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  1. ant and goose

    What are you doing? BBAU EDITION (Game)

    Getting drunk with Ben because I couldn't control myself.
  2. ant and goose

    BB Australia 2013 HM Popularity Tracker

    Tim +786 (+) Tahan +341 (-) Boog +106 Drew +89 (+) Jade -84 (-) Ed -540 Thanks Mrs Butterface for fixing up the votes!
  3. ant and goose

    Will HM ***** win? Grand Final TVCs

    Saw this during Funniest Home Videos in Adelaide. At first I thought they may have gotten their weeks wrong and accidentally shown a finale style commercial.
  4. ant and goose

    Australian "Slang" Interpretation

    If you are ever in Adelaide, Lucky Lupita's near the Flinders Medical Centre is AMAZING!! Best Mexican in Adelaide.
  5. ant and goose

    Eviction #12 - Betting Odds

    Let's hope these odds are correct! Bye bye Mr Ed!
  6. ant and goose

    Jade and Tahan are now very likely to be the final

    Madaline was on 11%, not a very big percentage with 3 people up. This would have also helped Jades large percentage. Boog, an intruder, got over 30% the vote. This in my opinion shows that Jade will not win as she does not have the support to absolutely thrash both intruders. Jade only had a big...
  7. ant and goose

    Big Brother: The records (The statistics page)

    Just found this thread, great hidden gem!
  8. ant and goose

    Australian "Slang" Interpretation

    I know yiros and souvlaki are the same thing. As for kebab... I have no idea.
  9. ant and goose

    Request Nine do more 90 min episodes

    Agreed. Last night's episode was one of the best yet, but it was 3 days full of footage. I think there would be a lot more good footage if they were not on staples. They are lacking energy as they don't have enough proper food. The task does help, but we have gotten used to lame tasks that show...
  10. ant and goose

    Australian "Slang" Interpretation

    Knickers = girls underwear Jocks = guys underwear Mobile = cell phone Sunnies = sunglasses Going for a piss = going to the toilet to urinate Post code = zip code Biro (some states only) = pen Tissue = kleenex
  11. ant and goose

    Episode Day 85 (Mon 21/10/13): Daily Show (90m)

    Definitely teared up when Tahan's Mum and sister came in. I think what the family or friends say is up to them Nick obviously just wanted to show himself off, while Tahan's Mum opted to comfort her. That also shows a difference with the type of relationship though, I know my brother would be...
  12. ant and goose

    Do you know any of the house mates personally?

    Yep if i ever saw him out he was always by himself too. Very much the intovert he was on the show.
  13. ant and goose

    Face to Face nominations

    Because thats why they are still advertising it? Its to do with the whole house. Plus, they dont usually reveal the super power until nominations time.