Day 72

10:01am: Ryan is lifting some weights. Paul is marking the evictions onto the housemates calender. He marks an A and a M for the latest evictees. Trevor watches on. Ryan joins them as Paul works away with the chisel type instrument. Trev heads to the kitchen, where Catherine and Bree are talking about how shocked Ashalea was at getting evicted the previous evening. Cath says she was shocked too. Bree says that the eviction of Ash was the most unexpected of the lot so far. Bree says that she obviously didn’t prepare herself to go at all. All 3 say they prepare themselves every week they are nominated.

Big Brother calls all housemates to the diary room. Trevor hopes it’s a task. Big Brother instwad turns their attention to a conversation between all housemates the previous evening concerning the fact that one of them would become a millionaire in a few weeks. Big Brother says the conversation steered itself to the direction where all felt it would be better that the money be split 5 ways between remaining housemates. BB then says that housemates should read the house manual, where it is clearly stated that any ‘pact’ between housemates can result in the loss of the prizemoney altogether. Trevor says he has read this rule. BB then tells them to not talk about the prizemoney. Period. As they leave the Diary Room, Bree says “Man…I thought we were getting a task.” Comm break.

7:31pm – We jump straight into the nomination show, where Gretel first chats to the housemates. Gretel talks about the eviction tape Monica left for the group, especially her comments for Ryan. Bree starts cracking up, saying “I just would have done things differently.” Big Brother tells the housemates they are free to leave the living area. They head back to the kitchen, Ryan talking about how they (BB) would have made a huge deal out of the message. Bree says in the kitchen that she almost also added, while talking to Gretel “I hope Joe is there”. She says she meant it in a nice way. Ryan asks if Bree thinks she’s an idiot. Bree says she is an idiot, but she didn’t annoy her. All housemates think that there will be no Joe out there for her after all of this. Trev says that all the while Monica was in the house he was “she’ll be right, he’ll be waiting.”. However, he says after the message, he was more like “Joe won’t be round for long now.” Ryan suggests that perhaps Monica wanted it to be over with. The girls say that she was in love with him though. Bree says that having these thoughts mean that she isn’t in love with Joe at all. Ryan says that there is no way they will hook up after this now. Trev and Paul try to bait Bree, suggesting that she hates Monica because she stole Ryan from her. Bree plays along with the joke. “I’m in love with Frysie!” A moment of silence hangs over the kitchen table, before the girls look at each other and crack up. Ryan says to Bree that as soon as Monica left, she has launched into Monica and stated quite clearly that she didn’t like her. Bree says that in her defence, it’s only because Monica told the group as a whole she didn’t have much time for Bree. Bree goes onto say if Monica had kept her mouth shut, she would never have said a bad word against her. Bree goes onto say that last night was weird, and took things to a whole new level. Ryan gets the last word on the matter though, saying ‘last night was stupid.’ Comm break.

8:29pm – Housemate are back on the couch for the nominations. BB does his thing, revealing Paul, Ryan and Catherine are up for eviction. Bree can’t believe she has the week off. Trev sits there with his mouth open. Ryan heads to the kitchen to have a few beers. Bree starts pacing around the bathroom. Paul enters the kitchen and says to Ryan “One of the boys might be leaving.” Ryan says “Yeh, I think they might be.” Back to Bree in the bathroom still pacing. Ryan comes in and says “You can’t believe it can ya?” Paul calls out from the bedroom “Your a stayer Bree.” Catherine emerges from the toilet. Paul and Ryan then use both toilets. Bree tells Cath she’s been walking around the whole time she was in there, saying “It’s a huge thing to know you’ve got another two weeks in here when the group is so small.” Trevor is by himself in the kitchen, before Ryan comes over. Trev tells him he thought it was going to be all the boys. Ryan says he’s up against two biggies. Bree tells Cath in the bedroom “You better not go on Sunday, I’ll be coming out to drag you back in here!” Bree asks Trevor if he realises that he has never been nominated by his housemates. Trev says “I like that!” Trev tells the girls “Even Ryan’s worried.” Cath says that Ryan has gone really quiet. Over in the bathroom, Ryan says to Paul “We could have a week to go. Wouldn’t that be good?” Paul says “hmmm”. Paul says “You would have to doubt that they would both still be here next Monday.” Bree comes to the diary room. She tells BB she has been laughing and giggling to herself for the last hour, because she is godsmacked at how the last week or so has played out. Bree says she is honoured to have made it at least till the stage where only 8 days are left. Little does Bree know, she’ll be there for up until at least 3 days from the end. She does say however that she feels the final three will be the boys.

11:51pm – Housemates watch their video clip of the song they made over the weekend. They show the whole clip, switching from the videoclip to the housemates laughing watching it. When it ends, they beg for it to be played again. Apparently it was played 3 times into the house.

12:21am – Ryan comes to the diary room. Ryan talks about how he’s realised that as soon as he’s left the house, he get a heap of questions regarding Monica. He says that he was flattered with her comments, but he goes onto say that he was also dissapointed. He says that Monica has the flaw of being ‘brutally honest.’ BB asks if there is anything else. Ryan says “There isn’t. Have a good sleep.” BB replies, “Thankyou Ryan.” Cue credits.

Where’s Warren,

Day 50

9.18am – The housemates are living on leftovers and basic provisions this week after they lost 100% of their shopping budget in the last task. Paul is commenting that they should make coffee flavoured stew to keep things going. Cath and Paul discuss tonight’s eviction.. Paul explains that at first he only planned to be in the house for the first few weeks, but is now happy to stay.

Wesley and Ash are getting up, asking each other how they slept. Cath comes over and gives Ash a big tackle hug. Wes asks for one too and Cath climbs onto his bed.

11.15am – Kane is going for a swim while the rest of the housemates get on with their boring sunbathing. Bree and Trevor are making bread in the kitchen and discuss food rationing – each housemate can only have one tomato for the week(?). Bree admits she hopes she survives eviction tonight, and would like a week off nominations.

Bree has found some fanta left in the fridge – they finsih it off without the other housemates knowing. Trevor gets rid of the evidence by trying to take the bottle inside, but is interupted by Ryan who enters the kitchen. Bree starts to laugh, but hides it. Ryan says he saw them sneak the last of the soft drink, and asks if there’s any more. He tells them to think about the other housemates.

Kane and Wes are talking eviction. They try to keep a positive spin… well Wesley does “the sun is shining and its great to be alive”… however Paul says a storm is brewing.


The housemates are getting ready for the eviction show. Bree is wondering if her body looks to big in Miriam’s dress that Miriam gave her. The boys still egg her on. Ryan starts to talk about the first time he will be nominated – will take off his shirt and oil up for the show… flexing his muscles and saying “hey take it easy”. Terri says her sheets and towels have been washed and organised – and she has a feeling its one of the girls who will be evicted.

8.06pm – It’s time to go… Terri. Ash looks really shocked, and gives her a hug “baby doll”. The housemates walk outside without her! Bree gets Terri’s face print in their pin toy. As the doors open, Terri jumps around in excitement, screaming.

After Terri leaves, Bree says “I can’t believe I’m here!” and begins hugging the housemates. “I was so ready to go”. Paul makes raspberry noises.

The HMs talk about how pumped Terri was to leave the house. Ash can’t believe she’s gone. The other girls say it’s like a dream to still be in the house. The divide in sexes is more obvious now than ever.


8.12pm – Bree has now notices there is a vacancy in nominations because Terri has been up every week. She says it can’t be Terri, so more people are going to be nominated. Kane says he will be up tomorrow. Bree says it’s more likely. Ryan says Mondays are getting harder and harder. Wes congratulates the surviving girls.

