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  • fffs

    i missed it again and i was there yesterday lol

    it's not as if I'm dying to see you though hahaha
    pfftttt.. there needs to be some sort of automatic alert for this, i only just noticed.
    :eek: that's not very nice. you should come see me. i won't be wearing my glasses (which don't suck)
    yes. yes i do. get the people who did your wedding to do it.

    that reminds me, i still havent run into you at ghills yet.
    Yeah, From me to :p Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good day

    I'm 14 this month to, exactly a week from you :D
    ohh crap cosmo...

    about tonight... I wish I could but I dont want to.... sorry about that!

    haha have a good one!
    I just offered myself to be his bitch. What the hell does been man "enough" got to do with it? :rolleyes:
    Yeah, yeah that’s what all married couples say, nothing could be further from the truth. You won’t rest until every fun-loving single out there, enjoying life to the absolute fullest,has condemned him/herselfto the same monotonous domestic hell you foolishly signed up for. :) Nice try but it won’t work me. hahahaha

    And yeah you’re dead right, I’m still a virgin. Can you believe that after all these years on planet earth I’ve never had the pleasure of having of my arsehole pounded within an inch of its life? You think Darling T would be up for it though? Just let me borrow him for a day or two, that should take care of it. Don’t you worry I’ll go easy on him and return him as good as new, promise. ;) If not than I guess I’ll have to settle for GB. :(
    I love stuff and it loves me. Thanks for asking. You love Fat Sheryl.
    Is married life not all what it was cracked up to be or is it simply PMS? Either way don't take it out on me!
    Close your mouth when you’re chewing stuff, it reeks!
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