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  1. Mathew9112

    Big Brother 2020 production / schedule / format talk

    Well... I'll watch the series, but im just so deflated with the news.. The more i hear about "BB Revival" the more i feel deflated. Hopefully channel 7 considers taking it back to its roots next year if it lasts more than 1 year..
  2. Mathew9112

    Channel 7 upfronts live chat

    Yeah I’m currently doing that haha, just wonder why there isn’t a live steam..
  3. Mathew9112

    Channel 7 upfronts live chat

    Where can I watch the 7 upfront?
  4. Mathew9112

    Big Brother 2020 auditions

    I’m so excited for the new Big Brother now!! Auditions are up so it’s 100% happening!!!
  5. Mathew9112

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    Wow! I’m so excited it’s finally making a return! I hope 10 has gotten it back, prob be 7 so I hope they do it justice. will it renturn to Dream world? Wonder what house they are gonna build!!!! So excited!!!!
  6. Mathew9112

    Big Brother House Destroyed by Fire

    This is so sad... I can't wait for the photos to come in of the current state of the house post fire damage.. Well I guess they won't be using that house for any type of revival haha.
  7. Mathew9112

    Speculation: Big Brother Australia in 2019?

    You could see how furious she was in that final. She was one of the best things about 10's integration of BB. Brutally honest, no housemate could pull a fast one on her.
  8. Mathew9112

    Speculation: Big Brother Australia in 2019?

    If Big Brother did come back, where do you think the house would be. As the old house is on land owned by that new project or shopping centre, whatever it is, so that's out of the question. So do you think a network would shop around to another amusement park or go down the UK route?
  9. Mathew9112

    Celebrity Big Brother returns to Aussie TV

    This is exciting. I hope that it’s to test the waters and will lead to some sort of reboot of Big Brother AU, it’s been off the air too long
  10. Mathew9112

    CH10 BBAU Not viewable on YouTube anymore?

    Could this possibly be rights changing hands?
  11. Mathew9112

    So...Back in 2016?

    I'm so glad it's even being talked about. Hopefully they do right by it and bring it back in a great format.
  12. Mathew9112

    Tim Dormer talks about being cut off by Channel 9 for engaging with behindbb fans.

    Well it's good to have some BB stuff happening, disappointed about how scripted that stuff all was, really takes the reality out of the show haha. Channel 9 should market BB as a drama not reality haha. I want it back, and at its roots with 10.
  13. Mathew9112

    Looks like Big Brother Australia isn't back on Nine!

    Wow, finally some new on Big Brother. It's been a while since we have had anything about it. Here is hoping Channel 10 jumps on the rights!
  14. Mathew9112

    Which Series are these from?

    Or maybe at the bottom corner idk.. haha