Ash is happy about being able to sleep in her BB bed again. Paul notices the space in the bedroom. He doesn’t know whether to move or move beds together or what. The girls tell him to move them together – but some beds have lights on them and can’t be moved. Paul eyes Terri’s clean sheets.

Ash doesn’t know who’s going to do her hair before eviction shows now – Bree doesn’t know who she will borrow makeup from.

9.44pm – Terri’s goodbye message. “first person along is chicken – to me you’re a really good buddy and um, I’ve just.. we’ve had some really good times and especially times I’ve felt worse you’ve been a good friend. You don’t realise how good it was to have that friendship in the beggining when I didn’t have that many friends.

Breezy I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you and I’ve left a present under your bed

Geeza? (Kane) The first time I got up for nomination you put your arm around me and it was the right time, perfect timing and I cheerish the thought.

Rysie.. I love to laugh and joke aound and you’re the best one at it and you might not think I’m listening to you when I absolutely kack myself.

This is the best experience I’ve had in my entire life. I’m glad I’ve been able to spend extra weeks in the house. I think we’ve gotten closer as a group.”

Bree goes to find her gift – it’s mascarra – “couldn’t have given me anything better”.


10.03pm – Ryan wants another rio week. Cath and Ash notice Kane has been quiet this morning. Ryan says he thinks Kane is finding nominations a bit hard. While the girls are in the kitchen, Kane walks around the house on his own. The girls are enjoying the last of the shopping.

In the living room Paul comments the HMs are now starting to eat their vegetables – because there’s nothing else! Paul says he will have a big cabbage stew with Trevor – but Ryan doesn’t want it one bit. Ryan jokes that he is the leader and they’re not having cabbage stew.

Meanwhile the girls are having toast and pulling strange faces at each other. They sing “last big of flavour for the week”. Bree says that this week she’s not going to show Paul nominations are killing her. Paul comes in and says “use it up girls, use it up.. I’m all for it”.

Kane is in bed already – awww. He’s looking at a photo of family and friends.

11.50pm – The houseamtes are starting to settle in. Paul finds Terri’s gold medal under his pillow – a gift. He says his kids are going to love it so much.

In the bathroom, trying to get her makeup off, Cath says “it takes ages to get the blackness off” – Trevor is right behind her! They all have a good laugh.

Ryan is in his boxers and jokes about posing on eviction night – Bree leaves the room (possible embarrased!?). Ryan gets into her bed and poses, waiting for her to come back. When she returns everyone starts laughing, with Bree falling to the ground in giggles.

Day 45

10.11am – The boys are having a bit of a swim while the girls, as usual, are inside. Terri is doing her laundry and discussing how she’s been nominated every week – she’d love to have a week off and wonders when her luck will run out. Cath says “ok, you’re put your boobs up against the window, you’ve said so many things that are open, and people probably like that”. Terri says a lot of dirt comes out of her mouth and her dad would slap her if he’d been watching the show. “Terri there’s that line and you’ve long jumped over it”.

Kane is hiding next to Ash’s bed, covered in pillows… for some reason. Paul comes in and moves some of the pillows, getting a small shock. The boys collaborate on a prank, they will cough when Ash is close. The boys get ash to go check her pygamas and Kane jumps out. All the boys have a laugh, but Ash is not impressed.

12.07pm – Paul has been given a letter with this week’s task. They are to do an Olympics task – it’s pretty much identical to previous tasks they’ve done. Once they hear their nominated country anthem they must dress up and stand on the olympics prop. They all decide to bet 100% on it – the olympic spirit.


1.18pm – The housemates are called to the diary room one by one to recieve their tracksuits and hear their national anthem. The housemates discuss whether they are the real uniforms.

Wesley is France
Cath is Greece
Paul is Spain
Trevor is Great Britain
Wes is the USA (quite fitting, don’t you think?)
Ash is Egypt (silent laughter!)

Big Brother asks Ash if she would like to hear it one more time. She doesn’t.

Bree is Australia
Terri is Italy
Ryan is China

Big Brother asks Ryan if he would like to hear it one more time. He does.

2.48pm – Bree is talking to Ash about how the boys are constantly picking on them – it’s turned from funny to humiliating. This week the boys exculsively voted for the girls in nominations. Ash says it’s not fair what is happening because they don’t pick on the boys as much.

Some one’s Anthem starts – it’s Ryan’s… wait.. it’s actually Ashalea’s. There is a lot of confusion as Ryan jumps on the olympics platform. The housemates quickly figure out it’s not Ryans – but who’s is it? Big Brother announces that it was Egypt’s anthem. Paul claims he knew from the begining.

Later, Bree says that Ash should get ready no matter what other people say. Paul says they’re in trouble with Ryan because he doesn’t know his. Cath says she’s a little uneasy about hers too. They remember they bet 100% for the task.


6.06pm – Kane finds the basketball and shoots from the other side of the pool – he makes it in but no one else beleives him because they didn’t see.

Ash is in the bedroom getting upset about her nomination this week. She doesn’t know what she did wrong.

In the kitchen, Ryan says he’d like two kids. Bree says she just wants girls. Paul says you can now choose the sex of your baby and he’d do it. Terri says she thought it was illegal and an unethical debate. Cath says she would much rather have boys – because once girls hit teenage years they get into trouble. Cath says her daughter is a little harder to deal with than her son.

Ash has gone to the diary room – “now that I’m up for nomination I still think what I did wrong, I don’t know if I have, I’m scared to go. Being in here means a lot to me and I’ve had so much fun and I don’t want it to end because I’ve never had so much fun in my life. I’ve noticed since Merlin’s left Ryan has started to say I’m sleeping a lot – I don’t know if he’s doing this to make me look bad. I’m not scared of Ryan but I think maybe he always gets his way because he’s the biggest person in the house”.


8.14pm – Ash asks if all footy players have such big egos. Ryan says that assumption is wrong because there are so many different personalities – they’re all different. Ryan asks Catherine if her son has started noticing girls or wants to have a girlfriend. Cath explains how her son wanted his hair cut because a girl told him it would look better that way.

Ryan recalls a story from year 6 – he remembers a girl Kate who he fell in love with when she was on the swings. He also remembers a story when he had to pass a toothpick around. He asked her to his year 7 graduation and was the first girl he kissed.

Kane remembers a story from year 10 – a girl who had ugly feet which totally turned him off.

Bree says a guy from her high school was massively obsessed with fee.

Later, Ash’s anthem is played… she comes screaming (literally) out of the kitchen, into the bedroom where the housemates are sleeping.. she runs out to the olympic stage, but she may not have made it in time.

No doubt the olympics task is another way to get footage during up late. Big Brother thanks the housemates.

Day 38

3.33am – Ashalea has been up half the night making her carnival costume for this week’s task. The glitter spray she is using becomes broken and won’t turn off. She’s covered in glitter.

9.36am – Wesley and Paul are up, and find building supplies outside for their float task. They note how big the task will be (they bet 100% on it!). Inside the girls are discussing the task – who can do what. Paul notices the glitter on the ground and says it’s disgraceful.

In the diary room Cath is saying she’s ready to leave the house this week, ready to face what she run away from by coming into the Big Brother house. She says that all her life guys have been making her decisions, but in here she’s been making her own – and in the case of nominations not allowed to talk about it. She feels very proud of herself. She thinks that her time in the house will make her a lot more patient with her own kids. Really appreciate the little things they do more.

Paul shows the other housemates his aqua star shirt. It’s VERY bright. Everyone says it looks good. Paul is happy because its the first tshirt he’s made.


12.10pm – Ash is explaining how she stayed up late for the task. Bree explains the canister to the other housemates. Ash was scared the canister would explode.

