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  1. Dennis Haikalis

    Big Brother 2020: House

    I'm surprised no one here has brought up the this shed in next to the site that was used for the biggest loser in 2009-2012. The big courtyard called "The Barracks Precinct" is a notable spot that any biggest loser fans would recognise as the entrance to camp biggest loser.
  2. Dennis Haikalis

    Masterchef 2020

    He still has gotten some air time, its only week 2 of course its not going to be perfect. But I personally feel that there are a lot less silent people so IN COMPARISON TO PREVIOUS SEASONS. of course the distribution isn't going to be perfect but to have 22/24 having a decent amount of airtime...
  3. Dennis Haikalis

    Big Brother 2020: Promos and teasers

    Well in maths mean=average. median is the middle number, and the mode is the most occurring. So its clear she said average which means 'mean'
  4. Dennis Haikalis

    Masterchef 2020

    I personally must say that I impressed with the distribution of editing so far this season, in comparison to other seasons of course its still not perfect. But it seems the only person who has hardly spoken is Emelia, but still it is only week 2, and every contestant seems to have had one small...
  5. Dennis Haikalis

    Masterchef 2020

    I think the standard Immunity challenges were scrapped because 7/10 times they were pointless. If there was no pin won then the episode really didn't impact anything in future.
  6. Dennis Haikalis

    Masterchef 2020

    A huge 1,228,000 viewers last night! Highest rating launch since 2015's 1,231,000 and the 6th highest rating launch of the 12 seasons! Won all Demos and gave Ten 1st place over Nine and Seven. Well done Ten!
  7. Dennis Haikalis

    Masterchef 2020

    Can Hayden please re do his budgy smugglers scene again this year ?
  8. Dennis Haikalis

    Australian Survivor: Articles

    media spy hinted that it was a previously used concept in the US that was considered "successful" I would personally think it would be "brains vs brawn vs beauty" or maybe "blood vs water". I would hate for it to be "David vs Goliath" as that is literally just champions vs contenders again.
  9. Dennis Haikalis

    Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 24 FINALE & REUNION Discussion

    This is the first time I'm going into the finale disappointed and non interested with whoever wins. I've been watching the US series on TEN all access, my god ours sucks compared to theirs. Gameplay, themes, casting and ESPECIALLY editing.
  10. Dennis Haikalis

    Australian Survivor Ratings

    interesting that all 5 seasons seem to dip at the episode 15 mark and all seem to have a small boost around episode 20.
  11. Dennis Haikalis

    Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 20 Discussion

    okay I officially don't care about this season anymore
  12. Dennis Haikalis

    Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 19 Discussion

    if Shonee goes then the rest of the season is worthless to me
  13. Dennis Haikalis

    Australian Survivor Ratings

    N also to mention, an extra 200,000 views once timeshifted and 10play views are added.
  14. Dennis Haikalis

    Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 18 Discussion

    Finally we see the All Stars playing like real ALL STARS! Props for Jacqui for making arguably one of the biggest moves of the season so far. Hurray for the Vakama 3 who have now possibly escaped the bottom, and hurray for Moana for potentially wanting to move forward with other things. And the...
  15. Dennis Haikalis


    So no tipping for the second series of Survivor later in the year?