Day 61 FNL

Terrence, still suffering from a neck injury, had to sit out FNL again this week but Spy Night carried on regardless.

Round One was “Shoe Phone Fetch” with housemates competing in pairs where one housemate was Fang the dog and the other was Maxwell Smart.

The housemate deemed ‘fang’ was dressed as a dog and had to crawl to a pile of shoes and carry them one-by-one in their mouth to their master Maxwell who then had to throw them through doors which were being opened and closed by the ninjas.

The girls went first with Alice and her dog Bianca scoring 8 and losing to Brigitte and her dog Terri who scored 9. The boys then had their turn and Ben and his dog Cherry scored 13, annihilating Rory and his Dog Travis who scored 9.

Two of the four losers were then invited to win their way back in a second chance round. Each losing boy was paired up with a losing girl and had to dress them with only their mouths.

Rory had to dress Brigitte and Travis had to dress Terri. Despite Travis sticking the tongue in while attaching Terri’s moustache, they lost out to Rory and Brigitte who won themselves a place back into the games.

Rory, Alice and Brigitte then took on Cherry, Ben and Bianca in Round Two – “Time Bomb Volleyball”. Teams had to return slime-filled balloons over the net. The first team to five points was to be the winner and that turned out to be Rory, Alice and Brigitte – the Red Team.

The night wasn’t quite over Blue Team-ers Cherry, Ben and Bianca though. They each got to take turns trying to blow up a missile by removing strings one-by-one. On Cherry’s third turn he finally picked the correct string and blew it up securing himself a spot in round Three.

Round three was a contest in which one boy paired up with one girl to race around an obstacle course. First up Rory played Agent 86 while Alice played Agent 99. They completed the course in 0:59 but were awarded 20 seconds each as a time penalty for falling off of a ledge. Cherry then took on the role of Agent 86 and, accompanied by his own Agent 99 Brigitte, beat out the first time with a flawless performance on the ledge and an overall time of 1:16.

Brigitte and Cherry then dressed as giant hands to play “Spy Snap”. Despite Brigitte’s obvious enthusiasm Cherry snapped himself three pairs in a row and took out the night. He chose Brigitte, Terrence and Bianca to accompany him to the movies to see a screening of Get Smart.

Day 54 FNL

Welcome to heavy metal night on Friday Night Live!

Once again, poor old Terrance is unable to compete in tonight’s games. After the HMs enter the arena, BB declares him tonight’s ‘groupie’, and gives him a blonde wig and some lippy to wear.

Round 1: Skid Row

This game was a skidding competition. Girls and boys competed separately. One by one, they had to make a run-up to a wet and slippery vinyl surface and slide as far along it as possible without shuffling their feet or losing their balance. The further they went, the more points they scored. Housemates got two skids each, with the two top scorers from each gender going through.

With the maximum number of points for one skid being 10, there were no particularly strong performances from the girls. It was Brigitte on 5 and Alice on 4 who went though. Terri got 3 a Bianca a measly 2.

No doubt experts in the way of the skidmark, the boys showed a bit more skill. Nobbi in particular got a perfect 10 on his first skid (they did all get one practice run however). Also of note during this round was a noble attempt by co-host Fitzy to breach FNL’s PG rating – “god, he went down quicker than a Van Halen groupie!” After both skids it was Nobbi on 14 and Rory on 11 who advanced. Cherry got 6, Ben 5 and Travis 2.

Second-chance Round: Kicking competition

Housemates are spun around ten times, and then within three seconds must kick a bass drum into a giant target on the ground, aiming of course for the bullseye (5 points). One attempt each, and the two with the highest score are back in the games.

Cherry is first. He staggers right off, but lands a good kick on the drum. Unfortunately it only gets one point. Ben next. He has trouble getting in position to kick the drum, but his kick gets him two points.

Trav next. He prances straight towards the drum and kicks it into the 4 point area! Everyone cheers. Bianca next. One of the boys: “Watch out for the boom-boom!” She barely gets out of the spinner, and then staggers and falls flat on her arse as everyone giggles. No score. Terri next. Brigitte: “She looks funny!”. She makes a solid run for the drum and gets it into the three point zone.

Travis and Terri are back in the games!

Round 2: Iron Maiden

This is a team obstacle course. On the buzzer, one Housemate, dressed as a giant iron, pushes another on an ironing board, weaving in and out of several large weights. Then, reaching the third Housemate (the ‘maid’), the original pusher also hops on top of the ironing board and both are pushed to the finishing line, as the third collects several pieces of washing from a clothes line along the way. Best time wins.

First is Nobbi, Alice, and Terri. Terri is on the board, Alice is the first pusher, and Nobbi is the second. Going around the obstacles, they miss a weight. They reach Nobbi at the halfway mark, and Alice has trouble getting on top of Terri on the board. The Ninjas help hold it steady. Eventually, they’re on their way and Nobbi pushes them down the rest of the course (which is just a straight). They’re a bit uncoordinated grabbing the clothes (which have to be placed in a basket Terri’s holding), but eventually cross the finish line. BB tells them they got 1:30. However, as they hit a heavy metal, and threw a bra in the basket after crossing the finishing line, they’ve had 10 seconds added. That’s 1:40.