Wesley is called to the diary room – he knows why. Last night he and Merlin were talking about nominations and it could have broken the rules. BB told them he would review the tapes. Inside the diary room, Big Brother repeats their offending comment, and reaffirms the rules. Wesley contends, but BB interupts. Wesley is given one strike.

Merlin is called. Wesley can’t talk to him until Merlin comes out of the diary room. Wes tells the other housemates he doesn’t think it’s fair because the discussion was so open, and not specific enough to break the rules. Inside the diary room, Merlin is given one strike.

Pretty lenient!

Merlin comes out and jokes about his strike. Kane says “welcome to the club”. Merlin says it’s weird when BB repeats conversations back to them.

2.28pm – Ryan is showing off his pants, they are very baggy.. and red! Merlin has tight tight silver pants. Cath comments that Bree’s costume makes her look like a gypsy.. so Bree tells people’s fortunes. She says Ryan will join a gang that harrasses women.

Ryan shows off his pants outside… .as does Merlin. Ryan comments it didn’t take that long to sow them really.

Outside the float is coming along. Paul is making an Aboriginal flag for the float. Bree says there should be a commenwealth flag as well. Paul says “why should we serve the queen?”.


8.22pm – The housemates are being shown a salsa video for part of their task (they must learn it). The housemates laugh on at the video, especially the boys. Bree comments afterwards that it’s not an instructional video. The boys all agree that they won’t be able to do it, but Ryan gets up to dance with Bree. The video comes on again so Bree and Ryan follow along… as best they can! The rest of the housemates get up to follow along. Ash with Trev, Paul with Kane (reow!), Wes with Cath, Merlin with Terri.

Cath and Wesley really get into it! Merlin and Terri move outside to the try out dancing on the float.

Paul and Kane are now gossiping like school boys. Kane explains how he caught Ryan staring at Bree last night, looking her up and down.

Paul and Kane get dancing together.. kinky! All of the housemates stop and watch them. Serious repressed homoerotica going on here people!


10.06pm – Wesley made an Australian flag to go alongside the Aboriginal flag on the float. Paul doesn’t like how we have the english flag in the Australian one. Paul says that will change next vote. Ryan says there are still a lot of older traditional people who still have old roots. Wesley tries to calm things down by saying “you can’t say yes or no”. The talk turns to the middle east. Paul says it’s another Vietnam – they can’t get out of it. Kane makes a point that there shouldn’t be argument now.. there should just be support. Paul gets quite vocal on the subject.

The conversation is a little fast to follow on a keyboard, but basically Kane is supportive of the war, while Paul totally disagrees. Merlin agrees with Paul for once.

In the bathroom the girls are having a facial and sigh about the boys and their political discussion. “Boring!”.

11.31pm – The houseamates are slowly gonig to bed. Trevor jumps on Ryan as he emerges from the bathroom. The other housemates giggle in their beds. Bree says “alright you lot, goodnight!”.

Day 37

Paul is up, making a little nick in his engraved calendar. He documents the departure of Elle, and makes a note that it’s been 37 days. Paul is exercising it up, and Bree is interested to see what will happen tonight at nominations. She says she doesn’t care whether she’s nominated tonight. “Nothings bothered me… bring it on. I like the surprises because it’s something different”. Bree is annoyed that the three closest peopel to her in the house have been girls.

5.23pm – Wow that was a fast day! Everyone is preparing dinner and Trev tells Ash why they’re called “chickpeas”. Merlin comes screaming out of the diary room with “we’ve got something to do”. It’s carnival week in Rio for the Big Brother housemates – and BB will provide all the necessities for a Rio task. A few housemates suggest a 100% wager for their shopping. A few of the housemates called to the diary room – they joke about microphone fines.

Inside the diary room there are materials to make costumes and a float. Later the boys joke about the tight pants they have been given to wear.


8.27pm – Nomination announcement time. Merlin, Catherine, Bree, Terri and Paul. Paul quickly does his lame grain of salt thing. Merlin looks really bummed out. Ryan invites the ladies to come have some wine in the kitchen.

Later Merlin gets hugs from the other housemates. Merlin says he’s shocked Bree was nominated, but Bree says at least the two nomination virgins can go through it together. Catherine is happy that he children will be up on stage this week during the eviction show. The housemates still comfort Merlin, asking if he is alright. There is discussion about how the votes will be spread out when there are a lot of nominees.

The boys have a heart-to-heart.. literally. They talk about when they last had a cry. Trevor says it’s been about a week – he had sunglasses on and was thinking about his girlfriend. Paul says it was before they moved into the house. Wesley said at begining of 2002 when his dog was put down. The others are shocked it’s been 2 weeks. Ryan says he’s a weak crier and cries in his car all the time – his last time was the weekend before he entered the house. He explains he loves good love songs and they make him cry… awww!


9.07pm – In the bedroom Merlin confides in Wesley: he says that he’s glad Bree and Cath are nominated too. Wesley nominated both of them.

Later Merlin tells Cath he’s scared – he’s not ready to go. Cath tells him not to worry about it, but Merlin seems a bit paranoid. Cath says “you’ll be fine” but Merlin said that to all the previous evictees.

BAck in the kitchen Ryan is saying all the girls he got close to left the house. It’s uninspired gabble.


11.08pm – Merlin tells the boys he looks foward to sitting down with a beer and putting it all out as it was – he is of course reffering to his dealings with Paul. He says that Paul and him know each other well but Paul disagrees “massively”. Bree says they are the two most stubborn people she’s met in her life.

Paul says Bree is “mother hen”. Bree says Cath is mother hen. Talk moves to Terri about how she’s a “boys girl”. Bree explains that Terri had a bad past with other girls and connects better with blokes.

Back in the house Terri is making costumes with the other girls. There is talk about petruding hip bones and skinny legs.

As usual the boys are in the kitchen discussing nominations, and the reasons behind their votes. Merlin is obviously drunk but Paul not so much. Paul just seems to be nodding along.

1.02pm – Merlin still can’t get over nominations. He can’t wait to find out who nominated him. Wesley says he can’t picture any girls voting for him, but Paul definately. Immediately Big Brother calls them to the diary room and says they have been asking about nominations a lot in the last few hours. Both Merlin and Wesley contest, and BB says he will look into the footage.

Day 33

Ryan and Paul are up doing a morning workout. Paul is clocking up a few kays walking around the pool. He refuses to walk the boundaries because he feels like he’s trapped. Terri says “jeez you boys have good bodies – quite lovely”. Paul says “I don’t know about Ryan, he’s not very toned.. pretty underdeveloped” (jokingly, of course).

Bree and Cath have found a new hangout – just outside the kitchen overlooking the pool. Kane calls it the new posse.

Paul and Ryan are now sunbathing talking about how the eviction will be interesting. Their talk is quite boring actually. Paul says he’s either made it or break’ed it – but he’s ready for anything. His family would have been watching these last few days thinking “here he goes!”. Kane is now cleaning the pool. Paul says “open up the gates of hell.. if you get rid of me, everyone will be free, and that will be the end, of reality”.

2.15pm – Kane is giving Merlin a sexy new ‘do. Kane is talking quite passionately about hair dos and how he would wear Merlin’s hair.

Trevor comes out from the diary room after being told about house duties. He picks up an old envelope and takes it out to pretend they have a proper message. Trevor reads out: “Dear housemates, after tea tonight there will be a visitor, please make sure that everything is cleaned up and everything is in order”. Merlin notices that there’s a list of names on the letter, rather than the message, and all the girls call out in dissapointed. Trevor can’t stop laughing. “How excited did we all get then”.

Kane is back to doing Merlin’s hair. Merlin says it’s perfect. Kane you metrosexual you.


