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  1. DigitalMTD

    Priya Appreciation Society

    I've notice that typically the evictee won't get asked a question during the q&a session. Once again that held up as it was Leo and Priya who didn't get a question.
  2. DigitalMTD

    Priya Appreciation Society

    I think if anything its down to David and Priya in the bottom 2 and based on tonight's edit David will edge her out slightly. Skye won't win but I don't see her going out of the 4 left.
  3. DigitalMTD

    Priya Appreciation Society

    Priya didn't come across very likeable tonight. I think she'll go tomorrow sadly. :(
  4. DigitalMTD

    A question to David fans

    David is a nasty piece of work
  5. DigitalMTD

    Priya Appreciation Society

    David got completely OWNED tonight. Priya showed that whiny bitch who's boss. Flawfree tbh
  6. DigitalMTD

    Priya Appreciation Society

    It makes me sad that Priya's days seem numbered in there... I guess she needs to do more of what the dumb Australian public wants to see. .....like cheat on her husband on national TV or something.
  7. DigitalMTD

    Priya Fell Asleep ON PURPOSE

    Reaching much? This has got to be one of the most pointless rants so far this season. Congrats.
  8. DigitalMTD

    Priya Appreciation Society

    I hope you are correct because it'll be game over for me if she does.
  9. DigitalMTD

    Priya Appreciation Society

    you broke ass bitches best be voting for the queen.
  10. DigitalMTD

    I can't wait for Priya...

    ..... [Image has been deleted]
  11. DigitalMTD

    Nicknames for Lawson

    Flawson Flopson Failson Lameson Crapson
  12. DigitalMTD

    PRISTIANS! How Would You Feel If Prisus Took The Money On Tuesday?

    I would personally be happy with her taking a LARGE amount of money... Like 50-100k range. Its not likely she'll win, maybe make the finals if she survives this week but I think given the situation it would be the smart thing to do.
  13. DigitalMTD

    Sick of Priya

    Travis is anything but "unique". It would never even be a word that floats to mind if I was asked to describe him. He is a typical loud mouth meat-head. A dime a dozen, you can find a buffet of those at your local gym, sports bar or anywhere where ignorance and lack of intelligence prevails.