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    Tim Dormer is going on Celebrity Apprentice

    I think it was a bit obvious it was going to be Sophie. Tim was just shown in a negative light too often. But congratulations to Sophie!

    Tim Dormer is going on Celebrity Apprentice

    I was a bit worried that Tim wouldn't make the final since he did tweet a while back something like 'guess what I did that got me fired'. I'm glad he's in the final although any of the final four I would have been OK with. They did film two endings to the show so not even Tim and Sophie know...

    Tim Dormer is going on Celebrity Apprentice

    Yes, it's possible that there's heaps of stuff we don't see.

    Tim Dormer is going on Celebrity Apprentice

    Just watched the most recent episode. Even though Tim can seem manipulative at times, I still think it was rather harsh for everyone in the boardroom to think he sabotaged the challenge.

    Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 3 Haven't been on the forum in a while but this photo popped up on my Facebook news feed and it hit me that it's been almost a year since BB2014 started. I must admit, even...

    Big Brother Australia - a surprise is coming!

    Love the lines! If someone altered the lyrics for the whole song, I'm sure it would be beyond cool!

    Is Camerashy1 a 2014 Housemate?

    If CS is indeed a housemate, who is it most likely to be and who is it least likely to be?


    I just watched the housemates reading out mean tweets video. Loved Cat and Lawson's reactions!

    Least Favourite BB Series

    For me it's 2008. I had no problems watching this season, but the 2008 season made me stop watching and miss episodes from time to time.
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    Cat looked sad

    I was watching, just didn't catch that part is all.
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    Cat looked sad

    I thought she seemed fine, but it looks like the Clawson relationship has slowed. Which part of the finale was she holding Priya's hand?
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    Talk to Timdormer (yes it's really me)

    @Timdormer Do you approve of Ryan winning?
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    Ryan appreciation thread

    Congratulations to Ryan! I've grown to like him throughout the year.
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    Betting Odds 2014

    Wow the odds have changed like crazy throughout the show. If someone had placed equal bets on each when they were above 3.00 that would have been guaranteed profit!
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    It's possible to bet on Sportsbet on Cat and Lawson kissing in the finale. Very tempted to bet but not sure if it will happen.