3.54pm – Ashalea goes into the diary room to say hello because she’s a bit bored. Ash says she didn’t do much today because she had a sore tooth. Big Brother says there is a vacuum in the diary room, for use on the bedroom carpet. She wheels it out and emerges with her vacuum. Ash has a bit of trouble with the extension cord “this thing is alive!”, and not being able to find wall outlets to plug it in. Meanwhile the housemates in the kitchen discuss whether Ash will know how to operate a vacuum cleaner.

4.02pm – Ash is cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is upside down.

4.22pm – More cleaning, she’s sucked up some one’s scrunchy.

4.55pm – Finished now! “That was fun”.

Trevor takes the housemates outside to look at what looks like a snake on the wall. It’s obviously fake but the housemates keep talking. They decide it’s a bluetonge lizard… now it’s a snake. They prod it with the pool cleaner. Kane and Merlin can tell it’s fake and start yelling out how poisonous it is. Ash and Bree are ecstatic. Eventually they realise it’s fake – Big Brother put it there to scare the kukaburras.

Later, Ash and Merlin are discussing the possibility of another group of housemates living upstairs. Merlin doesn’t think so and says “you are niave of your innocence”. Ash doesn’t know what the word means. Merlin does his best to explain it… a little clueless. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Merlin says he rests his case.


7.37pm – Trevor has been called to the diary room to collect a letter – he’s being escorted by the girls. They chant “we want something to do”. Trevor hides the letter under his shirt – but the housemates are wiser than that. The girls and Merlin now chant “we have something to do”.

“Big Brother believes each housemate has kept something from the other housemates. Tonight you must reveal your best hidden talent”

8.07pm – Trev: I can sing a bit. it’s called singing. He sings part of “the lion sleeps tonight”. After a nervous pause he gets going – very loud and high pitched. The housemates cheer on.

Kane: he does some robot dancing, it’s a bit tame compared to Trev’s performance.

Elle: She gargles the Australian national anthem! The housemates clap on.

Ash: She twists her double jointed arm.. there is a quiet cracking noise.

Wes: Shows his mental powers.. he can make Ash say carrot. He fails!


11.11pm – The girls are in the kitchen entertaining each other. Cath makes an Adam’s family “it” out of Bree’s hair. Meanwhile Trev plots a joke on the girls – he gets some guys to keep the girls occupied while they get the fake snake down. Ryan picks it up and pretends to be attacked – the boys put it in Bree’s bed.

Ash is discussing how they seperate from the boys. Cath gets some advice: are you scared of going through the pain of breakups again? Bree says she was like that in the past. Elle reminds her that she’s been in a marriage of 12 years, and that’s quite serious. Terri says she will go into relationships and try to make it work and then end up wasting her life. Ash says they are all really strong, and she has always had her girl time, and he boyfriend is the only one she can go back to. Cath says there will be guys lining up. Ash says she feels like a bonehead.

11.54pm – The boys are in the lounge, and Kane goes into the bedroom only to be attacked with a pillow gauntlet. All the boys move in and suggest they go to bed.

Eventually Bree opens up her bed, doesn’t see the snake at first, then makes a huge gasp and screams out “AAH!”.

Day 30

6.26pm – Bad joke time.. Ryan cracks one “what did the candle say to the other candle.. are you going out tonight”. “Why couldn’t Eric ride a bike?.. because Eric was a fish”.

8.27pm – Just at that moment all housemates are called to the lounge. The nominees are announced: Elle, Terri and Paul. Paul rubs salt on himself (oh god). Ash seems upset but relieved that she’s not nominated. A few housemates give her a hug. She explains that she was so hot and nervous. Everyone seems to trot off to the kitchen.

Elle starts speeling off Paul’s “grain of salt” to brush off her nomination. Cath and Ash are happy they will be in the house for at least another two weeks.

Terri goes into the diary room – starting to feel like no one bloody wants me here! “It feels like.. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong.. there’s times where I think I’m boring as hell.. maybe people don’t like my personality and if it does come down to that it’s touchy because I like who I am”.


9.24pm – Ryan walks in on the girls in the middle of having facials. He says they look like they’re in a cult. Ryan goes into the bathroom, and the girls set up a “gauntlet” to ambush Ryan with pillows on his return. Merlin calls out to Ryan from the lounge room and the girls jump with the pillows. Ryan decides to run the gauntlet again.

11.14pm – Terri is whinging to Paul about Merlin – in particular, his strategies for nominations: “I look for some one I don’t want in the house and nominate”. Paul says thats the difference between him and Merlin: he’s (Paul) got the balls to explain what he feels. OH PUH-LEEZE.

Conveniently in the lounge Merlin is talking to Wesley about his earlier confrontation with Paul over his citizenship. Merlin explains he is still offended and shook up about the experience.

Trevor goes into the diary room for an entry. He explains it’s been hard trying to pick out faults in people, he tries to get along with everybody. “I keep thinking that I’d ask my girlfriend Bree (not the housemate) for advice”. He says it reminded him of school because he was uncomfortable about how he looked and how he was perceived by people – in here it’s harder because you don’t have your mates and there’s a whole new set of rules and people you have to fit in with. It was his biggest fear when he first walked into the house, but believes he’s done a great job at fitting in so far.


1.52am – In the kitchen, Elle tells Wes and Merlin that she was expecting to be nominated tonight. She thought she’d find herself in the house, but realises now that it won’t happen. Elle says she doesn’t know what to do with her life. Merlin comforts her saying that lots of early twenty year olds are in the same situation. She says her parents are (overly) supportive. It’s a sense of drowning.

Ash is getting serious in the bedroom as well – she is talking about her boyfriend. Their relationship is on hold. He takes her out to dinner once every few weeks – they first started going out when they were in year 12 and 17 years old. She says her parents are a little picky and didn’t want her to be too serious and tried to push him away. She spent most of her life as 18 crying because of family arguments. Bree says her parents were only probably freaking out.

Ash says sometimes she feels like she keeps finding ways for the relationship to work just to proove her parents wrong. Bree says it’s a long time to fight over something like that. Ash can’t get away from the fact though – her younger sister has started dating and her parents don’t want to hear about Ash’s relationship. Bree says she should really tell her parents how she feels.

Day 29

1.31am – Ash is playing a vengful prank of Trevor, who responds by jumping on her bed. Everyone is pretty amused.

7.20am – Paul is up (sigh). Trevor keeps poking Ashalea to go for a swim, poking her. Ash is tired and cranky. She ends up talking in her sleep about swimming?

Of course Paul and Terri are upset about last night (party poopers). Terri comes over to Paul and says she is so close to losing it. Paul tells her to blow up at the housemates. While talking to Ryan Paul says that Krystal sounds like Mag from neighbours.

Terri is complaining to the other housemates (oh give it a rest you skank!). She says she is pre-menstral and about to lose it. Bree hears enough and sarcastically says “Oh everyone is getting cranky because we had a little fun”.

10.30am – Bree goes into the bedroom and tells Krystal what all the whinging is about. Terri and Paul are having a soak in the hot tub and discuss what is awaiting them on the other side. Terri says she would freak out and run off if she’s evicted tonight – she wants more time in the house. Paul is seemingly impartial.


8.08pm – Eviction time… all of the housemates think they are going, except for Paul who makes a “T” sign to indicate Terri – that’s funny.. they were only just talking as though they were friends just a few hours ago. Anyway, Krystal is evicted and the housemates are quite upset. There are a few comments that the house will be very quiet.

Bree is very upset, and can’t understand why Krystal was evicted. She runs over to the punching bag and lets out her frustrations. Terri can’t help but focus on the fact that she’s staying for another week.

