Day 55

Stacey and Zoe are giving Delilah a bath. She is quite placid but wets the girls repeatedly when shaking. After her bath Delilah immediate starts rolling in the grass.

That evening, Layla is talking about girls in England – down south in Essex they are all fake but up north they’re all laid back and Layla’s friends are ridiculous. Sam asks “can I kiss them?”. Layla says “um, ok”. Angie explains that now him and Layla are macking on each other he’s not allowed to kiss her friends anymore. Sam says they have a different sort of relationship. Layla reluctantly says “yeah”. Sam suggests she come out with his friends and she would think differently. Layla feels weird and leaves, saying “call me” to Sam, who falls of his chair.

Once Layla is gone Angie tells him “that was such a bad move, that is something she did not want to hear” Sam then says “that was a test to see how she’d react”. Layla has gone to the diary room where she explains she’s “in a pee’ed off mood. Sam is a tit! What does he think I am to even say that sort of comment? He must think so little of me. I always make a joke of kissing all these frogs and that’s all I’ll ever do. I’ll be the old grey woman with long hair kissing all these frogs”.

She wonders how she’s going to tell him in front of everyone that she doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed as him tonight. Big Brother asks “where do you want to sleep?” and she replies “back with Stacey in my own bed where I’m safe”.

Day 54

Michael is wearing Angie’s Rolling Stones t-shirt and is dancing for the housemates. Stacey suggests he dances like chicken.

Zoe is in the diary room saying she’s feeling obsessed about Michael. She would never like a guy like that on the outside “the fact that I can’t have him, makes me want him”. “I will see him and eyes are straight on him and I watch him go past and I’ll say love you”. But he’ll walk on by.

Later on Angie asks Bradley how he’s feeling. Bradley is giving very short answers and he seems very melancholy. He says “I’d hate to go home and feel it’s been a terrible week”. However he doesn’t know what will make him feel better “something from home or the Dark Knight (movie)”.

Afterwards Michael tells Ben he’s concerned about Bradley. Ben says they can’t talk about nominations but they can acknowledge there’s a 19 year old boy in the house who has collected a lot of nomination points based on a generation gap and that’s unfair”.

Later (the footage keeps cutting), Ben has talks to Sam about how he feels they don’t know each other much and wonders if Ben has been lazy in getting better or what. Sam says he thinks that he’s maybe putting up a bit of a wall and he does that, and he thinks that’s why he’s never fallen in love. He’s scared of being thrown back at him.

Layla and Zoe are inside talking about the same thing. Zoe comments that Sam came into the house not looking for anything, but Layla is looking for a fairy tale. They both joke about how they over-analyse things like text messages when it comes to guy and have a big laugh.

Sam continues with Ben that they haven’t bonded very much in the house, along with Estelle, Stacey and Michael. Ben say they’re his closest friends – Stacey wants to be more fit so if you helped her out she’d appreciate it, Michael is up for nomination so ask him how he’s feeling. Afterwards Sam says “I really needed that chat” (while pumping iron) “I really hope I don’t go this week, I’ve still got a lot to learn”.

Later on Stacey asks Ben how he went with chatting to Sam. Ben says “yeah he’s boring as bat shit, just kidding he’s lovely”. In the kitchen Ben relays the chat he had with Sam to Michael, Stacey and Josh. Ben says he’s happy with his little group and Stacey agrees. The whole group agrees there is an element of “oh I have to get along with everyone”, especially with Sam because he’s an intruder.

Michael has been called to the naughty corner again for repeatedly swearing. Inside he finds a canvas which he must paint one colour then watch the paint dry, and not look at anything else. Michael paints the canvas like a crazy abstract artist. He then paints his face all blue and makes jokes. While watching the paint dry, Stacey tries to distract him by pushing her buttocks up against the naughty corner glass wall.

Zoe has come to the diary room where she explains she’s noticing cracks in her friendship with Stacey. “I think I just need to take myself away from her when she gets a bit crazy, I just can’t be around crazy people all the time”.

Michael has drawn a duck into his blue canvas and is now talking about how pretty the duck is.

Sam and Layla are cuddling in bed and Sam discusses the conversation he had earlier with Ben. Sam says “I need to put more time into people, it’s hard being the intruder”. He feels glad he had the chat with Ben and tomorrow he will focus on spending time with Stacey.

Day 53

8.56am – Big Brother is waking housemates with bagpipes, to the annoyance of Michael and Stacey. Delilah jumps on Zoe to wake her up. Sam is already up and cleaning the house.

Later in the morning Ben and Stacey are lounging and both agree that to come into the house as an intruder would be difficult. They wonder how “Mr Potato Head” (Sam) is doing – Ben comments he isn’t really showing any signs of handling it good or bad.

Michael is in the diary room and Big Brother asks him who will win, but Michael doesn’t really know. A “dream result” would be if he was amongst the finalists.

The latest task deal comes through from Big Brother. The housemates only have to spend $1 more to pass the task, and this deal is the last one for the week. The offer is a group hug for $1. All housemates run and hug each other in the living room. Big Brother asks if they are satisfied with their purchase, and of course they are. They have passed the task and cheer, Delilah is looking very excited.

Afterwards Angie comes to the diary room and BB asks why Angie didn’t take the call from her Dad the day before (she hung up for the sake of the task). She says she knew it would have been held against her especially since Layla hung up on her aunty in the previous yes/no task. She goes on to say she wishes she had a break from being nominated because she needed that week to find her zen. It’s very stressful. “I’m happy and bubbly but this week hasn’t reflected it”.

3.41pm – Housemates are waiting for Angie to come back from the diary room before they do this week’s luxury shopping. Ben doesn’t think the process will go well so calls Josh aside, asking him to do shopping separately with Angie and Estelle. Layla won’t do the shopping when Angie is there because there is tension. Josh feels it’ll go ok.

Angie eventually returns and housemates notice she’s been crying. She walks into the store room without answering any of their questions. Estelle follows and behind the closed door Angie tells her that she really wanted to speak to her Dad. Estelle suggests she take a second to calm down. Ben puts his ear up against the door but it quickly opens and he runs away without being noticed. Estelle and Angie emerge with the shopping white board.

Angie: Ok I have the shopping letter here

Ben: Just a question first – why were you crying?

Angie: Oh I just had a debrief with Big Brother and he asked how her week is going and I said not that great.

Most of the housemates have agreed that Angie, Estelle and Josh will do all of the shopping this week. The rest leave, but Ben goes on to say that he’s not happy that Estelle pushes her way into being involved in shopping every single week.

After the shopping trio are finished Angie comes to find Ben who is lying behind the couch for some reason. She tells him they did a really good job and she’s pleased with the shopping. She goes on to talk about her third nomination in a row – she’s not coping and has cried a lot in the toilet by herself. Ben’s advice is that sometimes when Angie goes to do something she takes over “I can’t say that I’ve seen it myself, but I’ve heard”. Angie says she’s not being herself in the house and she feels like she’s being pushed to the outer and she doesn’t know why. Ben says “be really happy with who you are”. Angie announces that she doesn’t want to be ‘the Estelle’ who floats around trying to fit into a group.

Ben counsels Angie some more and she’s in a better mood afterwards.

