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    Big Brother Canada 9 confirmed - begins March 3rd

    wow BBCan vs BBB vs BBau .... This year is going to be amazing
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    The first six Housemates Number 1 Flex .... Instagrammer Number 2 Sarah Model Number 3 Christopher Magician Number 4 katie Ninja Warrior Number 5. Marley Basketball player Number 6. Carlos DJ
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    ...Holey Moley... it could be silly fun...

    Its hard btw Amazing race and Holey M.
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    RuPaul’s Drag Race DOWN UNDER

    We need Drag race in Channel 9
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    International The Circle

    My fav Brazila and France... I didnt like the USA version.
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    10 is doing terrible the last few years, Who is watching channel 10 in 2021?
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    BB2021 Filming

    When is the final?
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Housemates Revealed (contains spoilers)

    She has more than 8000 followers, so She is an influencer, or maybe they are some clients =) As you said , she is a Stripper (Sex worker) "Victoria is the only Australian state which classifies some types of stripping as sex work (Unsplash: Eric Nopanen)"
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    1. Flexi M (NSW) 2. Sarah J (NSW) 3. Katie W (NSW) 4. Christopher W ? 5. Marlie ? 6. Carlos ? 7. Play dumb girl ? 8. Chess player guy ? 9. Motorbike guy ? 10. Farm Girl ? 11. Topless Guy ? 12. Guy with moustache ?
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    Dancing with the Stars Australia

    wohooo, my fav show
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    The Circle on Netflix

    Just watch it. Love it USA Brazil France
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    The Circle - Series 2

    Celebrity Circle yeahhhh
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    BB2021 pushed back for Holey Moley

    Angela is going to be amazing in holy molly. You will love her.