The second team is Brigitte (on the board), Travis (first pusher), and Rory (second pusher). Brigitte calls out steering instructions to Travis, who manoeuvres around the irons quite well. They reach Rory, who assists Travis in mounting Brigitte (heh). Rory is much more coordinated in the second half than Nobbi was, quickly running and grabbing all the clothes before pushing his fellow HMs down the straight. They got 1.10! They’re through!

Second-chance Round: Pin the Tongue on Gene Simmons

The three members of the losing team will be be blindfolded and spun around before placing a big tongue on an even bigger Gene Simmons poster. Closest HM goes through.

Nobbi put the tongue roughly on Gene’s ear. Alice next. She walks forward very tentatively, feeling the edges of the picture. Consequently she almost gets it spot on. Terri last. She follows Alice’ example, but still loses her way a bit, feeling all over a cameraman and a ninja’s face. She eventually finds her way back and places the tongue only inches from Alice’s. A ninja has to measure it, but Terri wins!

Round 3: The Air Guitar Championships

Each HM will have 30 seconds to perform an air guitar song. They wll be judged by air guitar ‘professional’ Rath Mackenzie. All four HMs score highly, with a particular comment from Rath about Terri’s tongue work. In the end Rory gets 7/10, Brigitte 9/10, Travis 10/10 (despite failing to actually hold a guitar for most of his go), and Terri 8/10.

Travis and Brigitte are through to the final.

Final: Smash ‘n’ Grab

Hanging in the arena are a number of boxes (five for each HM), each of which contain a key. Once all keys are collected, they must use them to open a door – only one key will work in the lock. The first Housemate to get through their door and don the ‘backstage pass’ is the winner.

Much of the race is close, but Brigitte seems to have that extra bit of determination. She hurriedly tries her keys and is through the door! Brigitte wins the Games!

In the Diary Room, Brigitte is told that her mystery prize is a private screening of her favourite movie, ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’. Without hesitation, she chooses Alice, Terri, and Travis to accompany her.

Next week: Spy night!

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Day 47 FNL

To Celebrate Friday the 13th, FNL’s theme was ‘Friday the 13th. Clever, huh?

Terrence was out of the games before they begin – doctor’s orders due to his ongoing neck trouble. That left ten starters for the games.

Round one was the “Pinch of Salt” course. In teams of five, housemates had to all straddle one long broomstick and make their way through the course in the shortest time. Ben, Rory, Travis, Rhianna and Bianca competed first and achieved a time of 2:10. Nobbi, Brigitte, Cherry, Terri and Alice, aided by the advantage of going second achieved a time of 1:55.

Big Brother then instructed the five losers to stand on five red disks on the ground. Rory found lucky number 7 under his disk and won his way back into the games.

Round two was Freddie Vs Jason. The Freddie Krugers, Alice, Cherry and Brigitte, took on the Jason Voorhees’, Nobbi, Rory and Terri, in that old FNL favourite – the pillow fight on the slippery pole.

At the end of 2:00 neither team had a player in their opponent’s zone so a sudden death race to the centre was played out between Cherry and Rory. Rory narrowly won and was thrashed by Rory’s pillow for his troubles.

Big Brother then had a ‘scream’ off for three people to win there way back into the games. Each eliminated housemate screamed into a deciblemeter. They achived: Rory 103.3 dB, Nobbi 122.1 dB, Rhianna 106.5 dB, Ben 110.5 dB, Bianca 112.3 dB, Travis 115.1 dB and Terri 118.1 dB. Based on these results Nobbi, Travis and Terri were invited back into the games.

Round three was “Monster Munch” – another FNL classic game which involves a giant human kebab. Two members of each team (the ‘Chefs’) had to cover the third member (the ‘Madonna’) in sauce and other ingredients, then roll them up to make a ‘Madonna Kebab’.

Cherry and Alice had Terri all wrapped up and fed to the monster in 1:28. Nobbi and Brigitte then wrapped up Travis, getting him in the monster’s mouth in a time of 1:22.

Brigitte, Travis and Nobbi then competed in “Thirteen Pin Evil Penguin Bowling”. They were each required to slide down a tarp on an inflatable ring and knock over as many ‘evil penguins’ as possible. Nobbi achieved a score of 11, Travis 9 and Brigitte 8. Brigitte was therefore, after a short temper tantrum, out of the games.

In the final round Nobbi and Travis were required to eat nasty foods, with one point being awarded for each one they got through. Firstly a teaspoon of wassabi, which both competitors managed to do without incident. Secondly was ox tongue, which again both boys managed to swallow. Big Brother then upped the ante and told them they weren’t allowed a drink of water until they presented an empty mouth.

The third item on the menu was Ox Tongue which (with some encouragement from their housemates) both of them managed to swallow. Fourthly they were presented with bull’s testicles, Nobbi gets his down without chewing but Travis has trouble with this one and can’t finish it.

The final course was fish eye which again Nobbi was able to complete when Travis couldn’t, although Travis did give it a good go despite already having lost the games.

