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    Channel 10

    Rights to a certain Endemol reality Tv show doesn't sound so bad now does it Channel 10? #Roasted #bringbackBBAU
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    So...Back with "revised format"?

    Agreed, it's noticeably similar, too similar... Will watch Also noticed Foxtel EPG says S4 E1 ! I thought this was a new show? How many seasons of BB was there? 3 was it? And then this? - the shows are too similar for that not to be a coincidence I'll still be watching Just my two cents worth
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    Insert Quotes button

    That isn't the whole code is it?
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    Insert Quotes button

    Can someone enter the template for quoting? Ie [QUOTE: USER: ___ [/QUOTE} or whatever
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    Game New Game: Predict the Eviction Tally Board for Next Eviction/s.

    1st - Skye (23%) 2nd - Travis (22%) 3rd - David (17%) 4th - Priya (15%) 5th - Cat (9% 6th - Leo (8%) 7th - Marina (6%) (Copied OP's percentages, cbf with dat shit)
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    It's not what you know...

    @Zapp Skye? What makes you think that @Kaz or we're all wrong and Leo is actually a huge fan of the show.. Maybe he's watched BBCA.. Who knows...
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    It's not what you know...

    @Kaz Haven't watched any extra interviews other than what the show airs so I wouldn't know.. But yeah as @Noxious said, he had probably watched a little to understand what he's getting into but not enough to reveal too much about anything ...
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    Cat & Lawson - What really happened

    Back on topic, any news on what REEEAALLY happened? They didn't make a huge two-show special over a little kiss when others did it. Surely it WAS more than a kiss
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    It's not what you know...

    @Kaz he did get time with Lisa to go over who is in the house before he met them all
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    NZers: BBAU is coming to TV3

    Do they do this every year OP? If not, for them to start this year makes me very very sad
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    I'm worried that Lawson will win

    @Lucas ... .. It's two to tango .. ...
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    It's not what you know...

    @j dozer Yo, at least tell us whether it is an intruder or an original housemate. Otherwise our judgments are cloudy
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    It's not what you know...

    @KurlyKatieK No no no, OP means Ryan! Remember! Leo isn't even his friggen name But yes, almost every intruder was put in there by BB See Also my post: A Year Ago, Today http://www.behindbigbrother.com/forums/threads/a-year-ago-today.52588/#post-2026406
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    A year ago, today

    I actually liked Justynn, not the character BB made him act out, but the dude he actually is. Sticking it to the man. So rock and roll.
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    A year ago, today

    Ah, that time Justynn The Intruder admitted to never having to audition for BB. That was a year ago, today.