Ashalea is in the bedroom getting upset. Elle and Ryan come to comfort her. Paul, Wesley and Kane are in the kitchen explaining how they didn’t see it coming. Paul says the blabbermouth is gone and everyone else will need to open up to fill the gap.

In the bedroom, Ash explains she was only just starting to get close to Krystal. Bree talks about how her and Krystal were talking all night. Bree says the fact that Krystal was a stripper was working against her from the begining because some of society wouldn’t have been as accepting. The boys in the kitchen have come to the same agreement, and Merlin comments that her innocence was taking away by her past.


8.32pm – Cath is now upset about evictions. It’s a reminder of the life she’ll return to (sounds a bit like Reggie!). Looking at pictures of her children, she tells them to be good and that she loves them. Cath tells the other housemates that it’s a reminder she could be with her kids right now instead of Krystal outside of the house. The other housemates comment that all of the carisma has now been taken out of the house.

Paul goes to etch Krystal’s name into the wooden patio by the pool. He puts “K”.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Merlin notices that Bree is a leader figure for the girls – and there is confidence in her face, along with Ryan who is the leader for the guys.

Ash is now happy, and starts dancing and singing around the bedroom about staying in the house another week.

Terri is telling Wesley that because she’s a nurse she’s learnt not to become emotional over things like this. She comments that she saw a few housemates dissapointed that she wasn’t leaving.

Later, the housemates are called to the lounge for Krystal’s goodbye message. Elle, I think you’re beautiful and so down to earth and if I’m half as mature at your age then I will be happy about it. Ryan, we might not have agreed at times but you can’t go through life without it. She does her goofy laugh for him. Bree, I’m saying goodbye for now but it will only be a matter of weeks or months and I can’t wait for our friendship to blossom because you are so intelligent in so many different ways, you are just beautiful babe and I love ya.

All of the housemates agree that it was a great message. Elle is now upset and says “I don’t like this game very much”. Elle voted for Krystal in the nominations.


10.42pm – Terri tells the housemates that she’s glad to still be here. “I’m here and thats all that counts”. Merlin comments that 3 weeks says something. Terri jokes that everyone outside the house loves her and everyone in the house hates her (not just the people in the house, babe).

Elle is in the diary room feeling guitly that she nominated Krystal. She explains she is having trouble coping with the concequences of her decisions and that she’s betrayed Krystal and the other girls.

Back in the kitchen Bree is telling Trevor that she planned to be evicted in the first or second week, and thus didn’t pack that many clothes.

While conversing with Cath and Elle, Ryan discovers that Cath sees a deeper level in himself that he might be holding back on. Paul BUTTS IN and steers the conversation about how Ryan is still one of the boys even after so much time. Cath is inspired by Paul’s faithfulness to his wife and family, something Cath never experienced. She says she’s not looking for a rich ring, but a guy who will say “play with me”.

11.53pm – Bree is making a diary entry, and is feeling a lot more emotional than she expected to when Krystal left. Everyone she’s had the most in common with are leaving the house and she’s surprised at how emotional she’s becoming at the evictions.

At bedtime, Bree says she’s not happy with that empty bed in the room.

Day 26

9.47am – Why do we start every show with Paul? Well anyway he’s talking with Ryan about million dollar dillemahs(sp). Merlin suggests that that you get a million dollars, but the first woman you fall in love with you can’t be with. Ryan says he would take it – but Paul tells him you can’t buy love. What about a million dollars but can’t ever come back to Australia? Krystal would take it – but Paul sure wouldn’t!

Catherine goes to the diary room, and tells Big Brother how lucky she feels that she’s in the house – and how it makes her reflect on her life more, and how she wants to be in the house a little longer – she’s not ready to go back to reality just yet. She says that she likes it because there are so many people in the house, and out in reality she was on her own.

There’s a new hoop shooting task for the loser housemates. Not many of them are successful… except netballer Terri. Terri is quickly called to the diary room and congratuated by Big Brother. She is told she now belongs on the winner side of the house. As a prize she brings two of her current housemates with her – she only has 20 seconds to decide! She picks Elle and… … … Paul (NOOOOO!!!!!). She must now pick three winners to become losers – 20 seconds again! Immediately picks Trevor, then waits… Krystal… … … Wes.


Terri goes back out to the lounge room and explains whats going on. Everyone seems ok with it – except for Krystal who won’t have any coke. Big Brother quickly announces that the new winners and losers have 3 minutes to pack. Krystal is up in a flash. Elle and Paul thank Terri for moving them to the winners side – Elle is going to cry and says she wants takeaway and ice cream. Big Brother announces the housemates must now trade places through the fence. Krystal screams “what kind of world is this!?”. Krystal walks into the new bedroom and can’t believe what she sees.

In the kitchen everyone’s favourite wanker Paul congratulates Terri on stiring the pot and starts making his little smartass commentaries on how Krystal will handle it badly. Meanwhile outside Krystal tells Bree that she won’t make a big deal about it.

4.51pm – Paul tells Ashalea that he’s not nervous about Sunday because he misses his kids and wife. He says that he would die for his family but still doesn’t want to leave the house just yet.


6.19pm – The store room is now open for the winners – they’ve been treated to a Mexican delight night. Krystal is extremely angry – as is Merlin. Kane tells Krystal to stop complaining because she’s been on the winners side and he and Merlin haven’t at all. Krystal runs out of the kitchen, and Terri comes out and tells her that she’s wonderful – two faced bitch! They do their best to reconcile their differences but the false sincerity is so obvious you could puke over both of them. Terri has obviously had a few drinks – the two of them hug.

Later the housemates are fooling around in the kitchen, and Ryan picks up a knife as a joke. He is immediately called to the diary room. Ryan says “BB before you start there was no malicious action indended with anything that happened then”. Big Brother says he knows that Ryan was only playing around but alcohol and knives do not mix. Ryan is told to read the rule list again.

After Ryan emerges, Elle can’t get over the topic – and can’t stop talking about it. Ryan is obviously angry and tells her to give it a rest. There’s some heated words exchanged and Elle leaves in tears.


11.25pm – After talking to the other housemates, Ryan says he will apologise to Elle. He says that Elle is one of the housemates he cares about the most and can’t realise why she’s so upset with him.

In the bedroom, the two discuss what happened earlier. He says that with their relationship is so strong she should have never considered it a serious threat. Elle doesn’t think so – she says his squinting eyes and expression screamed “get lost”. The two are eventually ok.

Ashalea is also upset with Ryan! Apparently this time for pushing chillis in her mouth. He forces out an apology and makes it a little sarcastic. Ash sees straight through it and says “you are a real jerk when you’re drunk”, and leaves.

12.17am – Ryan is having a boozy heart-to-heart with Elle. Elle jokes about Ryan being a player because tonight he said he’s the closest to 3 different girls in the house at different times. Conversation moves back to the knife incident earlier – Elle thinks that he went too far.

Later in the bathroom Bree starts impersonating Ryan drunk – Elle is highly entertained. She finds it interesting that Ryan was saying he’s close to three of the girls tonight. She goes back into the bedroom, gives Ryan a hug and walks away giggling!

Day 16

9.21am – Paul comments on how clear the poor is looking this morning. The weather is a lot better than previous days. Paul is carving his calendar into the wooden patio around the pool.

There’s friction over what to include in the shopping list. They have more money to spend around. Paul butts in again saying they should buy a lot of softdrink because it will last with the alcohol consumption. Bree stays away and sings a little song about not wanting to deal with it. Paul says the girls are taking it too seriously (ahem… look who’s talking!).

Krystal and Paul exchanged heated words. Krystal goes to tell Bree what happens. Bree says that she doesn’t want to be seen discussing this… but too late! Loudmouth Paul comes over and starts spurting sarcastic remarks about how this is sooo adult like and you are what you eat (just shut up, K).


