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    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    Has anyoneone watched tonight's episode? Where we can watch it if we are not in UK? Thanks.
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    Big Brother Canada: Pre-Season Discussion

    Can't see that video.
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    Game Word Association

    You say: Queen I say: UK
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    Game Word Association

    You Say: Club I say: Brad
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    Thank you for everything you do for this forum. It's pleasure to come here :)

    Thank you for everything you do for this forum. It's pleasure to come here :)
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    Game Word Association

    You say: White I say: Tennis
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    Game Word Association

    You say: Christmas I say: Snow
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    RIP Philip Hughes

    I have never watched cricket game. But here in Europe I'm reading a lot about his death and I must say that I have no words to explain my feeling reading about his death and all other things connected with it. So sad.
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    Game Counting in Pictures

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    White Collar

    I watched this summer first three season and now I'm watching the last one. Can't believe there are only 6 episodes. Yes, Mozzie is amazing.
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    Episode Day 51 (28/10/14) Single eviction + HMs swap with next door

    I love four new people and I'm happy with Ryan's choice but I predict they will only stay there for one week. Big Brother really disappointed me this year and to be honest I only watch 10 mins of each episode and skipping most parts on YouTube when I watch it in Europe.
  12. ben005 Travis going to do anything of worth in the Sanctuary?

    I am also surprised they chose Ben to give Travis any advice. I liked Travis at first but as the sow was going on, I am not his fan anymore. now when he knows he got the most votes he might be even more arrogant. Also, they should another Ben to come in and actually give him some advice, but...
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    Game Counting in Pictures