6.01pm – Sam and Layla are chatting by the pool when Sam asks if she’d miss him if he was evicted this week. She says yes she would “because you are normal!” Sam goes on to say he can’t wait to go to Bali “see I’m only 21, I know once I start travelling I won’t come back”. Layla says he’d love England because they have the hottest girls in the world. Sam then goes on to talk about a really hot girl he once worked with – Brazilian, wears hot pants.

After the conversation Layla tells Stacey she feels her and Sam are moving into friend territory. “I thought I’d test the waters”. “It felt like he was emphasising things to really say they could talk about anything (as friends)”. Layla is glad that her and Stacey didn’t swap beds because she can now move back to her bed and not have to sleep next to Sam.

7.03pm – The nominees are all cooking the weekly family dinner. Michael keeps talking about being nominated and asks them all to mention why they think they were nominated:

Sam: maybe people haven’t gotten to know me or maybe think that I’m not being me.

Bradley: it could be twofold: 1. I am kind of a dick, I say some comments 2. I do not help out, they could also be a reason.

Angie: I think the housemates may not like me as much because I can tend to take over things when I get excited about doing stuff.

Michael: I think people find it difficult to get along with me because sometimes I can be a bit of a know-it-all and condescending.

Michael then suggests they talk about reasons why they think the other three people are nominated. Bradley says this is “brutally awesome”. Michael starts them off by saying to Angie to make a concerted effort to make it look like you don’t care as much. Bradley “there is nothing you can do because who you are is who you are” and you should collect plates when everyone is around (not just a few people). Sam should do the opposite and stop cleaning.

Angie tells Michael to stop being so hypocritical. For example he’ll borrow a toothbrush but flip out about the pork he cooked the other day (he had a fight with Angie about it).

After 8.54pm – Michael is called to the diary room. He’s won a video message from his brother via a poll on the Big Brother Facebook page.

His brother tells him his family all miss him (he jokes “I don’t”). They’re all proud of him.

Outside Ben asks Bradley if he’s ever cried in the house. Bradley says he was on the verge of tears after nominations last week and he didn’t want anyone to come and comfort him because “you put me up to this”.

Meanwhile Michael is crying in the diary room.

He says he didn’t think it would be hard to be away from his family for only this short amount of time. When he moved away from his family at a young age for school it was “the worst” but his older brother was always there for him. “Time just slows down in here”.

Day 51

Ava has just been evicted. The last person she hugs and kisses goodbye is Josh. The other housemates then console Josh and Michael gives him a big hug, saying “you’ll be alright”. Michael is looking quite happy and hums to himself. Focus then shifts to Angie and Estelle surviving multiple evictions while Josh leaves the group and walks around the house by himself. He’s eventually joined by Stacey, Estelle and Delilah who give him silent comfort.

Talk moves onto nominations and when they will happen since the eviction was two days late. Zoe believes they will all be nominated.

In the bedroom Josh is contemplating whether Ava’s eviction was a result of their relationship but Stacey says it has nothing to do with that. She adds there are reasons why people come into other people’s lives at certain times – and maybe it was just that.

Layla and Sam are in the diary room and say that now that Ava is gone they will get the real Josh back, just like how he was yesterday with Michael when they were tied together. Sam explains that was the first time he’s seen the ‘real Josh’ since he entered the house. Sure enough, Josh and Michael are now using their leg tights (part of this week’s task) to run and “surf” the sides of the housemates’ plastic bedframes.

Estelle comes to the diary room and is ecstatic she’s still in the house. Big Brother congratulates her for making the top 10. He asks he she’d feel if she wasn’t nominated one week. She says she would be shocked but she wouldn’t change herself.

While Estelle dances around the house very happy with herself Layla is telling some of the other housemates “I’ve noticed recently that some one in the house is really acting”. They all know Layla is talking about Estelle. Angie says she has walked into a room to find Estelle talking to the mirror (the cameras). Later Ben and Stacey are also discussing Estelle – she has bad timing on things. Ben is unsure whether she’s ‘acting’, the talking to the cameras thing is just a part of her. She doesn’t see the twirling and dancing as weird.

Layla is talking about her and Sam to some of the housemates (it’s cut from the earlier conversation about Estelle). She wants them to continue to see each other outside of the house. Angie warns her that Sam doesn’t really have a career in front of him though (he’s a waiter). Layla says she doesn’t want a relationship that revolves around money. Cut back to the conversation Ben and Stacey were having and Ben says at first he was really happy when Sam entered because he seemed like such a nice guy but now he feels Layla can do so much better.

“I find him so boring. I tried to talk to him and say hey but then I look at his face which looks like a potato that’s rotted”

Ben then does an impersonation of Sam looking really dumb.

“Go away you rotted potato!”

The next task offer from Big Brother comes through – for $10 each housemates must continue smiling all night.

BB: Big Brother trusts those smiles won’t fade, even if you’re sent to the naughty corner for not wearing your microphone.. Benjamin.

Ben looks down and realises there’s no microphone, and has a “dammit!” look on his face all while forcing a smile.

Later in the bedroom Angie declares that “Josh is back”. Stacey adds “yeah it only took two hours”. And Ben continues “some women do strange things to men”. Angie thinks it was a weird turn of events – three weeks of Josh being on hiatus.

As part of the task Zoe has accepted a new hairstyle deal. Layla plaits her hair just like you would get in Bali.

Day 50

10:38am – The boys think the house would be much more harmonious if a girl was evicted from the house (three girls are nominated this week). Bradley tells Angie that if she’s still in the house in a few days she gets to have his superman tshirt. She gives a flat “thanks”. Bradley gives her a kiss and she replies “you just wanted an excuse to give me a kiss”, Bradley jokes “you know me too well” in a really creepy kind of way. After Bradley leaves (out of the kitchen window rather than the door), Sam proclaims “he’s a weird boy that one”.

Angie: Yeah he is, but that’s just it, he’s a boy and you can’t hold it against him.

Angie goes on to explain that in the beginning it was hard because no one could connect with him or what to do with him. They get each other now though.

The daily deals phone rings and Angie picks up. The caller asks if he can have a quick word with Michael. The caller is a salesman ‘Neil’ who asks if he has a best friend in the house – he answers it’s Josh. The salesman asks if Michael would like to be more “friendly” with his friend, then goes on to say he has a “friendly” product available, it’s a friendship bracelet.

“For the friendly price of just $13 the friendship bracelet is yours to share with Josh. Do we have a deal?”

Michael accepts the deal and heads to the store room to collect the friendship bracelet. It’s a shackle bracelet with flowers which will keep them tethered together all day.

Angie asks Sam if he would like any pancakes, he replies no “I’m on a diet.. I’m on a bicep diet” (he flexes). He then quickly throws some water into the frying pan cooking Angie’s pancakes and runs off. Angie is very angry.

Later Angie and Layla are gossiping and agree that if Estelle had the chance she would try and crack on to Sam.

Cut to Estelle in the diary room where Big Brother flat out asks her if she would “see more between her and Sam” if Layla and Sam weren’t together. She replies that it’s possible and she’s open to it but maybe she chose to take a backseat because her individual happiness isn’t the most important thing sometimes. She could see what was happening in front of her eyes and it was best to do that.. (step back)

2:48pm – Layla is frustrated that no one else is doing the dishes. She can feel “Shaniqua” in her chest and she’s about to spew her out”. Shanique is Layla’s crazy alter-ego who only bursts out when Layla is frustrated. Bradley asks “who’s drink is that there!?” and Shaniqua bursts out “it’s mine Bradley but I’m washing the dishes!”. Layla laughs but then leaves the kitchen while the other housemates taunt her with calls about Shaniqua.

