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  1. BigBrotherCritic
    I'm so glad you nerds are still here <3 <3 I love each and every one of you... even Kingston
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  2. Beachsands
    Beachsands Mr Stickyfingers
    Hi Mr Sticky can’t find the pm option. Just wanted to thank you for being so much fun on the forum and keeping things going.
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    2. Mr Stickyfingers
      Mr Stickyfingers
      ...why thankyou very much Beachsands... that's so kind of you to say so sweet lady... and also... if you wish to PM someone you simply click on their Avatar within any forum and you will see a 'start conversation' option... simply click on that and only you and that person will be able to read that conversation... I hope that helps... cheers.
      Feb 26, 2018
  3. DigitalCorp
    Omarosa = ratings.
  4. ErkyPerky782
    i put a whole bag of jellybeans up my ass
  5. Beachsands
    Tears for Jimmy Barnes
  6. derspatz
    ""it's ok to say ..." "it's ok to say"" :-) regarDS
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  7. DigitalCorp
    I just told Kingston off. I don't know whether to be proud of myself or ashamed at my filthy mouth.
    1. Lindsay1973
      proud of yourself!!
      Aug 19, 2017
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    2. Fiona
      What did you say?
      Aug 21, 2017
    3. blowhard89
      Kingston is an insufferable snot and probably the main reason the current BB forums have tumbleweeds blowing through them.. Good on ya.
      Sep 30, 2017
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  8. Rison
    Can the site header be changed, that way we can just pretend like BB2014 never happened?
    1. SepiaBird
  9. AntiGretel
    fairly certain it won't suck itself
    1. beardymac
      ya never know AG, I've heard of people eating their own feet
      Jun 20, 2017
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  10. BigBrotherCritic
    I think its time to change the site back to: "Behind the Box"
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  11. SepiaBird
    I'd just like to give a shout-out to the amazing, incredible, delectable Tim for keeping this site running! Props go to the mods also! :D
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    2. beardymac

      we've found our resident cannibal.
      Apr 18, 2017
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  12. glemon
    glemon tully_fan
    how did you go after your face to face interview in Aus Survivor 2016?
  13. SepiaBird
    SepiaBird Goon
    2018? Don't play with me! What network? Spill the beans please...... :D
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    2. Kingston
      Lol if you actually think he's being serious...
      Dec 12, 2016
    3. Goon
      Just you wait and see
      Jan 8, 2017
    4. RobondaywaytoBB
      Goon probably asked Mike Goldman. He told me 2018, whether to be believed or not is a different story?
      Mar 8, 2017
  14. Flex wheeler
    Flex wheeler
    In the matrix, stashin the blue and red pills for later.
  15. Rose711
    I never liked Andrew. It was the luck of the draw!
  16. DigitalCorp
    I'm introducing the forum to the joys of Sabado Gigante!
  17. Bertrendo
    Forum Big Brother WILL get back to you shortly...
  18. SepiaBird
    SepiaBird Bertrendo
    I Spy A New FBB Eye! ;D
    1. Bertrendo
      Sep 12, 2016
  19. DigitalCorp
    Seems Frankie can't win under international rules, either.
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  20. Fiona
    Eat, drink, dance and be merry, for tomorrow's just another day at the office.