Day 40 FNL

In the true style of cramming more in than will fit, ‘Super Hero’ night fast turned into ‘Tree Hugging Hippy’ night.

Round One this week saw a 2008 FNL first with more than two teams in a game! Team captains were made up of the intruders, as well as Nobbi who earned his status by saving water with a shower-free day. Two members of each team had to push the third around an obstacle course in a wheelie bin.

First up the Green Team (Rhianna, Alice and Rory) beat out the Yellow Team (Cherry, Renee and Brigette) in a close heat. Not so close was the second heat with the Blue Team (Nobbi, Bianca and Ben) easily beating the Red Team (Terrence, Travis and Terri).

Round two sees one housemate strapped up on a harness ‘flying’ above the arena. Their two team-mates have to throw them recyclable trash, which they in turn have to throw into the correct recycling bin.

Rhianna flys first and scores 8 correct items – a score that was smashed by Nobbi who collected 12 correct items on his flight.

The night wasn’t open for Rhianna’s team tho who competed against each other for a place back into the games. The three of them had to cram into a phone booth and dress as Clark Kent in the fastest time. It was a close call but Alice just beat out Rory to win her way back.

Next up was “Murder In The Bark” – a classic FNL game. This is the one where two players are blindfolded – but wearing noisy apparatus’ – and one has to find the other.

First up Bianca was chasing Alice – and caught her easily. Secondly Nobbi was chasing Ben – and caught him easily. Hardly surprising considering Mike Goldman said that in rehearsals they pretty much always got caught!

In the final round Nobbi and Bianca had to defend the planet against meteors. More specifically, they had to stand on a spinning platform and keep meteors of their opponent’s colour out. Nobbi won this game by a large margin and won himself the game.

Nobbi is called to the Diary Room and Big Brother tells him he’s won 4 tickets on BB Airways. He choses Ben, Rory and Bianca to fly with him.

Day 33 FNL

FNL took on a horse racing theme this week. Round one involved all ten competitors partaking in a sweepstake and choosing a horse at random. They were then shown a recording of a live horse race and told to ‘barrack with passion’ for their chosen horses. Terri’s horse came home first and Renee’s came in last – winning them both a free pass to the third round.

It was then back to the old standard “two teams” games with Rory, Travis, Bianca and Ben facing off against Dixie, Brigitte, Nobbi and Alice in the second round which is a game of soccer while wearing backwards racing binoculars. Despite a nice early goal from Rory, his team is out-scored 3 to 2 and are eliminated from the games.

Next up is “Photo Finish”; an obstacle course while riding on mini horses on wheels. Alice, Renee and Nobbi go first. Nobbi is very enthusiastic with his whip and gets over the line quickly. Alice comes in last and gets eliminated. Next to race are Brigitte, Dixie and Terri. Brigitte won easily with Terri coming in last and being eliminated.

In the fourth round Nobbi and Renee took on Dixie and Brigitte in a contest to shovel ‘horse manure’. This is the FNL ‘classic’ where one person throws shit (haha) over the wall and the other catches it. Dixie shovels first, throwing to Brigitte. Nobbi then shovels and throws to Renee. Both Brigitte and Renee have impressive falls wall running with their poo-loads but ultimately Renee’s team is victorious.

Nobbi and Renee then had to face off in “The Biggest Winner Game”. They have to see who can don the most extra weight (in clothing) in a set time limit. Nobbi manages to gain 7.05 Kg while Renee picks up an extra 8.65 Kg and wins the games.

Big Brother tells Renee the bottom three Are Dixie, Travis and Bianca, then asks her who she’ll take to the strategy room. She decides to take Dixie despite not wanting to have to tell her that she’s in the bottom three.

Day 26 FNL

Scouts Night started off with Big Brother telling the housemates to “build a bridge and get over it”. The ‘Dib’ them had to race the ‘Dob’ team through an obstacle course by using a plank of wood to move from one rock to the next. The plank was not allowed to be moved to a new rock until all team members were safely on the last.

The ‘Dib’ team was led by Nathan and consisted of himself, Nobbi, Ben, Renee, Brigitte and Travis. The ‘Dob’ team was led by Rory and consisted of himself, David, Alice, Dixie, Bianca and Terri.

The race was a tight one with a different leader every few seconds and in the end Big Brother declared it too close to call. The team leaders were forced to rock off for a winner and Rory’s paper had Nathan’s rock all wrapped up.

A second chance round saw the six losers hanging from a bar to compete for two spots in the next round. Travis and Brigitte were out early, Ben and Nathan lasted a bit longer, but they were no match for Nobbi and Renee

The teams then became Rory, Nobbi, Dixie and Bianca up against Alison, Terri, Renee and David. They had to compete in the ‘box of horrors’ round. Each had to hold their head inside a box of creepy-crawlies for thirty seconds to get a point for their team.

The first competitor from each team (Rory and Alice) had to endure giant burrowing cockroaches and wood roaches. The second competitor from each team (Nobbi and David) had to endure fighting crickets and leaf mimics. The third competitor from each team (Dixie and Terri) had to endure a ‘Creepy Crawly Combo’ which included all of the above as well as meal worms and other bugs. The final competitor from each team (Bianca and Renee) had to endure rubber snakes.

