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    So...Back with "revised format"?

    I have refused to join and pay for Netflix because there is a definite lack of shows worth the cost. But, if they put BBAU on then I will gladly join and be willing to pay twice the current rate just to get my favorite show of all time back. As long as they carry it here in the US. I really...
  2. hanklee

    Favourite series of BBAU

    WRONG on so many levels!!! 2008 was the worst worst worst season of all time from any countries version of Big Brother. But the main reason was because of the total lack of any guidance from the production side of things. This is because there was no producer!!! They started out with only a...
  3. hanklee

    Favourite series of BBAU

    Like Connoisseur I too have two favorites, 2006 and 2013. 2006 for David's constant rants, especially when he almost left the house. Katie was the girl who wore her insecurities on the outside and let everyone know about them. Krystal wore her assets up front and proudly, but one look at her...
  4. hanklee

    So...Back In 2015?

    True, True, True. However, you have to realize that at the root of our dilemma is the entertainment industry and the political left and their horror of "political correctness"!! If you "just might" offend someone, then it must be BAD!!! Only "just might" is enough to set them running. But...
  5. hanklee

    So...Back In 2015?

    Yes, I realize that prior to 2003 much of the area outside the walls was unused. But how many times have we seen new housemates say how small the yard looks in relation to what they thought from watching the show. Even the mothers who visited the house late in 2006 while Camilla, Jamie, Max...
  6. hanklee

    So...Back In 2015?

    OK, I am really going to be POed if BBAU doesn't return in 2015. However, please get rid of the PINK house!!! And why waste the area where the Friday Night Games (Showdown) was held. Open up the back yard again!! Bring back the long pool from 2003 and 2004. I think the island in the pool...
  7. hanklee

    Eviction Speculation - Single or Pair Evictions?

    If you are trying to figure out how Alex's mind works be careful. If you succeed, you are automatically fodder for the Funny-Farm police!!
  8. hanklee

    Priya - Not a good fit!!

    But Tim played his game alone. He never told Drew or Heidi or Tahan what his end game was!! Priya has to play as part of a pair and Katie isn't going to take anyone's direction without her agreement and full support!! If Priya thinks she has control, she is badly mistaken!! And the last...
  9. hanklee

    BB 2014 launch was distinctly underwhelming

    Overall I think they did rather well for the length of the show. However, they would have done better adding another 30 min and putting all 16 HM in the first night so they could have experienced everything together.
  10. hanklee

    Priya - Not a good fit!!

    I don't know about you but my first impression of Priya is that she is in it just for herself. I know it is a game but to advocate putting everyone on "food substitute" shakes for a week, sight unseen, is not a good move. Especially knowing that your "partner" will know and could spread the...
  11. hanklee

    Is it available overseas yet?

    Just downloaded the show from the newsgroups. Worked just fine.
  12. hanklee

    2014 House...

    The blue tiles could grow on me. The pink though, that is another story all together. Reminds me of Pepto Bismal in the morning after a night on the town..
  13. hanklee

    Which housemate is friends with Matthew Filippi?

    The same can be said of Jade. She and him live near each other and she has posted several photos of her and Tim's dog on walk dates.
  14. hanklee

    Surly to return as a parrot?

    First task for this years housemates - 1. Catch the parrot. 2. Kill the parrot. 3. Throw the dead parrot over the fence like Tahan did with Tim's jacket last year. Just hope that BB doesn't resurrect the parrot like BB did Surley in 2013 (was it 3 or 4 times this happened in 2013)
  15. hanklee

    Ignoring JordanS

    Ignoring JordanS