Later Layla and Sam are in the bedroom and Sam explains he can’t stand Bradley – “he’s a pest, he just puts everyone down to make himself feel better”.

Some of the boys are throwing around a tennis ball. The girls explain to Delilah “that’s your ball, they’ve taken away your ball. That’s what boys do”. The girls turn it into a bitching session about guys in general. At that moment Michael throws the ball and it ends up on the roof. Stacey tells him off “what about the dog!?”

5.40pm – Big Brother announces “housemates, you have one hour to get ready”. Angie asks “for what? for what?”. Turns out Big Brother has been doing this every night since Sunday (when an eviction didn’t happen) to throw the housemates. Angie comes to the diary room and asks what they’re getting ready for – if it’s an eviction she wants to put on her eviction dress but if it’s nominations she’ll wear her nomination dress. “I’m stressed”. Big Brother replies “don’t be stressed Angie, you have an hour to get ready”. Angie goes to reply but BB interrupts her “correction, you have 58 minutes to get ready”.

58 minutes later the housemates are gathered in the living room and Big Brother says “listen carefully, Big Brother has some very important information for you. Tonight.. it’s a double.”

There’s a long pause while the housemates stress.

“Double.. or NOTHING!” (there are cash register noises which indicate this week’s task)

Angie and Ava look furious.

In the double or nothing offer all housemates must drink a shot glass of “Big Brother’s special blend”. Turns out it contains blended veggies, liver and tripe. The housemates must drink it and keep it down to spend the task money. Ava refuses to take part because she’s a vegetarian. The housemates announce it’s a “no sale”.

Later Angie has come back to the diary room to complain about getting dressed up for no reason.

BB: It feels nice to get dressed up though, doesn’t it?

Angie: Yes it does but not when you’re not telling us anything. I’m living out of a suitcase. Are any of us getting evicted tonight?

No answer is shown.

Unknown time – Yesterday the housemates asked Big Brother if Layla could open a salon, and he has granted their wish. Layla is given beauty and hair equipment and she gives the housemates makeovers one by one.

During the footage from the salon Ben is in the diary room explaining he loves Layla but her eyelashes freak him out – they wave everywhere and look like they’re from a Barbie show bag at the royal show.

Later Ben is called to the diary room for a task offer while the housemates watch from the living room. He’s offered a choice between some bathroom scales for $1 or a brown onion for $10 (he must eat the whole thing in the diary room). He reluctantly takes the onion. He peels it and starts biting into it. Coughs, then starts holding his nose while he eats. He gets about half way through the announces he doesn’t want to eat it anymore. The housemates all cheer encouragement and he gets through it, doing a victory jump and falling off the diary room chair.

Estelle has been given a task deal of a tar and feather skin treatment. Zoe is pouring ‘tar’ all over her in the backyard, followed by a bucket of feathers. Stacey says she looks like pluckaduck. Estelle runs around the backyard fluffing her feathers. The girls joke that Delilah wants to eat chicken-Estelle really badly.

9.21pm – Sam is doing shirtless handstands on the kitchen tables while the girls all watch. He kisses Layla goodnight then leaves.

Ben is in the diary room where he says “I find Angie so annoying, she’s so loud. I’m trying hard not to yell at her because she’s done nothing wrong, I just think she’s really annoying”. Channing Tatum (Sam) is also really annoying – what have you brought to the house other than being a play thing for Layla and other than being a bit of eye candy. “He’s just.. nothing”.

Bradley comments to Stacey it’s so good to see Michael back hanging out with Josh (because they’re chained together). Bradley feels like the house right now has stopped and they’re not going anywhere because the eviction hasn’t happened and they can’t nominate until one of the nominees goes home.

Day 49

9.26am – Housemates are learning their task for the week. It starts with “Big Brother has a deal for you, who likes shopping, who likes spending money? Housemates are going to love this task. Big Brother has generously provided housemates with $1000 in $1 coins. To pass this task, all you need to do is spend it all”. The money can only be used to pay for offers that Big Brother gives them – the first is a breakfast deal “Big Brother is offering poached brains”. It’s $10 per brain. They find them in the store room on a platter. The brains are quite small but the girls are a bit digested by them.

Michael suggests they cook them up with some eggs and pork when Big Brother butts in “the brains must be eaten as is. They have been poached to perfection. They are flavour to savour and at this price they won’t last long”. Michael and Sam eat the brains first. Layla is most disgusted but manages to start eating hers. Bradley says “they taste like death”. Estelle starts gagging while she eats it. Angie suggests she take small bites and not chew. Ben is also having trouble and spits the last of his poached brain out.

Layla comes to the diary room and asks what sort of animal did the brains come from. Big Brother responds “it was brain from an animal”.

“I’d love to know what animal Big Brother”

“No you wouldn’t”

“Oh please tell me, I’d rather know”




“It wasn’t, was it?”

“What other brains are there?”

Layla suggests “human?”

Layla continues “imagine if I got really really clever because I ate that brain. If that happens and I start to use big words like Michael maybe you could give me a brain every day and by the time I leave the house I’ll be clever”.

The new ‘daily specials’ phone in the kitchen starts ringing. Bradley answers and it’s a man with an Indian accent who asks “are you a man who always likes to look at his very very best?”. The Indian man says he has a special on mens casual wear, which Bradley accepts for $12. In the store room he finds a string mankini (the type from the ‘Borat’ movie). Bradley exclaims “oh no!” and the housemates all cheer. Bradley goes to put it on and Josh says “this is worse than the brains”.

Bradley emerges from the bathroom wearing the mankini and a large area of his crotch is blurred out. The girls all shriek and Stacey suggests he’s going to have to tape it up. He emerges to the garden and the housemates clap. He’s still blurred.

Michael is angry because he cooked some pork and wrapped it in foil – but some one has cut the foil and that dries the meat out. Michael goes from housemate to housemate trying to figure out who cut it – it comes down to Angie and Ben “he said she said”. Angie gets defensive and they yell at each other. Ben repeats: Angie was cutting the foil. Angie is adamant that it was both her and Ben. The argument continues in the kitchen and they bicker back and forth.

Angie: Well Michael, this is potentially my last day and you’ve ruined it now.

They continue fighting back and forth very immaturely.

1.34pm – Michael is now feeling bad about the argument but is holding off from apologising to Angie. Bradley says maybe he should wait a day (alluding to Angie possibly being evicted tomorrow). The boys all theorise that Angie doesn’t like authority and doesn’t like being told what to do.

The daily specials phone rings again and Layla is offered an offer for a brand new wedding dress. It’s $25. She accepts, but soon finds it’s a gypsie wedding dress that includes 65 metres of fabric and weighs at 40 kilograms. Ben and Angie follow her into the diary room and they gasp with surprise. Ben says “you’ll look like Diana!” It takes them a while to get the dress onto Layla, including fake eyelashes, which she must wear all night.

Layla: “I haven’t got anyone to marry!”

Ben and Angie: “Yeah, Sam’s out there”

Layla: “Nooo!”

Ben: “If Sam doesn’t take you then George will take you, and if George doesn’t take you they’ll just put in another person”.

Later on the housemates have gathered to talk since they think there will be an eviction tonight. Michael gives an indirect apology by saying she’s a nice person, before Zoe makes him say it outright. Angie says “yaaay” and gives him a hug. Bradley thanks Estelle for his first kiss but also the confidence he’s gained from her in his ability to talk to girls. Josh says to Ava “I think the way you carry yourself and the way you present yourself is great and I don’t want you to leave but I guess if that happens we’ll see what happens beyond these doors”. They kiss.

The nominees are packing their bags, unaware there is no eviction tonight (because the NRL grand final is being televised instead). Ava gives him one of her sleeping singlets that fits perfectly. Ava tells Josh she left an extra present under his pillow.

Layla is wondering if some one will actually marry her one day. Delilah has started lying down on the train of Layla’s wedding dress.

Layla: At least some one appreciates the dress, aye Delilah?

Delilah runs off to the kitchen.

Layla: Ohh.. that’s a no!

Around 7pm the housemates have realised that something is not right – the hot water hasn’t been turned on for their usual pre-eviction show. Bradley predicts there could have been a tornado, earthquake, anything could have hit and the TV channel showing Big Brother has had to switch to that and the Big Brother eviction is not happening.

Layla needs to go to the toilet but with her huge wedding dress it’s impossible – she can’t even fit through the door properly. Zoe must help her onto the seat.

8.07pm (Typo – the show says AM) Zoe predicts that if Estelle is evicted the house will need to find some one else to bitch about but if Angie leaves.. the bitching will stop.

The housemates have been sitting on the couch for half an hour waiting for an eviction. Suddenly Big Brother booms:

“housemates, listen carefully. Big Brother has a deal for all housemates except the gypsie bride, and it’s only available for the next 30 seconds. It’s a hot deal which will cool you down. Housemates that’s right – it’s the deal you’ve all been thinking about but no one’s been talking about. For the modest sum of just $10 per housemate, Big Brother is offering .. fully clothed swims. I can tell you right now housemates Big Brother is losing money on this deal. $10 each. And yes, for your convenience, once those microphones come off you must leave all of you clothes on. Ten seconds left housemates”.

Most of the housemates run outside and jump in the pool with their clothes on. All of the girls stay behind, and the nominees are very confused – they don’t want to get wet before their potential eviction. Ava is very angry that Josh jumped in the pool with the singlet she gave him earlier. Estelle reassures her “don’t worry, it’s just water”.

Ava comes outside and asks why he jumped in the pool with the singlet on: “you put yourself before me.. but I don’t mind”. She’s visibly annoyed.

Shortly after Ava continues to complain about it to Estelle.

Zoe notices it’s a full moon and Layla says “that’s right, every time the housemates go crazy”. Zoe howls at the moon.

Layla comes to the diary room and asks Big Brother if there is going to be an eviction. She can keep a secret if Big Brother doesn’t want anyone else to know.

There’s a long pause and Big Brother doesn’t answer.

In the kitchen Josh apologises to Ava about jumping in the pool with her favourite singlet and says he wouldn’t normally do it. He rinsed it straight away She accepts his apology.

Layla shuffles into the kitchen, still wearing her massive wedding dress and starts eating some chocolate from the cupboard.

Layla: Sorry whose chocolate this is, but I really need some chocolate.

Estelle comes to the diary room and explains she’s excited at maybe not leaving this evening but is confused because they have a routine that has been interrupted: “the eviction is MIA”. Big Brother says “enjoy your evening, melmormay” (it’s gibberish).. Estelle looks very confused.

Angie is standing still outside looking just as confused.

Day 48

In the morning there is rubbish and lollies everywhere. Sam leads the cleanup effort. Bradley jokes with Angie that they are basically “the third couple in the house” which she strongly denies. Michael is finishing lollies off the floor and eating them.

Sam comments that Josh and Michael haven’t done one thing to clean up and it annoys him. Stacey and Ben comment that Sam is on uber-clean mode and that he might be trying to outdo them: “he’s not winning any points in my book”.

Layla comes to the diary room to request some nail polish remover, because some of the housemates aren’t looking their best and it’s annoying her. “Pretty please!” Big Brother tells her “that won’t cut it” and that she must enlist support from her other housemates. She calls a quick meeting in the lounge room and announces that she wants to open a salon for the housemates called Salon-ala-Layla.

Cut to footage of various housemates pleading their case to Big Brother:

Michael: I think some of the female housemates aren’t looking their best at the moment and want to keep up with the boys. I would love to have an eyelash tint, a warm chocolate brown (he’s joking). Perhaps also a day mask to get these pores some air.

Angie: I’m hideous compared to what I was when I came in here. I’ve got regrowth, I don’t have a tan, my nails are gone, my lashes are gone. I’m a shadow of what I used to be.

Ben: I like to indulge and I’m high maintenance. You know how Michael was sort of like “yeah I don’t care”.. he really cares he’s a woman through and through.

Zoe: I really want fake lashes and have my nails painted because I’ve been growing them. I just want to be moisturised and cared for.

Sam: Happy Layla equals a very happy Sam.

Ava: I would love it, the best thing since roast pork which I don’t eat, so yeah I’d prefer the salon.

Stacey: Well, first point is that mine and a couple other people’s faces look like they’ve been trampled on by a horse.

Later on Angie says she’s going to eat her share of her food just before her eviction. Josh reminds her that she may not actually go. Bradley made that mistake and ate two blocks of chocolate and a tub of ice-cream at once. Angie wants them to know she’ll leave the house a happy woman but she does want to see a tear from every housemate on the next episode. Bradley is excused but he has to mope for a bit.

2.07pm – To pass the time Ben, Stacey, Bradley and Michael are pretending that the Big Brother house is an art gallery and they are the critics. They walk around judging everything. First is the outdoor seating area.

Michael: I like how they’ve juxtaposed the linear stripes with a perceived hexagonal clutter that shows how society can be structured yet chaotic at the same time.

Michael then says some very postmodern things about the outdoor television screen, calling it a “trapped box of doom”.

Bradley comments that the entry/exit door for evictions is a black tunnel and once you go through you cease to exist.

In the kitchen the group point out the shirtless lower income earner (Josh). It’s an honest representation of youth culture.

Ben: There’s a real cave man mentality here. (with a disgusted look on his face)

Later on they find “shirtless man” again in the bathroom showering. Josh doesn’t look very impressed, saying nothing and closing his eyes. They comment on Josh’s yearning to conform with society: “a sad sight”.

A bit later Michael comes to the diary room. He says he hopes Josh doesn’t sook around if Ava is evicted and “kiss a cabbage all day. It’s gotten ridiculous the amount of making out they’ve been doing. I’ve never seen anyone make out as much in my entire life”. Michael acts out a conversation he had with Josh where they started kissing mid-sentence. Michael was thinking “we’re having breakfast here stop eating each other!”

Michael goes on to say he doesn’t understand why Estelle is still in the house because all she does is act weird and not do much else. “I’m in a madhouse!”

Later on Ava asks Estelle how she’s feeling about the eviction. Estelle says she’s been nominated so much it’s become the norm and she only gets anxious in the last few hours. Ava is thinking about it more and she can feel herself pulling away from people.