The FNL hosts announced that fake snakes were used as real snakes were too dangerous and showed footage of Mike Goldman putting his head into a box of real snakes and almost being bitten.

All competitors completed their challenge and round two was also a tie. Big Brother announced that the winner would be decided by an eating competition. Rory and Alice each had to eat a Killer Python. Alice easily won, getting her team through to the next round.

The remanning housemates then paired off David and Renne versus Alice and Terri. Each pair had to erect a tent while hindered by The Big Fan. Neither team managed to succeed in their challenge in 2:30 so the winner was decided by a paper plane flying contest. Alice threw hers first and did very well. David screwed his up into a ball and tried to cheat – but failed.

Alice and Terri then had to ask Yes/No questions of Big Brother and figure out what he’d stolen from the house. After many questions and clues, Terri incorrectly guessed ‘Hoop’ instead of ‘Hubcap’ and was consequently slimed, and lost the games.

Alice, as the winner, was told the bottom three were Bianca, David and Nathan. She chose Nobbi to take to the Rewards Room.

Day 19 FNL

Brigitte wasn’t required to compete in the first round as Big Brother was impressed with her temper tantrum this week and deemed it worthy of a celebrity behaving badly. In the first round, housemates competed against each other in pairs.

Ben faced off against Travis first up in a game which required them to moonwalk (backwards) to a portrait of Michael Jackson and affix a plastic nose to his face. Ben checked his position before putting his blindfold on and, despite missing the face, didn’t do too badly. Travis didn’t bother to look where he was going and missed the portrait completely losing the round and putting himself out of the games.

Dave and Nate then faced each other in a handbag throwing competition. Each boy was required to use their mouth throw handbags for maximum distance. They each only managed to get one of two handbags into the throw zone but Nathan was a clear winner, tossing his bag twice as far as David’s.

Alice and Renee battled next in a David Hasslehof inspired game of crawling along the ground and eating a hamburger. They were required to make their way along the ground and finish a hamburger in the fastest time, without using their hands. Although neither of them actually finished, Alice almost got there and was declared the winner by Big Brother.

Next Nobbie and Rory had to don high healed shoes and kick soccer balls in a Beckham themed game. Each of the boys, dubbed “Posh Spice” and “Victoria Beckham” kicked two balls, each aiming to get as close to the mannequin (David Beckham) as possible. Rory seriously overshot the mark on both attempts before Big Brother announced that Nobbi had the “golden balls” and would continue in the games.

Dixie and Terri then competed in the ‘dummy spit’. Each of them spat two dummies for distance. Dixie easily won this one, with Terri barely making a metre on each attempt.

Bianca and Rebecca were last to compete. They played a game called “Twist and Shout. They were spun around by the ninjas, then required to walk as far as near as they could to a decibelmeter and scream “Show me the money!”

The seven remaining housemates then compete in an elimination round named “The Britney Spear Throwing Contest”. They’re each required to throw umbrellas at a limo and the paparazzi to score points. At the end of two throws Brigitte and Bianca have only one point each, so they throw one final spear each. As Bianca’s misses the mark completely, she’s out of the games.

Big Brother then tells the housemates to split themselves into two teams. Nobbi teams up with Alice and Dixie while Brigitte goes with the boys; Nathan and Ben.

Saxon joins the hosts on stage and talks about his week on the outside. He says he’s had lots of questions about UFO and he’s received mixed responses from people. The hosts tell him he did well on Big Mouth when he was being attacked.

The housemates then play the “The Tom Cruise Couch Jump”. Two of them have to push their team mate around on a couch. The player on the couch grabs Tom Cruise themed items, dresses in a Risky Business themed costume and finally high-fives Oprah.

Brigitte rides the couch first and completed the course in 0:38. Alice rides second, but drops some items and only manages to attain a time of 0:48.

Brigitte, Nathan and Ben then have to choose an eliminated housemate to join them in the final round. As it’s Rebecca’s birthday, they choose her. Nathan teams up wither her to face off against Brigitte and Ben in the next game.

This round required a relay-style race on “Choppers”. One housemate was required to fill a bucket on their helmet with “cement”, cycle up the course and fill their “star on the walk of fame”. Once their helmet was emptied, their partner was allowed to begin. Nathan and Rebecca competed first and managed 3.3Kg of cement. Ben and Brigitte were unable to beat them, claiming only 2.5Kg.

The final round is the “Tori Spelling Bee”. The housemates are each required to spell three celebrity names. Nathan manages to spell Timberlake and Hasselhof, but trips up on McConaughey. Rebecca correctly spells Lohan and Cruise, but also gets one wrong – Beyonce. As there is a draw, the house mates rock off for the right to pass-or-play one final word. Nathan wins the rock off and elects to play, but fails to spell Schwarzenegger making Rebecca the winner of the games.

Big Brother calls Rebecca to the diary room and informs her the current bottom three are Alice, Bianca and herself. She choses to take Brigitte to the Strategy Room.

