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    Latest trends in TVland

    I just googled this and my god that sounds like the most boring show ever! Shark Tank sounds boring too.
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    Your favourite Big Brother moment?

    Dan with the BB eyes logo over his own eyes and Chrissie cracking up. Reggie winning and Jade and Skye losing.
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    The housemate that will benefit most from 2014 in the long run

    Honestly? None. Maybe Sam though, and not to do with his time in the BB house, either. A lot of ex elite sporting people usually commentate after retirement, so could see him doing that in years to come.
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    Post all after party gossip / pics / captions in here!

    Ha! I was only joking about this in the "Skye Drunk Tonight?" thread the other day, but looks like I was right lol!
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    RIP Philip Hughes

    Poor guy. Feel for the bowler too.
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    Why I'm Happy Travia didnt win.

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    Well they could have if they have a smartphone. I would have loved to see him win though, I'm just not sure that even with the right phone number that he would have had enough to win? Having said that, if he had lost to Skye, I'd be protesting loudly right along with you :D:hilarious:
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    Behind Big Brother credits + a cheeky call for donations

    Would that be Malvation, rather than salvation?
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    I thought that was 2006? :tongue:
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    Skye: Drunk Tonight?

    Dick? She's going after him now? That's how many housemates in 3 months? :D:p
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    Cat looked sad

    What would their couple name be? Samson? Lam?
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    What would AntiGretel say?

    Ooh, 2 threads @AntiGretel, bet you would've made 3 tho :whistling: