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    Final 3 Confirmed. Open for spoiler.

    Well…looks like it was confirmed in Melbourne’s The Herald Sun today 🙄😂
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    Big Brother 2020 has begun

    New promo too
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    Big Brother House Left To Rot

    Looks like the house was on fire 😞
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    Episode US Celebrity Big Brother (2018) - 9Go! (AU) Episode Discussion

    I wonder if this could be a sign of a future scheduling for Australian BB, provided that this does well. I have always wondered how the American format would fare here
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    Bring Big Brother Back In 2016 Petition

    It's time to make a stand Big Brother fans. Currently Channel 9 hold the rights to Big Brother until February 2016. I plead you all to spread and sign this petition if you are serious about Big Brother returning in 2016. The petition and the numbers will be emailed to a number of Nine Network...
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    Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year

    I have no idea how this will fit with their schedule. Let alone whether they will show adult content, which they wont it's Channel 9 they'll probably do the family friendly 8:40pm thing again.....
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    Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year

    Hmmm... i'll check on Nine Access. I would say late 2015? I want to try and contact someone from Nine and see if they'll confirm anything Here is another article from Virgin Media about it
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    Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year

    The worry is if Celeb BB flops, I don't think they'll revive Regular BB again. So they bloody better make this work.
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    Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year

    So CBBUK winner Katie Price has apparently been approached by The Nine Network to appear in Celebrity Big Brother Australia later this year, as reported by The Sun Newspaper in the UK. Their columnist and Ex-Celebrity BBUK housemate Katie Hopkins who has made headlines over here has also was...
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    Give Me That Crown Bitch I Wanna Be Prisus

    Was listening to Sheezus by Lily Allen And I was thinking how great it would be if someone could create a Prisus remix of the song to Campaign for Priya?!
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    I know! You know I can totally see the logic in replacing Big Brother for one week with a movie from 1995..... :meh: It's really frustrating as we get no explaination
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    Maybe something is happening in the house over the weekend? But it's weird they take it off air just for this weekend Take a look in the pics below
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    Thought This Should Be Brought Up Again...

    I find it incredibly interesting in the build up to The Big Brother Revival on The Nine Network we were given this promo back in 2012. What's even more hilarious and little bit pathetic is that the people who Nine said would never enter the house and they have, looked alot like the bimbos in...
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    Big Brother Australia Survey

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to post this here. I am conducting a survey on Big Brother. I intend on sending this information to a large number of staff at The Nine Network and we'll go from there. I would be more than happy to share the details on the fourm after I reach...
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    Friday's BB on Go! in Victoria

    I think theoretically it should be aired on the same channel across the country, so on GO! every Friday, but Nine seems to be a fan of this channel splitting thing on Friday due to the NRL. It's a mess really.