Day 47

9.03am – Big Brother is playing The Nutcracker to wake the housemates. Stacey gets up and dance, causing Delilah to get excited and wag her tail before Stacey accidentally bumps into Estelle while dancing.

Big Brother is putting on a talent show and all housemates must participate.

Ava and Josh must compose and perform a song.
Bradley and Angie are magicians (he jokes “I’m going to make you disappear Sunday night, to the laughter of everyone).
Estelle and Zoe are a circus act.
Ben and Stacey are dancers.
Sam and Layla act out the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene.
Michael will be host (the housemates joke it’s because he has no talent)

A bit later Bradley is testing a disappearing act – it’s actually Bradley crawling into the pizza oven. Michael puts the cover over and then grabs Josh to light the oven. Josh gets a shock when he pulls away the oven cover and finds Bradley gawking at him. He’s covered in chimney ash.

Stacey tells Layla the upcoming eviction could be weird for Ava if she goes, because she’s “attached to Josh like a clip on koala, like she hasn’t individualised as such”.

Angie is trying to get an answer from Josh about the Ava’s possible eviction and he deflects it entirely: “it is what it is”. She calls him out on giving blasé answers but then “good for you, bloody hell what can you do some one’s gotta go”. Josh isn’t very responsive.

2.17pm – Angie and Bradley are putting on their magician costumes and beginning to learn their tricks.

Layla is reading her Shakespeare script and asks Sam “what’s a montag?”


Michael jumps in and figures out it’s “montagues” who are a family in the play. Sam thinks it’s all stupid.

Benjamin are practicing their dances in the bedroom.

Ava and Josh are in the gym coming up with some lyrics for their song. So far it’s:

“Hey Joshie how you been lately?”
“Not bad, what you thinking’ pretty lady”
(then something that rhymes with ‘crazy’, then they change it to ‘Stacey’)

Estelle is struggling to ride a unicycle.

Footage switches to the talent show in the evening.

Ben and Stacey come out first, wearing towels which they drop to reveal skin tight lycra suits (Ben’s is a female bathing suit). They’re dancing with small weightlifting dumbbells like Olivia Newton John’s music video “Lets get Physical”. All the housemates laugh and cheer. They then throw away the dumbbells and hand jive, then a hand stand flip and some more crazy dancing. It ends with some breakdance moves.

6.32pm – The next round of the talent competition is Josh and Ava. They clap the beat and sing. Needless to say it’s pretty terrible. The chorus is “ooooh oooh”.

Next is Layla and Sam. They do a pretty good job of reading their lines (from the script) and Layla is definitely better. The housemates all cheer at the end.

All the while Michael has been hosting between acts. He’s terrible.

Bradley and Angie are up next with their magic tricks. Bradley’s first trick with swapping some dice goes down terribly, but Angie picks up with a great stage presence when she reveals a magic colouring book. The housemates are all very impressed and cheer her.

The next trick involves a member of the audience (Stacey) placing a ball under a cup and Bradley will magically pick the right cup. Bradley picks up two cups and they’re both wrong, then he pushes all the cups off the table. Michael immediately starts laughing and shouting “that was the best, that was the best!” The housemates cheer anyway.

Next is Zoe and Estelle. Estelle announces “check out my wheels” as she “rides” a unicycle (she doesn’t actually ride it, she just walks it around saying “check out my pimped ride”. Zoe then throws a cream pie in Estelle’s face and she falls backwards. Stacey and Ben run to eat some of the pie that has fallen on the floor. The act goes downhill from there, with the audience yelling at them. Estelle then throws a pie in Zoe’s face, and the act ends with them both throwing pies in each other’s faces at the same time. Most of the housemates are looking quite bored.

Michael wraps up the talent show. Later on Angie is attempting to tell the housemates a story, but Bradley keeps interrupting her on purpose to annoy her. Eventually she can continue – the story is about her auditioning for the show, but while she’s talking Stacey comes up behind her and starts mouthing the same words and pulling crazy actions. As soon as Angie realises what’s going on she exclaims “oh.. I’m out!” and walks to the bedroom. Stacey follows her exclaiming “Frank!” (the name given to housemates who are having a tantrum).

Angie tells Stacey that it’s becoming a thing in the house where everyone makes fun of her. Stacey comforts her, and Delilah joins them, wagging her tail.

Day 46

9:28am – The housemates are getting ready for the last day of the task in the Fake Factory. Big Brother warns Ava that she has two minutes to get ready – she’s not in her overalls yet and isn’t moving very quickly. The other housemates egg her on. Sam makes his way in to the Factory, where he must make peanut butter sandwiches. The rest of the house are drinking champagne and playing in the back yard.

11.18am – Sam’s shift is over and Big Brother tells him he can tell the rest of the housemates that their shift is over too. In the lounge room, the housemates hear him yelling to them. He opens Door 3 and sees there’s nothing behind it. “What’s going on?” Sam is accusing the rest of the housemates when suddenly the TV turns on and plays a package of Sam busy in the Factory while the rest of the housemates play in the back yard. “WHAT IS THAT!? IS THIS EVERY DAY”. All of the housemates are in hysterics. Shortly after, they learn they’ve passed this week’s task and will receive a luxury shopping budget.

Sam: I’m filthy.

Ad beak.

11.46am – Bradley and Angie are talking about the fun they had this week while Sam was in the Factory.

Angie: I would be so off it if I was Sam.
Estelle: I wouldn’t, I’d be like ‘we’ve got luxury food yayyyyy’
Angie: We’ve had luxury food all week. The food we’ve been eating this week I couldn’t care if I never ate them again in my life
Estelle: I need vegetables.
Angie: I’m pretty sure
Estelle: You’re the sugar fairy
Angie: I don’t think I am
Estelle: You are
Angie: I don’t think I am. I enjoy sugar.

Bradley and Angie leave to go to the kitchen to “make food” – it’s obvious they’re just trying to get away from Estelle. Angie immediately starts bitching. “I think she does that to bait me.” The two start complaining that she should stop eating vegetables and that vegetables aren’t snacks.

Layla and Sam are in the Diary Room. Layla asks if Sam was the one that burnt her hair rollers. Big Brother tells her that she should be concentrating on winning next week’s Captain’s Challenge.

1.23pm – Michael is playing with Delilah in the lounge room. In the kitchen, Ava and Josh are kissing.

Michael, Bradley and Benjamin are outside. Michael is telling the boys he wants to tell Josh that he’s no fun now that Ava has arrived. Meanwhile, Ava and Josh are kissing again over Josh’s breakfast bowl. Bradley is now talking to Stacey. He thinks it would be cool if there was a double eviction this week.

2.42pm – Michael is in the Diary Room where Big Brother explains that he has to make a decision: luxury food budget, or lower budget and new hair rollers and comb for Layla. He thinks that the house can survive on the lower budget, so he takes the rollers and runs off to the kitchen to hide them before gathering the rest of the housemates in the kitchen. He starts reading out a fake letter explaining that Delilah was left unattended four times, and that the budget is now $20 per head. The then tells her to open the kitchen hatch, where she finds new rollers and a new Louis Vuitton bag. All the girls scream.

