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  1. marquisite

    BB2021 Filming

    Thanks @Gibo_33 , looking at 7News on Twitter, there was a live twitter video that has some other possibly interesting angles: The shipping container arena: (looks to be the same site where a pop-up marquee was last time?) The platform looking thing in front of the house: Also is it just...
  2. marquisite

    Format and production thoughts

    An old one from 2007, but who remembers Poland? (Both opening graphic style with 3D cube eye and our old theme tune.) EDIT: Also Germany's eye has Ch9 vibes:
  3. marquisite

    BB2021 Filming

    @timmydownawell Or allocate a 30-60 minute block per day for a "recorded live" 7plus exclusive companion series. Think I'm a Celebrity's Fallout Zone but without the commentary. I'd actually create an account to watch it. Each episode should be the same length (give or take a few minutes)...
  4. marquisite

    House plans

    Nice find. That's not quite right, though. The bathroom is in-between the lower and top left shed (unsure if part of the room does extend into the top left shed). What is marked as the Bathroom is actually the Green Room. Where Dan has drawn the Green Room is the door that HMs walk through when...
  5. marquisite

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 20 Discussion (21 July)

    The problem is that so much of this series was faked that they've likely forgotten or don't know what's real anymore. Were the housemates ever in the house? 😵
  6. marquisite

    BB 2020: A Series of Post-Production Faux Pas

    The voting details were not shown in Adelaide. Adelaide is 30 minutes behind AEST.
  7. marquisite

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 21 Discussion (22 July) - Live Grand Final

    How long til we hear a "to the audience" 🤣
  8. marquisite

    BB 2020: A Series of Post-Production Faux Pas

    I thought section 21 of the 2020 BB final 3 Voting Terms & Conditions needed a little adjusting... 🙄 If for any reason the Voting Service Seven is not capable of running Big Brother as planned, due to causes including but not limited to tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical...
  9. marquisite

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 18 Discussion (15 July)

    Have they not heard of a cool communicating device that some of us know as the telephone?? ☎📞 They should've had a wired phone handset somewhere in the white room (you can get them in white too - WOW 🤯). If Big Brother was not available then perhaps a message could be left. If Big Brother wanted...
  10. marquisite

    Format and production thoughts

    Well well well, so 7 have learnt a lesson from the AGT 'east coast only' voting fiasco after all. 7 can have a gold star ⭐ (and they should cherish it as I suspect they haven't earned many 🤣) AGT was through 7plus ... and also apparently SMS according to News Limited (I thought it was only...
  11. marquisite

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 17 Discussion (14 July)

    It would not surprise me in the slightest if Seven repeat all of the mistakes of AGT's 2019 final (and how disappointing that would be... much like this whole BBAU series :( ). According to TV Tonight (ref), an 'Eastern states' vote was conducted through 7plus. With four pre-recorded endings...
  12. marquisite

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 16 Discussion (13 July)

    Unless the hypnotist has more than A-grade credentials, no chance 😴 Or advertise it on your classifieds/auction site of choice 'as seen on Big Brother' 🤣 Only because they didn't produce a proper, dedicated launch episode introducing the new format (among other things like I don't know... all...
  13. marquisite

    Big Brother 2020: Promos and teasers (contains spoilers)

    In one word, yes. Seriously, the amount of hype and anticipation on a BBAU launch night would bring this site to its knees. It was all part of the live Big Brother phenomenon.
  14. marquisite

    Big Brother 2020: House

    Blink and you miss it, so to recap: I assume this 'store room' would also contain at least one toilet, as the floor is raised up the same as the main bathroom. It'd make sense for when/if housemates are locked main bedroom (or would Big Brother tell them to just hold it in 😏?). 'BB's Bunker' /...
  15. marquisite

    BB 2020: A Series of Post-Production Faux Pas

    So I went back to Bunker episodes and guess what else has been edited? Most of the clips that appear to be on the middle TV have just been inserted during post production, PIP style. 🙄 The reflection off the left TV is a give away in the first comparison. In the second, the 'PIP' vision has...