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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 11 Discussion (29 June)

    Finally he did something. Wow.
  2. chumly

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 11 Discussion (29 June)

    Matt is so boring. How many generic white blokey guys does one house need? He and Dan in particular are so smug, thinking (quite rightly) they can just coast through by doing absolutely nothing. He said in the diary room last week that he considered himself a misfit who didn't fit into either...
  3. chumly

    BB 2020: A Series of Post-Production Faux Pas

    The way they're desperately trying to cobble together a sympathetic edit for Kieran so they can inch him towards the win is like pushing shit uphill. Literally.
  4. chumly

    Back to back wins

    Maybe they could take a cue from Survivor re. challenges and have alternate team challenges until it gets near the end, varying team mates and size of teams. That way, challenge winners will be feared as competition but also prized as team mates, creating another layer for potential strategies...
  5. chumly

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 9 Discussion (23 June)

    Considering BB has evolved into Survivor for Couch Potatoes (ie. open strategy/nom talk, challenges for immunity, etc, but with food and creature comforts and not the same level of physical and psychological challenges), it is ridicuous that any of the ex-HMs take the "I didn't lie or back-stab...
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 6 Discussion (16 June)

    There's not enough room for their egos! I'd like to see Tony Abbott, Mark Latham and David Oldfield in the house together!
  7. chumly

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 6 Discussion (16 June)

    And it's scary to think they're all one little scandal away from doing reality TV.
  8. chumly

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 6 Discussion (16 June)

    Sam Dastyari and Jacqui Lambie could slide on over from I'm a Celeb to do the next season!
  9. chumly

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 6 Discussion (16 June)

    I dunno...so many of these "celebs" don't have personality enough to sustain them through a whole series. Although, at the very least they're usually thirsty, insecure narcissists, and that alone gives them more dimension than a lot of the current HMs.
  10. chumly

    All Stars in 2021? - Wish List & Discussion

    BB03 has always been my fave, so I'd love to see almost any of those HMs back, but particularly pairing Dan and Chrissie back up again, and Jo and Patrick (awkward!). And Vesna and Hotdogs from BB05.
  11. chumly

    Does BBAU have a problem with POC?

    I think there's definitely a racism problem, but also a sexism problem. Traditionally (and especially because of the lack of POC thanks to BB casting), assertive women are judged harshly for their behaviour and are among the first to go, where as the young, physically fit "alpha" males (usually...
  12. chumly

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 6 Discussion (16 June)

    Your responses say a lot about your own values. I had hoped Angela isn't that kind of intolerant person lacking compassion for people who need to rely on benefits. And those people are disadvantaged, or they wouldn't be claiming benefits, ie. sick, elderly, unemployed, victims of domestic...
  13. chumly

    The Kieran Show

    I agree. They've been pushing Kieran in the hope that he'd be better than he's turned out to be. He's a dullard. Angela is a gift, but they really needed some more strong personalities. How many times can BB save her? Once she's gone, it's going to be so boring.
  14. chumly

    Predict the Final 3

    I would have said Xavier, except fr the way he's being openly critical of the show, which leads me to think he's been evicted. I'm saying Ian, Sarah and Chad. I like the way Sarah is nominating; she's not going along with the herd. She seems smart too, and I think, quietly strategic, like Ian...
  15. chumly

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 6 Discussion (16 June)

    As much as I enjoy watching Angela, her Centrelink handouts remark was pretty bad. I can handle that she thinks Jesus watches Big Brother, but callous remarks about the disadvantaged are another issue altogether.