2.28pm – Task time. The housemates must complete an obstacle course set up in the backyard. They must practice and be marked at the end of the week.

Paul says he wants to bet 100% to see what will happen if they lose. SHUTUP PAUL! Paul starts making chicken noises to Ryan who doesn’t want to bet so much. SHUTUP PAUL!

Bree says a valid comment about becoming over-confident, Paul tries to but in but Bree snaps back at him (go girl!).

5.58pm – They all go outside and marvel at the course. Shortly after they go back into the bedroom and Wesley finds Aphrodite has left some undies under her (now his) bed. Merlin suggests they all wear undies on their heads for tonight’s nominations – Aphro would love if they did that.

Bree goes to tell the other housemates about the undies idea. Igor refuses, saying his head is too big (sheesh!). Bree tells him it will be fun. Paul said nothing about it excited him: “I think she was a lovely girl, but I’m not going to wear undies on my head”. SHUTUP PAUL!

Igor says to Paul they have so much in comon. Paul says the girls are suddenly changing their tune about Aphrodite. He says it’s called two faces. Kane nods along trying to be part of the group by agreeing.


Igor, Terri and Elle are nominated. Some shock over Elle’s nomination this week. It seems Igor has a new threesome – Paul and his little sheep Kane. They all go to the kitchen.

Elle goes to the bathroom, upset about her nomination. Bree and Ash comfort her but Elle would rather they didn’t.

Krystal has a glass of soft drink – as authorised by Catherine. Igor says she’s not allowed. SHUTUP IGOR! Talk soon goes to Elle in the bathroom upset about nominations. Throughout the conversation Paul is making sarcastic comments but no one pays any notice.

Igor goes into the house, suddenly empowered by his new bitching partner, acting all cheerful to Elle and saying “welcome to the party”. Igor seems to think he will survive this Sunday – HAH. Trevor and Ryan joke about Igor’s confidence.


8.56pm – Elle is having troubles coming to terms with it. She comments on how Igor patronised her before about being nominated.

Now Igor and Terri are talking about how they were quiet in the house and basically… how everyone hates them. Terri says she thinks she can trust all of the guys, but Igor disagrees.

Ash goes to the diary room. She tells Big Brother she had a really fun day today – she had her nails done, and had fun this morning with the shopping. She then says she feels guilty because she nominated Elle. If it was her choice everyone would stay together in the house forever because it’s fun.

Later in bed, Krystal and Bree are discussing the nominations. They can’t believe Elle puts herself down so much – “so insecure”.

Back in the kitchen, Terri is talking about how no one can argue in this house because they are so young. Merlin hits the nail right on the head and says it creates conflict by saying things like that. Terri disagrees.

Merlin says it’s the easy way out to say it’s only age differences causing conflict.

Day 15

It’s Sunday morning, and the housemates are preparing for the first eviction last night. Paul comments that the house is like a bit of a morgue. He tells Trevor they need to revitalise the house.

Igor is complaining about not being able to sleep – he says that if he’s not evicted he’ll be leaving on Tuesday or Wednesday. Aphro reminds him that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Igor says he doesn’t care – and will just walk out if it’s any worse.

In the kitchen Terri gives some commentary on what the other housemates are doing. She agrees to do the washing, while Krystal stands there, silent.

Back inside, Aphro and Ashalea can’t get over how Igor wants to go. Merlin says it’s just a defence mechanism because he thinks he is leaving tonight. Igor is telling Terri his problem. She says she’d prefer him in the house compared to the other housemates – she can’t talk about why, cos “you know”.

12.49pm – The girls are singing over lunch and it’s driving Paul and Kane nuts. “I hate it when the girls sing, it’s so gay”. Kane and Paul both agree they are embarrased to be in the house when the girls sing: “ahh, they’re so crap, their song choice is dispicable, it’s probably the most uncomfortablest moment, it’s gotta stop”. Ryan says there are a few girls who really put effort into it, and it’s terrible.


3.02pm – Terri is explaining that she’d be annoyed if she was evicted when another housemate really wants to go (ie. Igor). Terri quickly says that if she had it her way it would be her and Igor who stay, — BITCHY!!!! THe boys ask for clarification but she won’t repeat it.

The boys go on to discuss the girls. Ryan and Trevor say Aphro is a lunatic. Merlin joins them and they are all looking jaded and sorry for themselves (or sleep deprived!).

Aphro is leaving kisses on the one way glass as her mark incase she leaves tonight. Paul is counting the number of knotches he’s left on the wooden patio – 15 days.

Later, Paul is telling the other guys that Merlin will put on a little show tonight and start punching the punching bag when some one is evicted – he says it’s good for comedy.

Paul is becoming quite the bitch.

Later, Aphro takes Merlin into the kitchen and gives him a “goodbye”. She says she feels close to Merlin because he understands her and she wishes she was a girlie girl. She really wants to hang with him when they’re both out of the house and hopes it’s not just words. Merlin says he admires her.


8.09pm – It’s time to go… Aphrodite. Everyone is in shock and Kane can’t stop saying “it’s all good”. After Aphro leaves, Ashalea, Elle and Merlin are especially upset. Merlin walks straight over to the punching back and starts kicking it. Paul (being the super cool social commentator he is) starts yelling “go for it”. Not funny. The boys are outside the kitchen. The girls are on the other side of the pool. Igor shows no emotion. Catherine mentions that Krystal will be surprised that she didn’t nominate her (is that against the rules?).

Later in the bedroom Igor says he’s shocked and wanted her to stay – he was the one to go not her. In the kitchen Merlin says that Aphro and he will be good mates, but he doesn’t think the other housemates believe him.

Ashalea is alone in the bedroom, crying: “I love you Aph”. Merlin is still talking about Aphro – about how some housemates are good with her. Paul is being a loudmouth tiwt again trying to remind Merlin of the short time he was annoyed at Aphro.


10.03pm – Kane and Paul are talking about how they don’t want Igor to leave (PUH-LEEZ!). They agree he’s not trying hard enough to get past his sleeping problem.

Aphro’s goodbye message is played to the housemates. She says it’s difficult for her, and will miss the people she’s grown close with. Look after Ashalea and Merlin for me. Merlin is upset, and starts crying Cath and Elle comfort him.

Igor is whinging about his damn sleeping problem again. Krystal says he needs to put a positive spin on things for once rather than lying around complaining about how he can’t sleep. In the bedroom Merlin is comforted by Bree. He can’t believe that she was evicted out of the total three. He says he feels like such an idiot and all of the other girls are quick to tell him he doesn’t.

Igor is sleeping – is this a metaphore? Wesley is sleeping in Aphrodite’s bed. Merlin gives Aphro’s window kiss a little kiss of his own.

1.05am – Igor is snoring and it’s keeping Ryan awake. He moves to another bed.

Day 9

9.00am – The hot water is now on, and Trevor is um.. getting ready imaginarily(?).

10.36am – The housemates all gather outside to organise their weekly shopping. They have one hour. Krystal has some quick ideas about how to organise th shopping list. Some housemates think they should pre-organise a weekly menu, but eventually end up going through each item one by one.

In the kitchen, Krystal is annoyed at buying so much cereal when they can’t eat it without milk. She explains how much cereal Merlin eats in the morning (which apparently, is a lot). There is talk of drinking too much milk before the discussion is quickly moved onto toilet paper, and how much people are using. They work out they are using about 6 rolls of toilet paper every day.

Wes goes to talk to Big Brother. He says he knows he blew up at Bree about each items and he feels it’s a good way to fuel the fire for tonight’s nominations. He says that Krystal was annoying him a lot and making smartass comments. Later he apologises to Bree.


