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    Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)

    Chill! Ryan will win. EVERYTHING points to it.
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    Betting Odds 2014

    Nah I still think Ryan has it in the bag, social media all day has him crushing it. All day he has consistantly been #1 on the radar (lol), facebook likes are neck and neck with Travis but twitter and I think instagram pic likes were 400-500 more likes ahead of Skye. Very rarely is social media...
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    Was Ryan winning the ultimate proof this was a bad season?

    Its hilarious how we are all already knowing Ryan wins/won. Lol. I wish the finale was going to be at least a bit suspenseful but Ryan's victory is sticking out like dogs balls. Its as obvious as Tim's win last year, actually possibly moreso I kinda thought Tahan had a fighting chance.
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    Obvious that Ryan is winning this

    Had a peek at facebook and its pretty much how I have stated it, Ryan wins, Travis 2nd, Skye 3rd (so many "Skye needs to go" etc type comments. Its like last year. Tahan had a healthy following but the hatred for her is what threw her out at 3rd, Jade slipped into second which shocked a fair few...
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    Obvious that Ryan is winning this

    Ryan is doing extremely well lately, hes always top 2 (or at worst 3 with a house of 6). In save polls he has been top 2 lately and then you go on Facebook and post about him are hitting 3,000 likes in a matter of 15 mins. Oh yeah and betting has him as the fave last time I looked at like 2.00...
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    Favourite Channel 9 BB Winner

    This is way premature, Skye will get 3rd. Ryan will win tomorrow. Have you not seen social media lately?
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    Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)

    Oh wow you hit the nail on the head. Thats what he looks like! Hes got such a kind, loveable energy about him. I want him to win this so bad! :biggrin:
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    Priya Appreciation Society

    Okay I like Priya and going by this place I would think "yeah she has a decent chance actually" especially after the latest ep. However have you all seen facebook (I really think its a good indicator). Priya is possibly equally as hated as Skye on there. Another factor is Ryan, he didnt really...
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    Travis Appreciation Thread

    Speaking of Travis' intelligence, does anyone know if he has a degree? I think I read hes a import co-ordinator. I am fairly sure positions like that you have to have to hold a degree. So he must be smarter than many give him credit for. Although regardless of his level of education I think hes...
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    Rapidly turning off Lina - she's so full of shit!!

    Lina started out so well, she was probably my fave out of the "neighbours" then it all went downhill quickly. She seems a real piece of work, very sour and downtrodden at such a young age. She's in the leagues of Lisa and Katie. And that is NOT a compliment. Now I'm annoyed just remembering Lisa...
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    Ben Zabel recovering from overdose - Support for him

    Poor guy, I mean how far down do you have to go and what a dark place before you think what he did is a your only option. I really hope he makes a full recovery and finds all the things he wants in life. Its a struggle but I have full faith that with great people around him he will make it...
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    Final 6: Who do you want to win and why?

    I had this in the "why Travis whould win thread" but here it is again. I also like Ryan well enough so if he wins good job. But for Travis... I would be very pleased with a Travis win. Travis to me seems very affable and has a real kind energy about him. I remember reading somewhere that Jason...
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    Why Travis Should Win

    I would be very pleased with a Travis win. Travis to me seems very affable and has a real kind energy about him. I remember reading somewhere that Jason said something like he wasnt sure how a real blokey bloke like Travis would be with him and to Jason's total shock Travis wasnt just nice in...