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    Left it too late

    In all the years I have watched survivor when there is a strong alliance of 2,a power couple like George & cara are rarely does such a pair make it this far into the game. My point is action should have been taken weeks ago to split them up & Hayley had so many chances to do this so if she goes...
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    Haleys mistake

    Hayley may come across as an intelligent player but she is not. Sure she has had to work hard to make it to the final 4 however she has this obsession with taking out flick no matter what. It is a no brainer that George & cara will take each other to the final & Hayley carnt rely on winning...
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    Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn - Episode 21 Discussion

    I totally agree. The 4 brains carnt risk going 2 against 2 especially as George has to be the favorite. This is when you bring in another to have that majority & to add to your resume if you make t he final
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    Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn - Episode 20 Discussion

    As a lifelong fan of survivor & have an idea of how this current survivor will end with just 6 remaining. In simple terms george & cara are a power couple,inseparable & will take each other to the final that is certain. Unfortunately Hayley & Wei carnt see that & are likely to leave it to late...