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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    So after analysing the promo some more (I'm trying to avoid uni work), I've noticed a few new different things about the house. So there is a new door opposite the entry of the bathroom which I think maybe is the new 'laundry' And I say new laundry because the door in one of the bedrooms...
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    I actually think the house looks pretty good. Looks like there’s going to be a haves and haves not theme.
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    BB2021 Filming

    I know this is a super bad pic. But even if u zoom it it looks like there will be an audience. The platform is quite large to accommodate for social distancing and stuff
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    BB2021 Filming

    That’s what I was thinking too. On the video it sees quite large too.
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    BB2021 Filming

    Action around the house 😬
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    BB2021 Filming

    Well here’s the eye and a new structure on the left of it. These are screenshots from the 7 newscast.
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    BB2021 Filming

    I thought that too. But that pic is older then the one with the family, doesn’t have a pupil and no led lights in the centre. I’m heading up to the compound in a few days anyways to check it out.
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    BB2021 Filming

    Well here’s the new eye
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    Anyone Built any "Virtual" BB Houses?

    How do I upload pic it's still not working
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    Will there be a Halloween themed show?

    Will there be a Halloween themed show? Remember when in 2012 the ghost entered the bedroom and there where voices in the kitchen. Who could forget about the banging in the glass in the bedroom at night. What do you think?
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    Is Big Brother destined for the axe? Apparently not..

    ITS NOT GOING BACK TO 10!!! Face it they got rid of the show for a reason they already have The bachelor. IT IS NEVER GOING BACK!!!!!! Realisticly....
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    2014 House...

    Thank you planning on making a replica on Google sketch up
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    Episode Day 44 (21/10/14) Eviction #7 and cash self-eviction

    Well done SANDRA!!! I'm Not at eviction show but I'll ask her if she could come on forum!!
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    Scoopla Q & A: Katie reveals

    I knew Sandra would pull through something like this has happened before, I just give her reminders she NEEDS a man!
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    2014 Ratings Thread

    You spoke my mind @Caleska