BBBA Podcast 2014 – Episode 3, Day 57

We’re back!

– #freshmeat
– Tom’s mysterious money
– Richard = snoreszville
– Penny’s ice bath pleasure
– Lina’s diversity quota
– The self entitled side of the house
– Leo’s Maggi meltdown
– The type of people who are on reality shows…
– Lawson’s big dufus move
– Priya is our god
– Does Lawson have implants?
– Travis loses the plot
– Wikipedia speaks the truth

Here’s the vandalised Big Brother Australia Wikipedia page:

BBBA Podcast 2014 – Episode 2, Day 16

This is the biggest podcast ever.
– The biggest false start in Big Brother history
– Recap of The David Show
– Snappy tasks
– Poodles in the spa
– Skye’s camouflage and meltdowns
– Where’s Priya?
– Where’s Gemma’s sanity?
– Picks on a winner based on leather
– Ambi-blurgh
– Some dodgy ratings numbers
– Tim’s entrance
– The ultimate Block crossover
– White girls wasted in the BB house
– Illegally loaded spas
– Tim is satanic!

BBBA Podcast 2014 – Episode 1, Day 5

In this show:
– We’re back
– Big Brother’s cocacabana talent show
– Sonia’s got back
– Skype is great value
– Snap decisions on all of the housemates
– Pepperoni nips
– Who is Lisa?
– Waiting for Travis to P and S everywhere
– It feels like a cheap greek mansion
– Talking poles
– Power bottoms of the house
– No more food episodes
– Crack!
– Big Brother’s social media

BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 9, Day 82

We’re back! Just a warning: there’s a few naughty words said towards the beginning of this episode.

– Surly’s multiple funerals
– Josh’s departure
– Sam does something unfatherly to Big Baby
– Unwanted guests and the perpetual Ryan Fitzgerald
– Stacey and the dreaded vote to save
– What is it about Estelle that annoys people?
– Sam wears a terrible shirt on the secrets show
– Family friendly erodes away
– Sam and Layla sloppy kisses
– Close confinement horniness
– No more butt crack!
– Fans are getting cray cray
– Angie gets her own spinoff show

BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 8, Day 41

In this episode:

– An indepth discussion on the new intruder and Big Brother’s sleazy brothel ways
– Sam’s inability to wear clothes
– Ava and Sam will be evicted soon
– Michael’s reaction to the intruders
– Have the intruders been briefed?
– Radio task chat
– Who will create a career out of Big Brother?
– Snooze alert!
– The official BB website’s adjectives and metaphors
– Sucking neck in the BB house
– Angie flipping out
– Who will go?
– What else have they got up their sleeve?

BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 7, Day 37

In this episode:

– Inside the sound proof chamber
– Some (soundproof) nominations chat
– Pot plant news alert!!!
– Animal task review
– House two was house poo
– The month in lull
– What is this show’s ide ntity?
– The Ava balloon metaphor
– Yay bye Ray
– Bulllying lol
– Who’s a pot plant?
The chat room and captains quarters
Bitchy housemate talk
How will Sam mark his territory?
BB body dismorphia

BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 6, Day 23

We’re back! In this episode:

– Charne-who?
– Recap of the past two evictions
– Is Ryan a jerk?
– Sonia is working it with Surly
– BB Confidential is a train wreck
– We rate the housemates!
– Ryan’s IQ sucking osmosis
– What are Ray’s life choices?
– Zoe’s chariot galloping into the sun
– YES/NO is a YES
– Flying Twisters and flashbacks
– A Lil Bash of Lil Sis
– Will we go back to BB of yesteryear?
– Eviction prediction
– Final thoughts on Bradley

BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 5, Day 9

This week:

– The getting to know you phase
– What’s happening under those doonas?
– The boys do pushups, the girls swoon
– Sonia’s home shopping hosting
– Our housemate loves and hates
– The BB power couple
– Music in the daily show – yay or ney?
– Go green! Recycle all of your weekly tasks
– Selected Big Brother tweets
– The luxury bathroom
– Lotto nominations
– BB Confidential predictions

BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 3

– Slip up Tim and David
– Big Brother launch – the three night spread
– BB playing BB on the crowd
– Facebook voting
– Big Brother Confidential Insider Entertainment Tonight
– Sonia’s busy schedule and missing shows
– No live stream!
– Housemate promos
– The Sonia pita wrap Twister
– Will it be so popular?
– This week’s featured beverage
– Off topics returns!

BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 2

In this edition:

– The drugs are located elsewhere
– Maximum shuff point
– Sonia’s satanic message
– Cunny talk
– Launch night body cavity searches
– Why no live?
– As seen on the official Big Brother Facebook
– Housemate lockdown
– Fame whore complex
– Big Brother’s cycles

BBBA Podcast 2012 – Episode 1

Welcome back to podcasts from Behind Big Brother! In our return episode:

– Big Brother’s revival
– The show moves to social media
– Sonia Kruger’s Ballarat rave
– No shuffling!
– Mystery plans
– No games!
– No adults only!
– Little Sister from Sutherland Shire
– Our weekly episode beverage

BBBA Podcast – Day 62

In this day 62 episode we provide thought provoking discussion and insights into the last week of Big Brother. Topics include:

– Our tribue to our favourite housemate ever, Nobbi
– vid’s new favourite is Bridgitte due to her inspirational qualities
– “Under the radar” and “playing the game” make a come-back
– What’s so bad about voting strategically?
– The housemates are very horny due and need some release
– The ins and outs of Cherry’s butt crack
– Ben & Bianca need to slide ontop of each other already
– Grey Nomads!
– Alice… who?
– Rory breaks the stereotype and uses the word “cliche”
– Is Travis playing the game or does he have serious issues?
– The winner of Big Brother 2008 is… we dunno.
– We travel into the future and grab some audio from new housemate Pamela
– Well done with the tasks, Big Brother
– The series is winding up… nooo!

Off topics:

– Bitchy YouTube video blogs… blargh.
– Online stalkers
– vid rambles about old media
– Find vibes a new phone!
– Name our off-topic podcast show and win… maybe.


BBBA Podcast – Day 55

In this overdue episode:

– This week has been good
– This Sunday’s eviction – bye bye Nobbi!
– More Nobbi bitching
– Pseudo relationships are back
– Tim’s three favourite quotes from this week
– Cherry & Bridgitte, Ben & Bianca
– Nobbi’s awful haircut
– Terri isn’t racist
– Mike Goldman is back…
– and so is old BB!
– and much more, including off topic! We discuss “You’ll love Coles” and ANZ ATM’s.

Note: vid apologises for being so quiet in this episode.

BBBA Podcast – Day 41

Lots of Nobbi bashing in this episode so if you’re a Nobbi fan might be best for you to tune out on this one! In the day 41 episode:

– Fantastic task this week
– Lots and lots of Nobbi bashing
– Travis being taken advantage of
– Intruders… eh.
– Constant matchmaking might get a bit tedious
– Random bits and pieces