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    Episode I'm A Celebrity! AU (2017) - Episode Discussion

    I just want Tziporah to go this Sunday .
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    The Hotplate... is anyone going to bother watching it?...

    the old french guy he is not the cook in his kitchen, he has three other cook that do it all , and the younger one doesnt cook at all, he is front of house . they are doing quite well . looking forward to tonight.
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    getting good . Mr Stickyfingers . determination will get you there.:cat::cat::cat::cat:
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    so glad your feeling so good now, I laughed at the chocolates you gave your physio I only mainly had the one I didnt give her anything, I just talked my daughter into naming one of her twins after her , they were boy/girls and when she said what she wanted to call the boy I asked her could I...
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    Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year

    I would watch it every night with Dee and Michelle on it, dislike both of them but man would it make good viewing, and yes put Shayna in also. Dee might be able to stay nice to her for a while but 24/7 no way.
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    Hi. Mr Stickyfingers, sorry to hear you had a stroke, had mine 10 years in Aug this year, you get good at typing one finger , more of a trial cutting your meals with one hand. be good do what the physio tells you, will come on more often to see how you are going.
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    Big Brother All Stars........A Good Idea For 2015 or 2016?

    no no I dont want an all star. have watched every BB on so far, however if they have an all star there are too many people I hope never to see again. do you want a lot of broken TVs
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    RIP Philip Hughes

    all I can say is no one at all should have to bury their child, we are supposed to go first ,
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    things i hate that everyone else loves

    Parties just Parties dont like the noise not unfriendly just dont like noise and people together.
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    The storm came and fucked shit up :(

    Dislike storms like that ,hope you and the rest of Brisbane get on well with your insurers
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    RIP Philip Hughes

    they said this afternoon it wouldnt have made any difference to the outcome. RIP Phillip Hughes
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    Was Ryan winning the ultimate proof this was a bad season?

    doesnt mean a think I have a brother that well off, he doesnt give a thing to his children,they have asked they dont get, yet he sees them
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    Least Favourite BB Series

    I would say this one, just wasnt interested or interesting.
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    What are you happiest to never hear/see again?

    that this years Big Brother is finally over, watched it all, didnt get to like anyone or dislike anyone last year I as lest got to intentally dislike Tim which made it interesting. this year meh. see you all next year.