Radio – Week 8 21/06/08

Dave returns to join TiGS and a very tipsy ASHiE for the best internet radio show around!

Together they bring you the low-down on the past week inside the Big Brother house as well as discussing and dissecting all things Big Brother. They also take a look back at metal night on FNL and chat to BB Fan Chad live on the air.

They also ask the big quesions such as “Would Big Brother be better without Nobbi?” and “Has Big Brother failed us this year?”

Radio – Week 7 14/06/08

While Dave’s off partying in Sydney TiGS, ASHiE, and guest co-host Will bring you an action packed hour of Big Brother.

As always we run through the past week in the house, review Black Friday Night on FNL, and bring the best of the intruder opinions from the forums and the emails

TiGS and Dave (coming direct via prerecorded mp3 file!) argue whether Mike Goldman is a better host than Kyle Sandilands. Can TiGS finally break his losing streak?

We also chat to forumer Capo and we prank call an unsuspecting Dave and gatecrash his holiday! Plus we launch a brand new competition where you could win cash!

Radio – Week 5 31/05/08

It’s all starting to happen in the Big Brother house with Travis getting taken to hospital. On this week’s radio show we chat about Travis getting bullied inside the house as well as talk about the three new intruders.

As usual, the weekly recap, FNL review and forum roundup are included. This weeks debate focuses on whether Ollie the dog is smarter than Brigitte (the human). Surely TiGS is due for a win?!

And finally, we catch up with Intruder Darren from BB06. Although…you might want to give it a miss and grab a cup of coffee during the interview instead!

Radio – Week 4 24/05/08

4 weeks in already! As usual, we dissect the past seven days in the house and have a quick look at Friday Night Live.

We give you the shortened version of our chat with Bodie from BB07 and, with Dave leading 2-0 in the debate series, can TiGS claw his way back?

We talk in depth about the Peter Powers hypnotism special, plus the usual mailbag and the forum roundup . Oh, and in case you missed the ending live, we really did finish the show!

NOTE: Fixed.

Radio – Week 3 17/05/08

3 weeks in and the house is finally settling down. As usual, we dissect the past seven days in the house and have a look at Friday Night Live.

We give you the shortened version of our chat with Jamie from BB07 and, after a tie in the debate last week, can TiGS win and even up the ledger?

We talk in depth about the Carson special, and discuss whether these type of specials should be allowed just 20 days into the series. Plus the mailbag, the forum roundup and Will returns with his audio blog!

Radio – Week 2 10/05/08

What a confusing week! We try to sort out the riddle of who’s come and gone this week, and which housemates we’re left with now. We also try get a grasp on FNL – not even BB knew what he was doing last Friday night!

Plus Tronno, our most ‘enthusicastic’ fan, drops by to give us his thoughts on the BB proceedings to date, we reveal a BB secret from one of our many goons on the inside and can TiGS make a comeback in the Debate?

We also take a look back at the all the “extra people” BB has squeezed in over the years and we get your thoughts from the chat, the mailbag and the forums!

Radio – Week 1 03/05/08

This week we give you the lo-down on the week that was!

Hear our opinions on the housemates, the house, the launch and anything else that happened in the first week. Plus WTF was up with FNL? And where the heck did Rima dissapear too?! Plus Will drops by to give us his thoughts in his first audio blog.

The Great Debate also returns for ’08, with one of the boys getting a landslide victory! Plus hear highlights from our interview with Susannah and Thomas from BB07 and heaps more!