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    Love Island Australia - Coming to 9Go & 9Now

    Guess who is the Executive Producer ?
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    I'm A Celebrity! AU (2017) - Articles

    Think it will start on Monday 30th Jan.
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    Just you wait and see

    Just you wait and see
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    So...Back with "revised format"?

    It was 2 years today that Big Brother finished. I am sorry Big Brother, I may have let the cat out of the bag by changing my signature a few months ago.
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    I'm A Celebrity! AU (2017) - Articles

    Come on. The guy is good at his job, it's when ch 9 where pulling his strings it was either do it or be shown the door. Most people wouldn't even know that this years Im a Celebrity was done by a different EP. Give the guy some credit.
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    Australian Survivor Ratings

    Ch 10 are ignoring ratings because if they listened we wouldn't have the Batchelor or Batchelorette still on TV. This is also a good indication that Ch10 might be winning to jump in the water again in 2018.
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    Where Are They Now?

    Radio is popular Trevor is still working for local radio station Hot Tomato on the GC. Jessica is working Breakfast Radio in Townsville.
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    I'm A Celebrity! AU (2017) - Articles

    Yes, Alex is back as EP. He is already working hard on Season 3.
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    Australian Survivor Ratings

    Let's be honest, Ratings are not even a true indication of who is really watching it. It's about time they come up with a better idea to get a true indication of what people are really watching.
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    So...Back with "revised format"?

    Sorry to say that Big Brother is not coming back.
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    So... Back in forever?

    I know lots of you disliked Alex, but if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have had Big Brother back on TV. Yes Ch 9 had their vision for it to be Family and it didn't work. Alex was trying to get ch9 to open up but they we in control. He got told what he could do and what he couldn't do. I am...
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    So...Back in 2016?

    BB won't be back next year. Channel 9 have cleared out the house and the studios have been auctioned off. Dream world will use the house for,storage again and the studios will be used for Functions from time to time. The only way BB will be back is if another Channel or Foxtel sign it.
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    Contents of 'dismantled' BB house for sale in online auction

    The house will be used for storage again unless someone takes up the house. Dream world would be upset they have lost a very valuable extra for their park as well. If a channel took it for not a family show, it would be back. Everyone knows that.
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    Contents of 'dismantled' BB house for sale in online auction

    My house is being sold off. Including my office furniture.
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    So...Back In 2015?

    It could come back in 2016, but who knows.