Day 12 FNL

BB came out swinging on “Hip Hop Night” with an announcement that the winner of the games each week would win Head Of Household status, advance notice of the bottom three and dinner for two in the all-new strategy room.

Before the games got underway though, Fitzy had to apologise to Rima for his off-colour jokes last week and the rest of us had to check out the ninjas in their converse sneakers.

Onto the games and BB announces Alice has a bye into round two while in round one Terri (representing Old Skool) and Corey (representing New Skool) would be team captains. Terri selects her team as Rory, Nobbi, Natan, Renee, Bianca and Travis while Corey picked Saxon, Dave, Ben, Rebecca, Bridette and was left with Dixie.

Round one turns out to be the Battle Of The Mics. Terri’s team are dressed up as fifty-cent pieces – Corey’s team as M&Ms. They’re required to dance, with enthusiasm, around a circle until the music stops, then grab a microphone. The housemate who wins takes their whole team through to the second round. Team captains Coery and Terri are knocked out early and the number of M&Ms to fifty-cent pieces remains fairly constant right down to the final in which Nathan just beats out Ben to win it for the fifty-cent pieces.

Round two and Alison’s back. BB tells them to split themselves into two teams and nominate captains. It’s obvious Nobbi and Rory are heartbroken when they can’t team together but the teams turn out to be Alice, Travis and Terri led by Rory vs Nobbi, Renee and Bianca led by Nathan.

The second round is the Big Booty Can – an obstacle course made more difficult by the housemates having giant asses strapped onto themselves and being joined at the hip by lengths of rope. Nathan’s team completes the course in 1:39.

Despite the fact that nothing needs to be reset for the second team to compete, we take time out to catch up with Nigel the Ninja. Apparently he now needs a job so he tries his hand at a DJ gig and fails. When we finally get back to the arena, Rory’s team smashes the time of Nathan’s, completing the course in 1:23. However Big Brother tells the loosing team that the night is not over for them.

The four eliminated housemates from round two compete in the Busta Rhyme bonus round by rapping along with BB. Each housemate has to follow a line given by BB with a line of their own which is topical and rhymes. Bianca does very well by completing “Breakdancing requires you to move your feet” with “But I’m too short so I sit on my seat” and completing “As I entered the house I had a plan” with “To find myself a really hot man”. Nathan doesn’t do well on his first rhyme but redeems himself in the second one by completing “Being a rap star brings money and fame” with “If I win this round it will be my claim”.

BB again tells the housemates to split themselves into to teams. Rory quickly grabs Bianca and Alice leaving Nathan, Travis and Terri to team up.

The third game is Hip Hop Bunnies. Housemates are dressed as rabbits and have 2:30 to collect as much “carrot juice” as they can. The carrot juice is actually water pouring out of a shower head and in addition to the ridiculous costumes the housemates are also hindered by having to stand on a giant rotating record.

Rory’s team competes first and does fairly poorly, filling their container less than half-way. Rory has a small temper tantrum at the end of their leg. After being the only real contributor to his team’s effort he throws his cup in anger. Bree makes a comment to the effect of ‘It serves him right for picking the hot girls’. Despite a dismal (yet hilarious) effort from Terri her team wins the round, easily collecting more carrot juice than Rory’s team.

BB then tells the eliminated housemates they must choose one of the final three (Terri, Travis or Nathan) to kick out of the final. Predictably, and to a loud chorus of boo’s from the audience, they choose Terri leaving Travis and Nathan as the finalists.

In the final round Travis and Nathan have one minute to thow as many “Boyz” into “Da Hood” as possible. The “Boyz” are actually soccer balls and “Da Hood” is the engine conduit of a car. In their allotted minute Travis only manages to get three in while Nathan gets eleven and easily wins the night.

Big Brother calls Nathan to the Diary Room and presents him with his Head Of Household armband then tells him that, since he is excluded from the voting process this week, the nominations twist part of this prize will be given to the runner up instead.

Big Brother calls Travis to the Diary Room and informs Travis that he’s won the power to save one person from the hot list, he will be voting with double points on Sunday night and he’s also won dinner for two in the Strategy Room. He then asks Travis who he wants to take to the Strategy Room and Travis chooses Renee.

Big Brother minces his words and Travis leaves the diary room mistakenly believing that Nathan is also invited to the Strategy Room – a belief which he shares with his other housemates. Big Brother does not correct him, but informs Travis and Renee (only) that the Strategy Room is open. As the show ends both housemates and viewers are left very confused as to whether Nathan will be included.

Gatecrasher special

Big Brother starts the show – telling them that they are all invited to a party. He says that since they evicted the oldest housemate, the average age of the house has dramatically decreased. He says that they are to attend a children’s party – with lots of surprises. Cue the opening credits.

Kyle and Jackie O come out and greet the audience, which is a rather large crowd. They recap the first week in the show and tell us that the housemates must be exhausted. Then they throw to a clip package of the first week in the house.

Back live, they talk about how Saxon might not be as clean cut as they first thought. They then talk about Rima’s pictures that were taken. Kyle says that ‘we’ meaning the show broke her leg. They cross live for the first time to the house.

