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  1. derspatz

    What music or songs are you listening to?

    not giving up on my smile as I listen to some derspatzermaphone while wandering about the 2012 BB house with LSCP ;-) :-) Tis track 13 from Will Shepherd's CD "Fortuna" which can be heard in full, here apparently: REgarrrrDs
  2. derspatz

    Top Ten: Who do you want to win?

    Anyhoo++, it's been privately pointed out to me by Big (ohnevamind) that I may have been both inaccurate n unfair with the "WHME" aspect of my "WHMENUC" acro in the above post, and so, because I'm a reasonable sorta fella who is willing to admit to the occasional error, I hearbyebye wish to...
  3. derspatz

    Top Ten: Who do you want to win?

    Ian ... who woulda still been in da house if it wasn't for the shamefully rigging done to give WHMENUC (Worst HM Eva N Unhappy Camper) a 2nd shot at annoying us all for too long. Anyhoo, is pretty obvious LOTSA rigging n priming of HMs going on via instructions given by Cornelius/BB in the...
  4. derspatz

    Photoshops 2020

    ... yes Cornelius, "the spice must flow" ;-) regarDS
  5. derspatz

    Photoshops 2020

    so, which HM(s) deserve to be "fake furred"? ;-) REgarrrDs ;-)
  6. derspatz

    New Off Topic Thread ..... (Everyone: please be nice)

    Dial this up, close your eyes n hear the voice of the latest BigBro? ;-) regarDS
  7. derspatz

    Photoshops 2020

    I vote Mr Stickyfingers graphics Cornilius / Roddy McDowell as the BB eye regarDS
  8. derspatz

    New Off Topic Thread ..... (Everyone: please be nice)

    anyhoo, anyone else reckon "Cornelius" or "Caesar" would be apt nicknames for the "Big Bro" of "our house"? ;-) :-) ... oh, n who watches the watchers? regarDS
  9. derspatz

    Big Brother 2020: Housemates

    will the diary room be red? regarDS
  10. derspatz

    THE VIRUS 2020 - the good, the bad, and the ugly

    "... now listen to me carefully?" ;-) :-) anyhoo :-) regarDS
  11. derspatz

    What would Reepbot say (4)

    ummm "greenazi" ? ... "anyhoo" ;-) :-) regarDS
  12. derspatz

    In The News

    Julia Gillard ? regarDS
  13. derspatz

    The Princess Bride Appreciation Society

    Mostly or all ... and was spare change involved ? regarDS
  14. derspatz

    What would Reepbot say (4)

    ... n deem "Drem Yol Lok" included ? ;-) :-) regarDS