3.26pm – In the kitchen Merlin is telling Trevor he finds Ashalea’s attention a little too much. He thinks she doesn’t understand the parameters of their friendship. He said that last night in bed he had to pretend to roll over and fall asleep. Ashalea comes in, and Merlin leaves without saying much.

Bree is reading out their task – the housemates are to get married to each other! The girls select their partners. The couples are:

Elle and Paul
Terri and Trevor
Bree and Wesley
Ashalea and Ryan
Catherine and Merlin
Aphro and Kane
Bree and Igor

Each time Big Brother plays the wedding music for a particular couple they must dress up and walk down the isle in 90 seconds.


8.17pm – Nominees are to be announced. They are Terri, Igor and Aphrodite. Bree is shocked at Aphro’s nomination. Igor says he’s fine to no one in particular (they didn’t ask at all). Terri is comforted by Catherine, but she says she doesn’t want to talk about it: “It’s like being on death row”. Catherine says “we’re all going to have our turn Terri, it’s inevitable”.

In the kitchen Merlin says to Aphro “there is no way in the world you will be nominated, I promise”. They then talk about the ‘obvious’ person to go (of course, Igor). Igor comes over to hug Aphro and Merlin is quick to leave (hah).

Back in the house Ash hits Merlin with a pillow, when he asks what that was for, she says “because you love me”. She then says he hates her because he never talks to her anymore and gives her weird looks. He makes an explosion sound. They have a pillow fight and Merlin leaves. Ash says “you better run”.

Suddenly Bree and Wesley’s marriage song is played, they quickly get dressed, with the help of the other housemates. The all run outside to the wedding isle, and fleefully walk down to Trevor, who is the minister. All the other housemates are in their seats cheering on the couple. Wesley thanks everyone for coming to their wedding. He picks Bree up and twirls her around, falling down. Big Brother pronounces them husband and wife.


8.10pm – Kane is doing some sweeping in his boxer shorts. Merlin and Aphro walk into the kitchen. They talk about what type of girls Merlin likes. Aphro says that he likes blondes, and Merlin says he likes princesses. Aphro wants to help Merlin determine what type of girl he likes. Aphro says she has to work him out before she leaves.

Later in the bedroom, Terri announces to everyone that she will now be showering in her bikini, just incase it was something making the other housemates uncomfortable. With the lights out, Terri tells Elle that she is quietly confident Igor will be evicted.

In the kitchen Ashalea is telling Igor off for picking his teeth in the kitchen. She says he needs to be more hygienic. After he leaves, she says “my god, what a pig.. thats disgusting”.

Day 8

9.52am – The housemates are wishing Cath a happy Mothers Day. Krystal, Wesley and Ashalea are the last to get up. Krystal explains that Igor is so not on her Christmas card list. Meanwhile Aphro is teaching Kane to walk in her high-heel shoes. Kane has a bit of difficulty at first, but quickly gets the hang of it, struting his stuff down the pool side.

Merlin and Ashalea are having an “intimate” conversation in the bedroom, and Merlin jokes that he spent the night snuggling with Terri. Ash is not impressed, but Merlin is entertained by how gullable she is. They thumb wrestle to pass the time. Aphro and Elle are stressing about nominations, particularly Elle. They wonder if crying is a good enough excuse for nominating or being nominated.

With all the housemates in cleaning mode, Ryan does a good job of cleaning the house rugs. Igor is trying to help out more now, helping cool a bbq – perhaps because nominations are later today?


1.28pm – Lunchtime. As the housemates eat, Aphro confronts Igor about his lack of participation in house activities. Later, it’s cleaning time, with most of the housemates cleaning the house mirrors. Cut to some footage of Igor sleeping on the couch – can we be certain this is happening at the same time? I suspect sneaky editing by Big Brother.

4.31pm – Terri is explaining the financial problems of the past. She was in a lot of debt trying to repeat her TEE exams after high school and during university. Her worst day of her life was when she spent her last $10 on petrol, and some one had stolen the petrol out of her tank. She ended up going to the Salvation Army for goods. Ashalea gets confused with shopping at op shops, but soon realises they are talking about food shortages.


8.42pm – Catherine is called to the diary room, all the housemates singing “Happy Mothers Day” to the tune of Happy Birthday. Catherine is given a phone that’s deactivated, can’t send or recieve calls, but can play an existing video. All the housemates huddle around the phone in the bedroom. It’s a message from her children, saying they miss her and hope she gets to the end. Catherine is brought to tears, but says they don’t look like they miss her all that much. Bree suggests a group facial session. The boys are quick to join in.

Ryan, Trevor and Aphrodite aren’t too hot about facials, and Trevor starts yelling about not liking them. Aphro says she’s probably the blokiest guy in the house. All the blokes who had facials start “rough-housing” on Trevor (more homoexoritca!).

Later at dinner, Ryan tells Merlin that he really likes Bree, and Krystal is totally not his type of girl. Merlin explains what happened earlier with his joke on Ashalea.


11.13pm – Merlin comfronts Igor about how he speaks to women. Igor says that that he’s just joking, but Merlin says he needs to be careful because some jokes can be taken the wrong way. Igor brushes it off and suggests they all go have a beer. Later Merlin discusses what happened with Ryan.

Kane, Paul and Igor are called to the diary room. They are warned about nomination colluding.

Later Ryan is talking about Bree again, this time to Merlin and Trevor. He says they are really similar and he would like to get close to them in that kind of sense to see where they are both coming from. The overall concensus is “not now, but you never know”.

Day 5

8:56am – Kane is up and about and doing some weights. Trevor is also having a work out, while talking to Ryan. He fills Ryan in on the argument between Igor and Aphro in the kitchen overnight. Trev says it was funny. “I laughed my head off.” Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Merlin is saying to Aphro that the two (aphro and Igor) have been really close since the beginning. He goes onto say that Aphro shouldn’t let this one aspect effect the relationship. Aphro interrupts him, and says that there is something else that has happened, and that she is not going to go into again. She tells Merlin to watch the tapes for the truth after this is all over. Igor and Krystal are in the bathroom. Igor says that Igor almost went too far last night. Krystal suggests talking to Aphro. He replies “i don’t talk.”

Back in the bedroom, the topic has turned to Merlin. Both Aphro and Bree think the world of him. Merlin says that he doesn’t want to hear it. Merlin says he has heaps of flaws, but Bree suggests he show them all one. Aphro says “I don’t think I can find one in there.”

11:56am – Housemates gather by the pool to listen to an annoucement read by Elle. She tells the housemates that Big Brother has had no choice but to introduce a fine system because of repeated microphone breaches and referring to banned discussion topics. As soon as the annoucement is read, BB comes over the house and says “Ashalea, your microphone.” She says “it’s right here.” Unfortunately, she is carrying it, and doesn’t have it on. Afterwards, Krystal and Ashalea chat in the bedroom. Krystal says she hasn’t had a microphone breach yet. Krystal is pissed off because she has been caught out twice in the space of five minutes. When Ashalea says she has had it in her hands, Krystal says “Gee, he’s tough ins’t he.” Ashalea moves onto say that everyone has become bitchy towards each other in the last day or so. She says that if anyone gets a fine, she won’t care. “I don’t know why everyone cares so much because we’re here to have fun.” Moving outside, Krystal starts talking to Bree about her conversation to Ashalea. Krystal says that she told Ashalea to just try to keep the microphone on. She says that Ashalea replied “I will, but If I have it off, too bad.

Commercial Break.