They talk to Brigitte who says that the Sparkles disappearance was like an episode of CSI. Rima says that she has broken her left leg and is in a little bit of pain. She says she wishes she was still in the house, but she has some goodies (Coke and chips) and then shares some personal jokes with the rest of the house. She says she might well be back soon. Kyle wonders how Dixie is doing after seeing the message, and she cries a bit. The live cross to the house ends.

The hosts then move on to talk about Terri. They wonder whether she’ll get the chance to go back into the house. Kyle tells them that Corey will also gatecrash the house which receives a lot of boo’s from the audience, before going to a clip package of Rima’s first week in the house.

Back from the break, Jackie O tells us that the show in the end is a competition. She tells us that the 3 most popular people from the online auditions are to enter the house tonight. We meet Barney first, who is a volunteer surf lifesaver, swam at a national level for twelve years. He says he loves girls who love to cook, clean and are good in bed. He says he fears getting old. He says he wants to find himself in the spa with all the girls around him. Barney comes out and joins the hosts on stage. He says he is very excited. He tells the host that he hasn’t really had a girlfriend for years. He says he wants to find a female, but he says he warms to people and doesn’t go straight to the big-breasted ladies. They take a treasured item off his as well and he’s into the house as well.

Kyle wonders if the Spa Mafia will accept Barney. They cross live to the house again. They talk to Travis and all he wants to do is say hello to his girl, Jackie. He says he feels so a part of the house.

They cross to Nobbi who is at the window watching the party inside through the glass.. He looks so depressed. They tell him that Terri has probably been watching all week and wonder if he has a message for Terri. He says he does, and tells Terri to ‘Go and jam yourself!’ Kyle tells Nobbi to hang in there and they cut to a commercial break.

Back to the house live, they seem to have been sent outside and are all sitting on the lawn. Big Brother apologises for interrupting their party, but he tells the house that some people auditioned online and the three most popular haven’t even entered the house yet. He says that the three people chosen by the public pose the biggest threat to everyone in the house. He tells them that 3 more people will enter the house tonight, and they enter the house as housemates, not intruders. Big Brother tells them to say hello to Barney. Rebecca looks absolutely stoked and introduces herself by saying “Hi Barney, I’m Rebecca…what’s your name?!” Barney introduces himself to everyone else.

Back to the hosts who throw to a clip package of the second housemate, who is Nathan. He says he first got into DJ’ing at a mate’s 21st. He says he used to play a bit of competitive sports, even Chess. He says he loves Transformers. He says he loves life, but likes to look out for others as well. Nathan makes his way onto the stage. Kyle wonders why he wanted to audition. He says he wanted to be on “It’s a knockout” and Friday Night Live was the closest possible show. He says that he is single, and comes from Adelaide and has about five different jobs to make some cash. He has a trophy for his treasured item. He takes forever to make his way through the crowd on his way to the house.

Back on stage, the hosts crap on about a Twister competition for a chance to win cash. They cut to a Twister diary about people hooking up in the house. A few funny comments, but they are few and far between. Brigitte reckons that no one dislikes her. Then they have the girls all lining up complaining about her. After the break Kyle tells us that Nathan will enter the house.

Back from the break and the housemates are still getting to know Barney. However, Big Brother tells them that Nathan was voted number two and he then enters. Barney introduces himself by saying “I came in 10 minutes ago.” He says he’s from Adelaide. Back on the stage it’s time for the most popular web mate, Michael. He says he wasn’t the perfect teen growing up. He says he doesn’t do drugs, smoke or drink anymore. Thanks to being in bands he’s been lucky to have seen the world. He says he has 20,000 friends on my Space. Michael doesn’t get a stage interview, he’s sent straight into the house. He enters and introductions all round as usual. Ben notices straight away that he’s been in bands, and he says that he’s really good.

Kyle reveals that everyone is up for eviction next week; well the original 12 housemates anyway. And it’s even easier to vote this year, you simply vote to save the housemates you want to save. More info to come later. Up after the break, Corey will be on stage.

Back live in the house Ben is filling one of the new housemates in on when they got their kitchen and what else has been going on in the house over the first week. Bianca tells Nathan that they should be getting a task tomorrow, and Nobbi then tells him that he won Friday Night Live and explains the prize.

Back at the stage, Kyle gives us a clip package of Corey Worthington. It goes over his funny moments with the media. He says he loves his glasses, but he’s sweet when it comes to the ladies. He says that Australia hasn’t seen the real person that he is and that’s why he wants to go into the house. Here comes the boo’s, Corey comes onto the stage. He takes a seat and says he’s pretty nervous. He says he wants to show people what he’s really like. He says a lot of people have the wrong idea about him. Lots of booing. He says he doesn’t really have a girlfriend, he’s just looking for fun and to have some fun. Corey agrees that he will follow Big Brother’s rules and he’ll also be given a mission while he is inside the house. His treasured item is a little doll which looks crazy. They say good luck and he’s off too.

Kyle tells us that Corey is for a shock as soon as he enters the house. We go back to the house and the guys are all talking in the backyard. Michael says it’s bigger than he thought. He tells the guys that he has a girlfriend. David lets the guys know about the Spa Mafia.