Stacey has put on Estelle’s gangster outfit and gone to the Diary Room. “Estelle, have you seen Stacey today?”. Big Brother asks fake gangster Estelle what she will do if she gets evicted this week. She tries to rap a response.

Ad break.

7.41pm – Most of the housemates are in the kitchen, where Benjamin proposes a game of hide and seek. The housemates scatter while Benjamin counts. Some hide in terrible spots and others are more crafty – Michael has hidden above the door in the inside toilet. Bradley joins in the search and completely misses Michael.

Later, Michael, Josh and Stacey are gossiping in the toilet. Bradley tries to enter but they don’t let him. They all agree that it’s great now that Bradley isn’t following Josh around now he’s hitched with Ava. Meanwhile, Ava and Josh are whispering sweet nothings in the bedroom such as “I like you a lot” and “If you go, it’ll be the first person I actually care about.”

In the kitchen, Estelle and Angie speculate that Ava was on a task by Big Brother to sabotage this week’s task by not getting read quick enough. Angie then says that she thinks Estelle is on her own personal task trying to figure out Ava’s task for her own benefit.

Cue credits.

Day 45

8.18am – Sam and Layla are up in the pirate ravaged Captain’s Quarters with bare essentials. Layla is not happy, saying “it’s ridiculous”, then calls Sam over for cuddles in a hammock.

Delilah is up and Big Brother wishes her good morning. The other couple – Josh and Ava are talking about last night. Josh admits that he felt bad when Ava was in the naughty corner and away from him, but alludes to her possibly being evicted. She doesn’t think she’ll go.. “nah”.

Zoe is wondering what would happen if Big Brother sends in an even hotter version of Sam – would Layla drop Sam and run towards him? Zoe wouldn’t be surprised. Angie wonders if Layla actually dropped George for Sam, and Zoe responds “yeah, of course”. Angie explains she tried to explain to Layla the public might perceive it badly but Layla got defensive every time (footage is then showed of various instances).

A little later housemates are called for work in the factory – a fake working area where only Sam must work. While he works the other housemates are treated to games and luxury food. They must not let Sam know. Today Sam must peel potatoes while the others play on a blow up bunny playground and are served chocolate fondue.

10.58am – Sam has been peeling potatoes for more than two hours. The other housemates are partying, particularly Ava and Josh who are making out quite furiously in front of the other housemates. Before long they’re all called to their individual working areas for the ‘working day’ to end. Sam is relieved of his duties followed one by one by the others.

Sam asks Ben “how many buckets did you fill?”. Ben doesn’t have any idea what Sam is talking about and says “um.. not many?”. When Ben catches on it was potatoes he says he had a green one and tried to eat it, to the disgust of Stacey. Josh fakes that he was getting sick of peeling potatoes, but Sam was fine with it.

A bit later some of the housemates discuss how they don’t like Ava. Ben wonders if Josh has realised “she’s a freak”. They’re all uneasy because at family dinner last night they asked her if she’s actually famous – she gave a very disjointed and airy answer. Basically everyone didn’t like what she was saying.

A little later Josh is explaining to Michael that he doesn’t care what people think and he just leaves the conversation when people say they don’t like Ava. Michael says in the diary room that he feels bad for putting Ava into a box and that he’s been negative about her. He realises he may have been just a jealous friend because Ava was taking so much of Josh’s time.

4.07pm – Angie is gushing over Sam being hot, a good cook and doesn’t complain about anything. She tells Stacey she thinks he knows more about them than he’s letting on.

Ben has been called to the diary room – inside he finds a mobile phone. Big Brother asks if Ben would like a video message from his partner. For the task he must take the mobile phone and carry out instructions which will be texted by Big Brother. He runs into the toilet to receive the first text:

Put on Ava’s best dress and jump into the pool

He leaves the toilet and tells Sam “I have really bad gas” before scouring the bedroom for Ava’s dress. Eventually he finds it and puts it on – he can’t zip it up because it’s too small. For some reason he then changes into another dress (he might have changed his mind of what “best” is). He goes outside and asks Ava “if we were to dress up as women tonight would this be your best dress?” She response “uhhh, yes”. Ava looks quite unimpressed. With confirmation that it’s the best dress, Ben runs and jumps in the pool. Michael cheers “you are looking fabulous” and Angie says “you are going to hell”.

In the evening Layla discusses how Sam is different to her last squeeze George – he’s more affectionate. Layla thinks her and George only did things because they were bored, but Sam is something more.

9.02pm – The girls are unhappy with Josh now that he’s been spending so much time with Ava: he’s no longer “fun Josh” and is always short with people.

It’s time for another text message mission for Ben. Again he runs into Sam by the toilet and explains he has lots of gas. The next mission is to arm wrestle Bradley. Afterwards he learns he has completed the tasks successfully and can watch a video message from his partner. His partner says “I miss you so much, I think about you every single day. I’m so proud of you and who you are as a person and I’m so glad to have you as my partner”. BB asks Ben what the message means to him

Ben: It means the world to me. I think I’m a little bit alone in the sense that I have an amazing partner in the outside world because none of the other housemates in here have what I have.

BB asks if he wants to show the housemates the video – he does. They all gather in the living room. Stacey, along with all the other girls can’t stop smiling while it plays. Afterwards everyone claps and screams.

10.37pm – Talk about Ava continues. Stacey is suspicious because Ava spent her first week only with Estelle and her second only with Josh. Stacey says “I’m off her!” Stacey is annoyed that Ava tells her that her humour is too sexual yet Ava makes out with Josh in front of everyone all the time. Meanwhile Ava and Josh are cuddling on the other side of the backyard. They exchange some soppy couple talk about how they’re on the same wavelengths.

Michael has come to the diary room – he’s guilty for destroying Layla’s hair rollers yesterday for a secret task. He asks what he can do to get new rollers for her. BB says he will get back to Michael.

Afterwards Big Brother announces there has still been too much swearing in the house. He then says “Michael.. your crown as being the most prolific swearing.. has been stolen. Sam report to the naughty corner”. Inside are a whole basket of onions and a box of tissues. He must slice them. Layla reminds him to not touch his eyes.

11.47pm – Sam is still slicing onions. Big Brother reminds him that he must “finely” chop the onions and that he has to start again. Sam yells out in annoyance.

A little later Sam resorts to saying sorry to Big Brother. BB then asks him how the onions are going, and lets him leave.

Layla gives him a congratulatory hug.

Day 42

George has just been evicted. Bradley is very glad that’s still in the house and Estelle hugs some of the other girls.

Michael comes to the diary room. He says he’s frazzled because George was just evicted and it was his four point nomination that put him up for nomination this week. “I feel responsible for him going, it shows where voting strategically can bite you in the butthole. I knew everyone would vote for Estelle so I only gave her one point”. He adds that George had an overt macho thing going on and Michael doesn’t really like that. He thinks it’s a lesson on the other hand.

Zoe finds it weird because she was only just starting to get to know George and then he leaves the house. When first coming into the house she thought he was a bit of a babe but kept it on the inside. She was the one that told Layla to go for it with George and watched their relationship happen and it sucked.

Time for George’s farewell message:

Zoe – I always thought you were the most beautiful wonderful…. trivia! How smart are you Zoe.

Layla – Princess Layla, you’re a very sweet innocent girl and it’s funny to see you fire up one night but everyone is like that and you’re a very easy going confident girl so well done.

