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    Username change

    @Trala @jessy_girl @Inigo Thanks you three! You're all so sweet! I haven't been online much cause since the hack, the site has been so so slow for me... So much so that it's impossible to use! I couldn't even tag you all properly! Liking, posting or just loading a thread just takes forever!
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    Username change

    Hello @Tim :) I've made some requests to change my username since Big Brother ended but I haven't gotten any responses! And since then, the site had the big hack so I understand you've been busy! But when you can, can I please change my name to ANNIKA? The main reason is concerned with my...
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    Tyson Mayr Appreciation Thread

    So many horny bitches in this thread! MY TYPE OF THREAD!!! Ugh. But Tyson bores me.
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    Post Your VOICE

    Wow!!! Your voice is so great!! Beautiful singing! I am so impressed :) So many sexy, sexy voices on this forum!
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    My Kitchen Rules 2015

    OMG they're all terrible cooks! Well, most of them. So far, I like Ash and Robert & Lyndsey. Annie & Lloyd and Kat & Andre can GTFO! So ugh.
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    General O/T Chit Chat Thread

    OMG the forum's back!
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    Username change

    Hi @Tim, Is it possible for me to change my username to "ohmaigoddess"? I wanted to change it earlier in the season but waited til after BBAU finished, as directed. Thank you! :)
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    Who will be Auditioning for Big Brother Australia 2015?

    Big Brother auditions = BBB meet-ups! Wouldn't that be rad :) I won't be auditioning though.
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    How many cars did they give?

    OMG I totally forgot out the year (or years?) that they gave cars away!!!
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    Username change

    Hi, Could I please change my username to "ohmaigoddess" Thank you!
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    Game All-Seasons Top 50 Housemates Tournament!

    Like the 2014 season, the BBAU Housemates Tournament has come to an end this week! Thank you to everyone who played! @bleachy_dude @beardymac @Wozniacki @flood33 @Lucas @insider06 @PopsicleJones @codge @Aiden @PollyUSA @hafeau @Afflllate @Nan_Taylor @iamremedy @John B @Leema @Frankyfurt @marsha...
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    Game All-Seasons Top 50 Housemates Tournament!

    THE FINAL ROUND HAS FINISHED AND WE HAVE THE RESULTS!!! After a week of voting* With 29.4% of the overall votes, our 2nd-runner-up and 3rd place is Estelle (2012) - 272 votes With 29.7% of the overall votes, our 1st-runner-up and 2nd place is Vesna (2005) - 274 votes With 40.9% of the overall...
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    Game Predict the evicteé and the percentage

    Wow, I didn't realise I was so close to coming 3rd! I think cause not many ppl played in the last round!
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    Game All-Seasons Top 50 Housemates Tournament!

    Um... the voting closed at 7.30PM AEST DST! I'm just too lazy to count right now...
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    Finale Night Drinks 2014