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    House plans

    Looking at house plans to make my own in The Sims 4, I've found 2014's house plan through this page detailing some artists impressions of 2012-14 Series scenes too. https://rodneybrunsdon.myportfolio.com/big-brother-2012-2014
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    The day after thoughts.

    yeah that Beyonce style accent completely unnecessary IMO. Other than that I would've got 144/150. Took me a while to remember the name of the Intruder from 06 Lauren (who only stayed for like 3 days like some of the Intruder evictions). and Alex from 2002. Completely forgot Katie (06), Hotdogs...
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    BBAU Most Sexual Moment

    I felt there was just as much the other way too TBH - You have Sophie in the DR blabbing on about Chad meanwhile we get cut aways to him flexing shirtless or lathering up in the shower a few times IIRC, haha.
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 21 Discussion (22 July) - Live Grand Final

    haha reminded me a little of When Cyrus won X Factor in 2015 and the messiness of that winner's announcement. Well Done Chad. Going by this logic Reggie was also an Intruder (latecomer) back in BB2003 (She entered on Day 3). ITA Intruders would be further down the line once the initial...
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 21 Discussion (22 July) - Live Grand Final

    haha reminded me of When Cyrus won X Factor in 2015 and couldn't speak Luke couldn't get near him for the others mobbing him for a few words at first so quickly drags Chris Isaak over to talk... messy then he starts balling through the start of the winner's song. Well Done Chad.
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    2020 Housemate lookalikes

    Casey reminds me a bit of ex-NRL footy show host Erin Molan
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 21 Discussion (22 July) - Live Grand Final

    Just had a read of a similar article, I've often wondered back in the first few episodes when the Talia/Sarah/Hannah 'Mean Girls' thing was going on which was giving me flashbacks to Aleisha being under Emma's wing in the early days of 2007, without the full focus of the 'gameplay' aspect this...
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    BBAU Most Sexual Moment

    I also seem to recall Rory and Rhianna having regular bj/handie sessions in that big communal bed in 2008 and it being discussed, maybe it was that ‘Big Mouth’ show they had on that year (that was in an adult time slot of 9:30 IIRC). I think I remember a scene of them having a conversation and...
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    Big Brother's best/worst cast season

    IIRC there was a blackout of info/live updates about what was happening in the house for a couple hours and Everyone was speculating wild that Justyyn had been violent or something necessitating his removal from the house?
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    BBAU Most Sexual Moment

    How can anyone forget Peter & Christina's 'Doona Dancing' from 2001? Back then they had the 'best dressed fan' competitions at the Eviction shows, IIRC coming as either Sara Marie in PJ's and Bunny ears or a 'Dancing Doona' were some of the more popular costumes haha.
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    “You smell like a pencil!”

    2006, and I think I remember this. Was it on one of their 'date' moments? Maybe when they were in the RR together?
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    BBAU Most Sexual Moment

    Yeah Rachael. Found this in the BBBA archive:
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    Big Brother 2020: House

    I know it wasn't multiple cameras but doesn't anyone remember the yard camera from 2001 and 2002? Completely in plain sight on a pole. The HM's used to play games with it by squirting water on it's lens to activate the wipers IIRC.
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    Big Brother's best/worst cast season

    ITA, losing both TJ and Bodie in Eviction #2, and then Emma and Rebecca at around halfway (Day 50?) left some large spaces IMO. Zach and Michelle's introduction directly following that brought some pizzazz back but the only time they really meddled was the 'Boys only' noms week when it was clear...