Back with Kyle and Jackie, it’s time to get ready for Terri. Kyle tells us that Terri’s mission will have something to do with Corey. Commercial break.

Back on stage again, they let us have a look at some of Terri’s best moments. They bring out Terri once again. She says it’s all so bizarre. She says she was a bit upset but she expected to go. She wants to say a few things to a couple of the housemates should she go back in. Kyle wonders if she didn’t like Nobbi because he is Asian. She says that is definitely not the case. Kyle asks Terri her opinion of Corey Worthington. She says that he’s a moron. They tell her that Corey is about to walk into the house, however he is only 17 years old so he’s a minor and thus he needs a guardian. She says she would love the challenge. She will re-enter the house shortly alongside Corey.

Back in the house live, the housemates are just chatting in the backyard. Ben is still filling in Barney about the time in the house to date. Back on stage with the hosts who tell us that it’s time for them to enter. Straight back to Big Brother. “Housemates, tonight you have met your biggest threats to winning. The party is only just began. Housemates, Big Brother has a houseguest for you. Say hello to party boy Corey.” The housemates are laughing a bit. David says “Not wearing your sunnies?!” He doesn’t know how long he is staying for but he thinks 10 days. They say that he seems very nervous. Saxon takes him into the house to show him around. Back with Kyle who throws to a package explaining what the housemates think of Terri. Back to the house we go – housemates still gathered outside. Big Brother interrupts again. “How are you enjoying your party?” “Housemates, Big Brother has a predicament. At 17 years of age Corey is considered a minor.” Alice yells out “Terri”. Nobbi looks devastated when Big Brother fills him in that Terri will be returning. Nobbi says that he won’t be going near her! Terri re-enters the house! Nobbi is swearing beyond belief. He is still going off. We’ve had audio outage for 20 seconds now for some reason. He can’t be swearing that much.” Rory gives Nobbi a hug. Nobbi says that it’s so bad. Commercial break.

Back for the final segment of the night. David asks Corey if he’s talking to his parents again. He says he is. Kyle tells us about the voting. There will be no nominations; the people with the least amount of save phone votes each week will face elimination. However, the housemates will decide who will get evicted each week. The FNL winner from this week will also have a special power in regards to evictions. And that’s the end of the show. They remind us to tune into Big Mouth tomorrow night. Nobbi has just spoken to Terri by the look of it but we missed it. Dixie gives Nobbi a hug. Terri has just realised that Rima isn’t here, and Dixie fills her in. Credits start to roll.

Day 5 FNL

The fourth season of FNL kicked off with an “Out Of This World” theme. Starting the theme of predictibility nice and early this season, Mike Goldman opened the show with the exact same joke he make on 2007’s FNL premiere, saying they’ve been gone 9 months and asking if Bree’s had a baby. She hasn’t. A bit more about the hosts private lives. The boys give Bree crap about dating Bodie. Congratulations to Fitzy on his wedding.

As the action starts the housemates show up in the yard in green tights and silver skirts. BB tells each housemate they each have to sit on a slime-filled balloon with the last to pop their balloon out of the games before it even starts. After all the HMs burst their balloons (Rima loses), BB tells them he was just joking and hands out towels for them “to dry Uranus”. BB also announces that this year there will be only one prize for winning FNL – $20,000 cash.

We’re then introduced to the first of a cavalcade of stupid new FNL characters. Fitzy’s new character is introduced as Bryce Fitzberg, a former US Navy Seal turned private eye who predicts that Saxon will win because of his inside knowledge of the alien world. Bree asks what happened to Madam Fitzy to which Fitzy replies “She died… of rabies”

Back in the arena the first game is standing on a platform which slowly moves from horizontal to vertical. The blokes are up first and early losers are Nobbi, who took out Ben on his way out. In the end it was a photo finish with Saxon winning by a fraction of a second. When it comes to the girl’s turn Rima was first to slide down the wall while Renee and Alice held out for an impressive spell before Alice finally emerges as the winner.

As the winners, Alice and Saxon get to choose the teams for round 2 with an alternate pick. Alice selects Travis (who exclaims “Picked first? This is so not like school!”), Rebecca, Rory, Dixie and finally Bianca. Saxon chose Nobbi, Renee, Ben, David and was left with Brigitte. Rima wasn’t included in the selections due to a toe injury in round 1.

The second round is “Space Invaders” which requires one team to hop along an obstacle course one-by-one holding a giant star while the other team operate rows of “space junk” to knock the players down. Alice’s team goes first and make a good run of it. Watching Bianca hopping really makes you understand why she calls her breasts a curse. Alice’s team complete the course in 2:30. Between heats, another of FNL’s ridiculous new characters is revealed. This time it’s Nigel the Ninja.

Saxon’s team picks up the usual second team advantage and completes the course in 1:18, ending the game for the opposing team. BB tells Saxon’s team to split into 2 evenly-weighted teams and Brigitte quickly grabs Nobbi and Saxon, leaving David, Renee and Ben to team up against them.

