the end regardless
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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    You're seriously not judging how smart someone is over their IQ are you? Lol
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    The Final Questions/Interviews + Life after BB

    Skye: Will you consider moving to Sydney or Melbourne?
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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    Err you're judging at the time of that status a 19 year old girl????? it's obvious Skye is more mature now anywayIf you look back at all your old posts a year or two ago I'm sure you would cringe as well
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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    She was 19 during all those posts, it's how most young people talk and think nowadays. Hopefully she's more mature now and can learn from this.
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    My thoughts on Ryan winning

    If this show had constant streaming and was aired a lot more Trav or Skye would of definitely won since Ryan did nothing at all the whole season, his win was due to lack of content and a snoozefest season anyway. We had great housemates
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    My thoughts on Ryan winning

    You all could have had a great winner this season, no on wanted Skye or Travis to win before and people were insulting them saying they wanted Ryan to win, now people are complaining. Watching Ryan's eviction package I got no excitement, it was so boring... housemates just giving him...
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    HOW has David been strategic?

    I don't like how he has all the sudden labelled himself this, he acts tough and calls himself this but the only strategy players in the game are Ryan, Skye and Priya
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    Final 3 Predictions

    Errr... It's blatantly obvious IDK why y'all are making up lies to yourselves Ryan, Skye and Travis