5:22pm – Wesley is trying to teach Merlin the finer arts of the freestyle action in the pool. “That’s not bad mate, not bad!” Merlin just laughs. Inside, Igor is still upset about Aphro. Aphro says he’s just going to be himself. If that gets him put up for eviction and booted, then so be it, he says. Kane tries to get a laugh by saying that if it was him he was angry at, Igor would back down because of how tough he (Kane) is. Back on topic, he says “I’m not going to talk to her.”

Over in the kitchen, Aphro is getting dinner ready. Ryan asks if there is anything that can be done. About 4 people over there in that tiny cooking area. Wesley, who was just in the ktichen, returns to the living area and says “Steer clear of the kitchen.” They ask why, and he just says there are too many people trying to help. Ashalea are Wesley sit and talk on the couch. Ashalea says there has been so much tension in the house since yesterday between certain people. They both say the obvious pair of Igor and Aphro. Wes suggests that there is also tension between the two of them. Ashalea says there has been since day one! They both laugh, then Ashalea reveals that someone snapped at her this morning. Wesley asks who, and Ashalea replied “Krystal.” Back in the kitchen, dinner is ready. Aphro can tell by chucking the pasta on the mirror and seeing how hot it is. Weird stuff.

8:12pm – Housemates are gathered on the couch in the living room, with Wesley standing on the coffee table situated in the middle. He reads a letter from BB. “Dear Housemates, Paris Hilton is about to enter the BB House.” He gets cushions thrown at him from everywhere, no one believing the letter is real. Kane gets up and shakes his hand. He finally reads the real letter, which lets them know that there will be a 60’s party tonight to welcome them back to the house, and that the storeroom is now open with costumes. We see them run over to the storeroom to get their clothes. Quickly back to the bedroom, some are pleased with their outfits, while some hate theirs (Krystal). Trevi is dressed and sitting down. He says “I’m the biggest jaffa in the world.” He has a red suit on with a black shirt. Later, music is beamed into the house, and the dancefloor is alive with housemates making fools of themselves. Also, a cage is in the corner if anyone wants to get into any sexier action.

Commerical Break.

10:37pm – Paul comes to the diary to talk to Big Brother. He says that BB has chosen a great group of housemates. The blokes all seem to get on together. He says the girls are out of control however, with a competition between them for the spotlight. In the livingroom Igor is taking orders for coffee. When he gets to Paul, Paul suggests that “Krystal is moving in for the kill” on Ryan. Krystal has a laugh. Topic of conversation moves back to Krystal’s job in the real world, and there is far too much editing for a recap. Please check out the “Up Late recap, Day 4” posted elsewhere on the site. When Krystal has had enough, she goes to the girls in the kitchen and begins crying. After helping Krystal out over there, Bree returns to tell the boys to just be a little bit more sincere in their comments towards her job. Again, there is a lot of editing around the subject, and it is best to look at the other recap.

12:28: Ryan comes into the bathroom to apologise to Krystal. He wants to be as a team while in this house, and thus he apologises. He says he got a bit cut when she bought up that point (no idea). He says he doesn’t want to ignore her like Aphro and Igor are doing at the moment. He says “I think your a top bird, and it’s nothing against you.” They hug, but it soon turns into a group hug, and in the process, Krystal gets headbumped! Ryan tries to tell Aphro to make up with Igor. But she says that Ryan is a gentlemen, and Igor isn’t. At this, Krystal just say “oh god” and is to say “not again.” Aphro says that Krystal has just had an argument with a great guy, while she is having an argument with a two faced little shit. BB cuts to Igor playing basketball by himself outside.

Commercial Break.

12:43 – Merlin has come to the diary room. He says the happy family has been falling apart in the last few days. He says the tension between Aphro and Igor is a big part of this. He says he can’t believe that two people who hit it off so well, could be so far apart now. Cut to the bedroom where another argument between the pair is underway. Aphro says “Be honest. You bullshit people.” Back in the diary room, Merlin is nearly in tears saying he can’t believe that it’s like this after just 4 days. Back in the bedroom, Aphro says “I’m asking Big Brother to get me my bags out.” Ashalea and Bree both try to convince her to stay, but she says “Please let me do this.” “I’d rather leave with pride” also comes from her mouth. At this point, Igor says “Aph, Aph”. Aph tells him to shut up. About a minute of arguing more, Igor has her in the bathroom to try to get her sense back. “we came in here and we bonded ASAP”. It’s like a little love story isn’t it? He apologises a few times and says “sometimes I’m just stubborn.” We finally get a hug from the pair, and thank god for that. Aphro starts to cry while hugging him.

Day 4

9.18am – As the housemates wake up outside there is talk of the task. Most are speculating they will be tested on each other later today. Kane and Paul are playing hoops and “let” Trevor play with them.

1.06pm – Over lunch the housemates are testing each other for the task. Merlin asks which housemate worked in a retail store in Surfers Paradise. The answer is Krystal, and Igor makes the comment that she was rubbing up against something. Elle speaks up telling him that it’s not a nice comment and they he should stop saying things like that. All of the other housemates are silent.

Later while washing up the girls discuss how some of the housemates (particularly some of the boys) are not pulling their weight. Talk turns to one particular guy who is not showing any care or effort. Aphro says that she will tell him off, but Krystal reminds here there will be concequences. No prizes to those who guessed they’re talking about Igor.

Later Krystal explains to some of the other housemates that she thinks it’s not Aphro’s responsibility to pull Igor into line.


3.28pm – The housemates are tested on their task – to get to know each other. Terri is called into the diary room first, and can’t answer her question properly: “What do the inscriptions on Merlin’s dogtags mean?”. Later, Merlin is asked the names of Catherine’s children, he eventually gets it right and starts acting like a total dork screaming and cheering about getting it right. He climbs halway up a tree while screaming. The last housemate called, Trevor (how ironic) can’t answer his question: “Who is Kane’s sporting idol?”.

4.13pm – The young female housemates are gabbering on like 14 year old school girls. This time it’s about Igor… again. Krystal says she feels sorry for his girlfriend. The girlfriend is news to Aphrodite who is extremely shocked that one exists. She’s annoyed that the girlfriend has seen her acking like a shitkicker these last few days.


4.28pm – Big Brother calls the housemates to the basketball court, and announces the task result – they passed. Their weekly budget is now $306. The housemates are also allowed back into the house. They run into the house with Krystal first – obviously forgetting that her bikini top does not give her much chest support.

Most of the housemates lie on their beds, with Kane and Merlin acting like dorks (again) by jumping on their beds and screaming.

Aphro and Igor are in the bathroom together so Aphro decides to talk to Igor. She tells him he needs to pull his load more. Igor tells her he IS pulling his load.

Later the ‘blokes’ are talking in the bedroom… about the girls. Igor is looking extremely pissed off. They go through who is single in the house, and Paul says “it really is a meat market if you want it”. Igor suggest that Merlin should be doing something with Ashalea. Ryan tells him to stop pressuring him.

7.04pm – Aphro is bitching to Merlin about Igor. Merlin tells her he hasn’t been monitoring the cleaning or anything. Despite this he is quick to praise himself, saying that he would always put it more effort than his share (puh-leez).


8.04pm – Terri, Elle and Paul are discussing how there is a lot of backchat going on in the house. At the same time Aphro has confronted Igor about his effort in the house, again in the bathroom. Igor shrugs the conversation off asking for a hug.

8.56pm – Merlin is talking to Trevor about Ashalea. Quite an important moment in the house because this is the most talking Trevor has ever done… or not. Merlin spends the time talking about how Ashalea joked about being Merlin being her brother… and then half cousin (so they could jokingly have sex).

Later in the kitchen Merlin tells Terri and Aphrodite that his relationship with Ashalea is nothing like anyone thinks.

2.18am – The remaining awake housemates all make a pledge to stay up the entire night.

2.53am – The remaining awake housemates all go to bed.