The third game is Alien v Predator. The first team (the Aliens) are in individual foam suits and have to steal a ‘funky dreadlock’ from the second team who are all bundled together in one big foam suit (The Predator). First to compete are David, Renee and Ben who manage to flog all the dreadlocks in 0:55. Despite Predator being able to hold Saxon off for a little while Brigitte, Nobbi and Saxon come through with the hair in 0:50.

In true FNL form it’s then time for a Second Chance Round with all the eliminated housemates racing along a slippery tarp on their butts. Alice is a clear winner and earns her way back into the games. BB again says he needs two equally weighted teams and Saxon jumps on Alice leaving Nobby to pair up with Brigitte.

To fill time we’re introduced to yet another stupid FNL character, Jim Shorts, who’s played my Mike Goldman and reads us the news from the week in an annoying voice.

Round four involves one housemate pedalling a spaceship along a tight-rope while their partner clings onto the bottom and grabs balloons they pass along the way. Things go pear-shaped quickly when Saxon gets a bit too turned on by the space ship idea and speeds off along the tight-rope and tips the whole contraption over confusing the hosts, the ninjas and Big Brother in the process. Eventually they cut to a break and come back to announce Saxon and Alice have been disqualified. BB announces this by saying “Saxon, as the pilot your job was only to drive the space ship. You collected orbiting planets and stars. You also managed to break Big Brother’s aircraft”.

While setting up for the final game they play a game on stage which they dub “Are You Smarter Than A Bree Amer?” They pull some dude called Phil the Council Worker out of the crowd and get him to compete against Bree in a trivia game on the topic of astronomy. When the guy easily wins it’s revealed he is in fact a space enthusiast in his spare time.

At this point the stupid characters reach a disgusting level with a parody of a soap opera called “The Bald and the Beautiful… Oh and Fitzy”.

The final round was a barefoot race on an obstacle course. Brigitte and Nobbi were required to collect slime from one end of a tarp and transport it to the other end. In three minutes Brigitte managed to collect 2.45Kg but was beaten by Nobbi who collected 4.15Kg. After Nobbi is awarded with his trophy, Big Brother wishes David a happy birthday and announces a party is waiting in the BB house.

The FNL hosts reveal that Nobbi broke the rules earlier today by dressing up as David and entering the house. BB calls Saxon to the Diary Room and asks him to deliver Nobbi’s prize to him – $20,000 Zimbabwe dollars. Nobbi is called to the Kombi Diary Room and is informed by BB that the current exchange rate from Zimbabwe dollars to Australian dollars is 20,000:1 and encourages him to spend his money wisely.

Gretel on Rove

Gretel walks out to the set of Rove looking nice and casual. She loves the new set. Rove wonders why they are doing another season. Gretel says that last year nearly killed her. She said her eldest son was doing HSC, her daughter was in hospital. She says the show was under enormous pressure, with the Prime Minister even weighing into the debate. She says she only realised how traumatised she was when she got in her car one day, and couldn’t get it started. She rang the Peugeot hotline, and the person on the phone said “Once you put the key in the ignition”…she had forgotten the golden rule of driving a car.

She then goes onto tell another story about how she was given a message from the ‘other side’ from her grandparents Wendy & Bob telling her to keep at it and they are supporting you. Gretel says she was hoping it would be Gandhi or Joan of Arc. She then says that around the same time a guy came up to her saying that if she ever needed someone to attend a function or something, he would be happy to, and it would only cost $700!

Rove wonders what happens in her off season. She says last year she probably just wanted to disappear and run, but she couldn’t because her son was doing HSC so she helped him out, then she went and camped out in the desert for a while visiting Aboriginal communities. She says she went for a ride on a camel and tells the audience they are very loud. Gretel gets Rove to actually try and do the sound, then asks the audience, but no one obliges. She finally does the noise herself. She wonders why they are so loud when they have such big ears?! Lots of laugh from the audience. Rove agrees they should be quieter. Gretel says she went to New York for a ‘literary thing’ and then Italy as well. She says she had a driver in Italy who said “I speak English very well, better than most. Sometimes I speak it so well I can’t believe my feet…” Laughter from the audience.

Rove tries to get back onto BB talk; but tells everyone that the housemates aren’t in lockdown so they really can’t discuss much. Rove decides to ask her a series of questions and offers her $20 if she answers to his liking. Gretel repeats that she has to answer to his liking, then jokes that if there was a hole in the table she could really make it to his liking! They go through a series of questions as follows:

Would you watch BB if you weren’t on it? Yes
Who’s your favourite Wiggle? The blue one.
Do you have a Big Brother? No
How many cameras in your bedroom? 43!
Would you rather lose an arm or a leg? Half an arm and half a leg
Who was your first kiss? Richard
Whats 5 time 9? 45

To finish off Gretel plugs the Starburst promotion and tells everyone there is still a chance anyone can enter the house. Rove tells everyone that Big Brother starts at 7pm on Sunday, and Rove will start at a special time of 9. Gretel acts surprised that she has to do a longer show, and as she says goodbye, tells Rove to be ready at 8.30! Rove shoots to the commercial break, where the first advertisement is for Big Brother.