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    As soon as they revealed the percentages last night (36-33-31), I knew Skye was the one in third place. The night before the percentages were (37-33-30). Skye obviously gained the 1 percent as she picked up votes from the Priya fans.
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    Betting Odds 2014

    Skye $1.90
  3. goroos1994

    Betting Odds 2014

    Skye now $2.10, Travis $3.00, Ryan $3.50Skye now $2.00
  4. goroos1994

    Betting Odds 2014

    Skye now $2.25
  5. goroos1994

    Episode Day 79 (25/11/14) Triple Eviction

    The producers are showing us the % because they don't want whoever is currently leading to win.
  6. goroos1994

    Final 3 - Who do you want to win?

    Who do you want to win? Ryan Skye Travis
  7. goroos1994

    Not one likeable finalist.

    PS: I should add that I think this is the reason why BB has suffered. Too much focus on drama (negative side of housemates) and not enough focus on fun (positive side of housemates).
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    Not one likeable finalist.

    Travis is a try-hard. This past week he's played up to the camera's to get airtime. Ryan is invisible. When he is not invisible, he's arrogant. He'd be a default winner - chosen because the other housemates have shot themselves in the foot. Skye is stupid. I don't mean stupid in an...
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    So it's a trend -Estelle drops in -

    Hi Estelle, I apologise if this question has already been asked. If so, please redirect me to the page. You would have watched your entire season, right? How accurate was the producers' depiction of each housemate?
  10. goroos1994

    Poll - Who do you want to win?

    Seeing as I can't locate a poll asking who we want to win, I have decided to make one. Who do you want to win?
  11. goroos1994

    Betting Odds 2014

    David is now at $1.10 I'm suspecting some insider betting.
  12. goroos1994

    BB setting Penny up for the win?

    You do realise that the producers decide who wins? It all depends on who the producers choose to show and whether they portray them positively or negatively. If the producers don't want someone to win, they'll obviously give them little airtime and/or a negative edit. But Penny has received...
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    The Producers Want Priya Evicted Next

    He'd be a default winner/Steven Bradbury type winner.
  14. goroos1994

    The Producers Want Priya Evicted Next

    You could be right. Or they could want Ryan out. He's been pretty invisible compared to Dave, Priya and Skye this week.
  15. goroos1994

    Betting Tonight : WIN PLENTY $$$$

    In my opinion, Ryan could be in trouble because he had little airtime this week. I think last night's show saved Skye because she featured heavily in it.The same for David - I think the dinner with Penny saved him. Priya - well, I don't know - depends on how big her fanbase is.