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    Who Is Mike Goldman

    Was that the note that essentially just swore at him for a page and a half? I remember him giving me his number asking me to call him & eventually asking if i could retract a statement that made him look bad. The unfortunate thing is that the statement was true and it ran in the national press a...
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    Who is the real Tim from this site, BBB ?

    Morning all, We can neither confirm or deny any rumors regarding Tim being in the house. Kind Regards,
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    Thanks everyone for your contributions to this thread. Please direct any further questions directly to the "contact us" section of the page.
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    posters spamming threads

    Dont cry my turtle dove, im dishing out the justice.
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    Why was istantalent banned?

    To six years.
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    Why was istantalent banned?

    You do realise that creating a duplicate account is against the terms of service don't you?