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    Which couple makes you want to vomit the most?

    They're all repulsive. Cat and Lawson more so for obvious reasons. But yeah, having 6 HMs coupled up in a house of 10 is just pathetic. These new "neighbours" better shake things up, no more false promises BB, it's about time you start delivering something good...
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    Trasha: Totally Nauseating And Cringeworthy

    It was so awkward to watch. He was overreacting - and overcompensating - big time. He wouldn't have felt uncomfortable if Priya or Skye were in there with him. He clearly thought "this is my moment to look chivalrous and show Australia how much I love Aisha, then no one can think I'm a flirt"...
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    Mate, come back to us... the only good thing about this series is getting your thoughts on it

    Mate, come back to us... the only good thing about this series is getting your thoughts on it
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    Yeah, now that BB is a 100% family show with absolutely no uncut episodes, you've got nothing to lose. Forget covering yourself with a doona too. You could fuck like rabbits in broad daylight and still know that the Australian public will never ever see it. Even if a HM or someone behind the...
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    Cat (2014 Housemate) Thread

    Now we really need someone to find her porno. Foot fetish vid perhaps?
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    Cat (2014 Housemate) Thread

    Epic bump because holy hell!! Did you warn us or what??!!!
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    Is Camerashy1 a 2014 Housemate?

    Camerashy would never. If Camerashy was in there, she'd be way more self-aware than any of the female HMs in there.
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    "Aisha only dates famous NRL players"

    The NRL culture is fucked up. Rape, assault, drugs, misogyny, homophobia. Teammates encouraging and enabling the most despicable and illegal behaviour.. If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that these things aren't myths. You would know it's a serious problem. But yes...
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    Finally an intruder wins Big Brother Australia!

    Lol I just mentioned Vesna and Zach in another thread. When talking about BBAU intruders, they were the cream of the crop. Interesting, entertaining, funny as fuck... both should have won their respective seasons. They were robbed man. I just want an intruder who is half as hilarious as either...
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    A year ago, today

    Wasn't Justynn a psycho though? Pretty sure I've seen Nathan tweet about him having some sort of breakdown in the sanctuary. And his leaving was handled so bizarrely.... something must have gone down.
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    The Four New Housemates(?) Revealed. Young. Predictable.

    I just hope these people are more "Vesnas and Zachs" and less "Marynas and Leos".....
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    "Aisha only dates famous NRL players"

    I used to date an NRL player. Met a lot of his teammates and buddies in the league through him. NEVER AGAIN. Some of the most disgusting, reprehensible, borderline psychopathic douchebags I have ever met. And no kappuccino, I don't care if you know a couple of good eggs, that doesn't change the...
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    Aisha Was Great Tonight

    She hasn't let Lawson off scott-free. She screamed at him the moment she had a bit of alcohol in her system and later told him point-blank ill-will had been festering because she hates what he is doing with Cat. She has been more than upfront about her feelings on the situation - another reason...
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    Aisha Was Great Tonight

    I love that according to this forum, being "judgemental" of cheaters is a negative trait. Grow up kiddies. There are far worse things in life than being judgemental. Aisha is more than entitled to disapprove when she sees someone she used to be close to (Lawson) hurt an innocent party. Her...
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    Rumour of Candice entering the house

    People said the same thing about Tahlia last year. Candice has gone above and beyond since the Clawson thing started happening to maintain her privacy, surely the last thing she'd do is go on the show that is profiting off the disintegration of her relationship.