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  1. Dennis Haikalis

    Least Favourite BB Series

    I agree with most of your list. I found 2002 to be very dull, with little to no consistent story lines apart from Marty and Jess, it mostly rides off 2001. I did personally really enjoy 2007 when I watched it, very nice feel good cast over all. However I do agree with most people’s comments...
  2. Dennis Haikalis

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    My personal favourite opening titles are the 2003-4 ones. I like how interactive the graphics are with the dreamworld references and the social experiment. And being 4 at the time being at dreamworld visiting the house, it’s what I know big brother to be.
  3. Dennis Haikalis

    The Circle - Series 2

    Idk if this is an unpopular opinion it’s not, but I’m not happy with the winner.
  4. Dennis Haikalis

    Nine announce Big Brother option has ended

    For all we know tho, 7s attempt could be the absolute worse thing to ever happen to big brother and kill it entirely.
  5. Dennis Haikalis

    Least Favourite BB Series

    If I had to rank each series: 1. 2004 (Best series, I loved the all final 7 original housemates) 2. 2005 (Amazing series with stand outs like Vesna and Christie) 3. 2001 (Even rewatching it when its 18 years old the authenticity of it is still so clear and enjoyable to watch) 4. 2007 (Under...
  6. Dennis Haikalis

    Least Favourite BB Series

    I rewatched 2001,2002,2003 over the summer this year, and I found 2002 so mundane to watch. when I watched 2001 I would smash through a week or 2 weeks each day, 2002 I had to force myself to watch. Unintersting cast apart from some (Mirabai, Peter, Sahra and Alex really bored me). Worst winner...
  7. Dennis Haikalis

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    In fairness the original house was built in 7 weeks, I'd imagine an already built studio could be done in similar if not less time. However in saying that, so raises the questions if they have actually begun designing the house, is there a plan on what they want it to look like? And have they...
  8. Dennis Haikalis

    Big Brother 2020 Wishlist

    I would say that FNL ratings were more so to do with the entertainment factor, as well with the younger audience taking an interest as well. Most people amongst my age group born around late 1990s-2000s only really remember Big Brother because of FNL.
  9. Dennis Haikalis

    Dancing with the Stars Australia

    im mega pleased with that, now I can to another live show when ever I want lol
  10. Dennis Haikalis

    Masterchef 2019

    Andy is good, the other 2 I've never heard of. And I'm a little confused with the TV Tonight article, is it an all stars or a mix of returning and new contestants?
  11. Dennis Haikalis

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    I guess that rules out TEN. Out of 7 or 9 I personally don't really care which one it is. I feel 7 may be more likely to get Gretel on board, however I want which ever channel is less likely to adapt the US format.
  12. Dennis Haikalis

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    Still 524,000 isn't exactly something to scream about. Being part of the 16-39 demo myself, I also know a lot of people who'd rather watch HYBPA or Survivor. It isn't a massive ratings success in comparison to other shows.
  13. Dennis Haikalis

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    the only ratings source I will ever trust is OzTAM and David Knox, and that’s where I got my Figures from. 700,000 would obviously be Australia Wide, which is not impressive. Last year did well yes, this year david Knox has already made it clear that the streaming views weren’t high. And youtube...
  14. Dennis Haikalis

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    494,000 watched launch and 357,000 watched last night. Launch night scored approx 80,000 online viewers nationally. Was beaten by the block, masked singer and have you been paying attention in the 16-39 demo. Popular isn't the word id use.