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    Yep, Mimi totally did say that. Gold, isn't it? :D
    Thank you everyone for the Christmas messages. Sorry I didn't see any of them until after Christmas.

    Thanks for the Happy Birthday too Pips. I like your flower!
    Thanks Felici, I just loved it when I saw it :). Hope you had a great Christmas!

    Sorry supernanny!! Finally I get it!! Yes. There is a cross next to your name - qtkt is also stalking me apparently!!! :D Or being friendly and interested perhaps. :D This page is hard to use! To enter a message I have to ignore the fact that I can't see half of it, and then click on a gold line which I presume is the edge of a "Submit" box.
    Nope!!! All my friends have ticks next to their names!! Mind you there are a couple who haven't responded to my invite yet!!
    Felici, do i have a cross next to my name?
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