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    Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)

    Skye you should really be holding your boobies now...
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    Episode Day 72 (18/11/14) Eviction

    Australia... You disappoint me!
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    Episode Day 72 (18/11/14) Eviction

    Oh Skye that face! You are that bitchy mole in Primary School that wasn't informed the world doesn't revolve around you. I pity your future husband!
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    Game Predict the housemates ind. nominations 2

    Priya: Ryan and David Ryan: Priya and Skye David: Skye and Priya Skye: David and Penny Travis: Ryan and Lina Leo: Travis and Penny Lina: David and Ryan Penny: David and Ryan
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    Penny vs Skye

    Having watched Penny on SYTYCD and followed her career since, I firmly believe Penny is being very genuine. She was the same crazy nutbag back then like she is now. I wish she had been on the show from the start! I've never been a fan of Skye.... I've never understood how she has the fan base...
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    Ideal Final Two...

    Priya and David
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    Cat was beautiful and dignified right to the end.

    I just can't understand supporters of Cat.. Or Lawson. Cat is a 31 year old woman who should know better than to manipulate a man like she did. I have zero respect for her. Knowing Lawson had a girlfriend would have stopped any decent woman in her tracks from perusing him. But instead she...
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    Game Predict the housemates ind. nominations 2

    Priya: Ryan, Richard and Travis David: Richard, Tom and Skye Skye: David, Lina and Leo Ryan: Richard, Lina and Penny Travis: Penny, Lina and Priya Leo: Travis, Lina and Richard Richard: David, Skye and Ryan Lina: David, Travis and Priya Penny: Travis, Richard and David Tom: Skye, Priya and Travis