Michael – You are hilarious, I see myself as the alpha male but you’re a person everyone looks up to and respects. I know you’ll go far in life and I can’t wait to see you.

Everybody keep enjoying having a laugh and don’t think about what’s happening on the outside world. I’m just going to miss you all and I hope to catch up with you.

Ava is being punished for not wearing her microphone. In the naughty corner she finds a whole basket of dirty jockstraps which she must wash and hang to dry. Bradley jokes she can call them a “Josh-strap”. After the housemates have all gotten bored watching her wash the jockstraps it’s just Josh and Estelle waiting by the naughty corner.

Meanwhile Sam and Layla are cuddling under a doona. He asks her if them kissing will complicate anything. She doesn’t see why it would and says no. He clarifies that “this is just fun”. Layla understands. Sam see’s it going badly because “things like this will always go bad because there will always be some one who gets jealous”.

Josh eventually gives up and leaves the naughty corner, leaving Estelle. Ava whispers to her “I love you more!”.

Later on Zoe comes to the diary room and explains that it’s weird that Josh and Ava hooking up so fast is weird and it will mean Ava is targeted for nominations. Josh is aware of this as well and tells Michael in the kitchen that he’s a bit worried but will deal with it. Meanwhile Ava is telling Big Brother that she feels it has been pretty transparent that her relationship with Josh has not been strategic and that would not be a consideration of others during nominations.

Michael and Ben discuss the housemates – they agree that Bradley can be grating but he’s a nice guy and they now like him. They also want to be able to tell Estelle when she is saying things that don’t make sense. Ben predicts that Estelle has a good following outside the house.

Meanwhile Estelle is telling Big Brother that she is very happy she’s been saved from eviction so many times, but she predicts she’ll be nominated again.

Day 41

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

Michael has come to the diary room to talk about the housemates. He says Ava is a glass of warm water in a cocktail lounge. “I hear its great to break down the fats but afterwards you’ll be looking for a Mi-Ti. He says Sam is Ryan with more personality.

Ben has come up with a new term – “meepers”, these are people who talk for no reason and just say empty statements that add no value. He tells Stacey that he’s realised that almost everyone in the house is a meeper.

Layla and Michael are called into the diary room and inside they find a whole lot of takeaway fast food. They are ecstatic and dance around the room. The housemates all have a takeaway food party and Michael stuffs himself – he has to take off his shirt when he gets too full.

And that’s all we see for this day.

Day 40

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

Angie spent the night sleeping in the lounge because of her fight with Layla.

Layla gets up early and comes to the diary room to explain that last night she saw a side of Angie she never had before. Layla has decided she will apologise but if Angie doesn’t accept it she still has friends in the house she can rely on.

This happens in the late morning. Angie says she’s disappointed in herself letting it get to that point. Layla feels like sometimes Angie speaks ‘at’ her and speaks for her and she lost control of answering for herself. They hug and feel better about it, agreeing they will take one bit at a time.

Later Josh, Layla and Bradley are called to the diary room where they find costumes and supplies. Big Brother asks Bradley if he wants a makeover. As the house’s beautician, Layla will look after Bradley’s exterior. As the house’s Mr Charming, Josh will look after Bradley’s interior.

While the makeover happens the other housemates are locked outside and try to find ways to spend the time. Stacey fashions some shoes out of the garden’s pink flamingoes.

Meanwhile Bradley is having a cucumber facial, tanning all sorts of “Layla-surgery”. He is later revealed to the housemates eating a brand new wardrobe, hairstyle and complexion. He then gives some examples of how he would tackle various situations with girls in the real world. He demonstrates a pickup line with Estelle with a joke about liking Estelle’s hot friend.

There’s another makeover reveal with a new Bradley outfit. This time he demonstrates asking a girl out over the phone – Angie – he invites her to the movies.

Look number three is Bradley in a tuxedo suit. He demonstrates a dance and picking up a girl at a nightclub. He noticed Ava tearing it up on the dance floor and asks if she wants to “go outside and climb up some trees”. Ava replies “yeah why not” and the housemates cheer.

Bradley comes to the diary room and explains that normally he doesn’t care about how he looks, but has come into the house and seen the other fashionable guys it got him thinking.

Without warning, Michael comes running into the backyard stark naked and jumps over Ava and Josh who are canoodling on the lawn.

Sam and Layla are getting flirty in the bedroom while Angie watches on.

Later on Bradley can’t switch off the reading light above his bed, and he gets cranky. All the housemates laugh at him. Eventually he has to cover it with a blanket before it finally switches off. Bradley claps.

Day 39

9.42am – Sam is doing pull-ups shirtless on some of the bars outside the kitchen while Zoe and Layla watch in amazement. He then moves on to pushups on the ground. Layla asks Bradley if he could leave the room so he can have a private chat with Zoe. She then tells Zoe she could watch Sam all day because “he’s my type – he’s the type of guy I’d go for. It freaks me out because I don’t want to like him, I don’t want to fancy him”. Zoe comments that she told Angie Sam is ‘open season’ so anyone can have a crack, you can’t specifically shotgun some one.

Josh and Angie are having breakfast in the Captains Quarters and Angie is ecstatic about her food. She suggests they hide in the room and never return to the main house.

The Angie discussion session has grown back in the house – Zoe explaining that Angie tends to single off people for bitching. Ben adds that Angie will throw in extreme statements about people then at the end of the conversation say “WE said this”, when it’s not really the case.

Some of the boys are discussing “who will Sam hook up with first”. They don’t think anything will happen too soon. Bradley reckons a week before he hooks up with some one, otherwise it won’t happen.

Some radio personalities announce that the housemates have failed their radio task.

Stacey has been voted via Facebook as most worthy to win a prize, so she’s called to the diary room to watch the movie The Notebook (one of her favourites), along with wine and popcorn. There’s a catch though – you must kick back, relax and enjoy the movie.

10.54pm – The housemates are playing truth or dare. George dares Layla to kiss Sam, much to the dislike of Angie who says “that’s a bad idea”. They kiss either way. Another dare sees Sam kiss Zoe, then later Estelle. Shortly after George is asked a truth by Angie “did it not hurt in your heart to see Layla kiss Sam”. George says no and Layla explained that they both agreed their relationship wasn’t serious. Estelle then dares Angie to kiss George which she declines. It erupts into a weird argument where the housemates question why Angie refuses to kiss George. Sam declares that Layla is the best kisser.

Stacey rejoins the housemates after her movie and Layla gives her all the goss in the toilet of what happened.

Suddenly there is footage of Sam and Angie alone in the kitchen kissing for a long time. He asked “what happened to your morals?”. She doesn’t reply.

12.03am – Angie confronts Layla in the bathroom while they are brushing their teeth about why they are so weird with each other right now. Things start to get heated, and even worse when Estelle steps in and Angie doesn’t want her there as an adjudicator. The argument moves into the living room where they raise their voices at each other about nothing in particular. Layla gets upset and moves to the bedroom and Angie says to herself “I’m sorry, did I say something wrong here?”

12.42am – Angie is swimming outside and Layla comes out to talk again, then notices that Angie has a huge hickey on her neck. She asks Angie what it is but Angie insists that it’s a burn mark. Angie gets very defensive and starts yelling and gesturing at Layla. When some of the other girls tell her to calm down she yells some more and Big Brother immediately calls Angie to the diary room.

Inside she demands that Big Brother let her out of the house. “Call me stupid but I thought some of these people were my family but I also know by continuing on this path it plays out worse case scenario that I will need to fight tooth and nail for my dignity and morals.” Big Brother says he has a 24/7 duty of care to all housemates and wouldn’t abandon a housemate in distress. He tells her to come back to the diary room if she needs anything whatsoever.

Angie returns to the house and enters the bathroom just to hear Layla saying

“…and I saw teeth marks so I asked her…”

Angie jumps in while walking past “yeah I know what you asked me you don’t have to tell everyone about it.

Angie ends up sleeping on the floor in the living room away from the other housemates.

Day 37

8.01am – Bradley is running the first shift on Double B FM – “the shipping report”. He has to read weather conditions for a shipping harbour: “Tasmania is in for a fairly stormy day” etc. etc.

All female housemates are called to the diary room. Ava hugs Josh goodbye before leaving. In the diary room BB tells them to go make themselves look pretty: “total glamour”. The hot water is turned on for the girls only.

In the Captains Quarters Sam says he’s most intrigued by Estelle because she has a cheeky smile. Zoe says it would be cute if the girls are thrown a nice luncheon, which Ben is sad about not joining. Ben is already on to what is happening – he’s predicted the girls have to pull a male intruder out of the Captains Quarters.

All housemates are called to the living room and Ben is called to the radio studio, where’s asked to host a show called “Date Watch” – a one off live special event giving commentary on events unfolding in the Big Brother house. In the Captains Quarters Sam is asked which girl he wants to to have his “first course” with. Zoe is summoned. Meanwhile Ben is reading a commentary script over the radio, and shown footage from the Captains Quarters.

Zoe and Sam meet, and Zoe is very flustered. The housemates are eventually shown Zoe on the TV screen and everyone goes silent. The footage then switches to Sam and all the girls scream – Angie starts fanning herself “oh he’s smoking”. Her eyes glass over.

12.22pm – The date with Zoe continues. They realise they have mutual friends from regional Australia, Sam’s ex girlfriend from high school is friends with Zoe. Big Brother announces there is one minute left on their date. In the radio studio Ben predicts that Sam is a metrosexual guy with great manners. Zoe joins the other housemates and is very excited that she knows the same people as Sam. The girls all scream.

Ava is next, Ben commentating that she looks sexy and reserved at the same time. The watching housemates keep commenting that Sam is very tall. Josh looks uncomfortable. Ava and Sam’s chat is very flirtatious. Sam says that the big scar on his head was from a conjoined twin when he was born.

Layla is next. She comments his accent isn’t very strong for an Australian. Ben commentates that Layla plays dumb but is actually very intelligent. Layla tells Sam that Angie is frothing.

Angie arrives and tells Sam he looks handsome. She sits on her leg in a weird angle, while the other girls tell the TV screen “Angie, put your lady leg down”. They cringe at Angie’s body language. Ben commentates that Angie is not looking at Sam in the eye because she really likes him “she would love to use this man as a pawn in her game with Josh”.

Stacey enters – she hasn’t seen the Captains Quarters before. The chemistry is far less awkward than Sam with Angie. Stacey clarifies that the other housemates can only see them, not hear them, so “just pretend I just said something really funny”. Sam fakes a big laugh and the other housemates all cheer for Stacey’s joke.

2.58pm – Final date, Estelle. By this point all of the male housemates have left the living room and it’s only the girls watching. Sam comments that everyone looks different to their photos. The chemistry is far better than the other housemates, and the girls all look suspicious.

After the dates Sam decides who he wants to meet for an after-lunch coffee. He picks Estelle. This time the other housemates can hear the date as well as see it (unknown to Estelle), which makes them feel uncomfortable. Afterwards Estelle brings Sam into the rest of the house, and in making sleeping arrangements it turns out that Sam will sleep next to Estelle. He’s then given a tour of the rest of the house.

A bit later, Layla explains to Zoe that she felt Sam was being cold to her. While on his coffee date with Estelle he said he “didn’t know what to think of Layla”. Layla is also concerned about how much unnecessary drama is going on because she knows George will be going back to his ex after he leaves the house, so why is she hooking up with him?

4.33pm – Back to the radio task, George, Sam and Zoe are hosting the “rural wrap-up”. It’s a bit clunky and their first question from a listener is “is it ok to eat roadkill?”. Sam says that kangaroo tastes good and if he sees one on the side of the road with a good leg in it he’ll probably pick it up. Zoe reminds listeners that they need to check that it’s clean and not diseased first. The next caller is Bob Katter, (a real member of parliament who has very right wing views). They HMs don’t know who he is, but ask what he loves about the country. He replies that he loves the height of the gumtrees and the kangaroos that live near his house.

6.24pm – Michael is feeling weird about now having Sam in the house – “he seems fairly switched on to know what’s going on in the house”. Michael is mostly silent when Stacey says Sam is pretty cool. Ben previously told BB in the diary room that Michael bases his opinion on guys a lot by physical appearance.

Layla is telling George that she’s over Angie and Angie wrapping Layla around her finger. There are constant disagreements and Angie speaking in Layla’s face. George suggests that Layla start hanging out with the other girls some more, and Layla is keen to spend time learning more about Estelle.

Outside some of the girls are having a bitch about Ava, especially Stacey who complains that Ava didn’t “take her iron mask” she took “Estelle’s stinking iron mask”. Just at that moment Ava appears right next to them and says “it’s getting chilly out here” and offers the girls some cut apple. They look uncomfortable.

Michael tells Josh he’s finding all these new people too much because it spins the house into fakeness and everyone goes back into “initial person” and he can’t be bothered doing that. He can’t be bothered speaking to Sam today. Ben says that’s fine because Sam isn’t some DVD that we need to return within a short amount of time.

6.12pm – Josh has challenged Sam to a handstand competition, but then suddenly realises what he’s got himself into when Sam stands on his hands for 35 seconds. Josh manages 3 seconds.

7.11pm – Stacey is hosting “The Scoop with Stacey” on Double B FM. She gives her thoughts on Sam “I think Angie has really taken a shine to Rambo Sambo”. “Ava and Josh, yes they are so cute – is it love? – they have both started dressing like Britney and Justin in the triple denim days, they are lumberjack lovers”. She then goes on to say Michael is not taking Sam’s entrance very well because he’s no longer the alpha male character.

Later in the night Michael comes to the diary room and explains that Sam has mixed things up in the house for no reason and Ava has not brought any substance to the house either. She has a faux-niceness – she’s beautiful but she has the personality of a scratched Country Practice DVD. “Maybe she’s just VHS and I haven’t been able to read her properly”.

Meanwhile Ava and Josh are making out in the pool.

12.29am – Sam is in the diary room and is asked about his time so far in the house. He says Estelle seemed the most intriguing at the beginning he could see there was quite a bit more to her. Later he’s in the kitchen alone with her and asks more about her. He says it’s really easy to speak with her. Estelle comments that things have changed and suddenly she’s the ‘Big Sister’ of the house. Sam makes various comments about Estelle’s rings, then questions her about her exes. He mentions he’s never had a serious girlfriend.