Day 6 and 7 (special)

Tonight Channel 10 aired a Big Brother special ‘The Party’s Over’ because there is no eviction after the first week of Big Brother. The show opened with Gretel introducing and telling viewers that tomorrow night is nominations so they will explaining the new nomination process and talking to a few ‘experts’ about the housemates.

Those experts are Jess, Marty and Carmell Hill. The show starts off with audition footage of each othe housemates. First off is Daniel. We see parts of his audition tape and footage of him in the house, including a part with him saying “lets get emotionally naked” and when he showed Chrissie his third nipple. Next is Chrissie’s audition tape: “Once a complete stranger told me I reminded them of Rosie O’Donnell”. Followed by Leah, then Ben, then Jo, Patrick, Regina (in that order).

Back to Gretel and the bunch in what looks like a storage warehouse! Some Big Brother banners are in the background. Jess is the most nominated person in the Big Brother series so far so of course she’s an expert at it. Marty says “it doesn’t really matter” who gets nominated. He had to be reminded of who is in the round house, but can’t pick out any clear nominee from that house. He says Carlo doesn’t stand a very good chance come Monday night. Carmell butts in saying something.. I forgot already. Gretel ends the segment with one of her trade-mark metaphores, by saying Saxon is the “last peice of the square puzzle, but does he fit into place?”.


Footage of Irena talking about how there only used to be one wog girl on Neighbours. We then learn that Irena didn’t welcome Saxon into the house very much. The experts then do some more behaviour analysis which concequently involves screening more footage. Belinda’s audition tape, then Carlo and his ‘mother’, Claire, Irena, Jaime and Vincent. Carmell says at this point in time the housemates are just trying to get each other to like them. Some more footage involving Daniel and Irena.


The round house is talking about the pool next door (even though there is no pool). They say they can hear and smell a pool. Next guest on the show is the supervisor producer of the daily show. He tells everyone about how they condense 48 hours of footage into a 25 minute show, selecting mainly scenes that reveal personality and plotline. He also makes a plea to Australia to not vote out the loudest and most excitable person (eg. Carlo!).

Next segment is on the seven deadly sins parties happening in both houses. Regina doesn’t know what lust is and needs it explained to her. Meanwhile in the other house Belinda doesn’t know what gluttony is. Later, Saxon tells Belinda that he’s annoyed by Vincent (doesn’t name him but gives it away obviously).

In the round house Daniel doesn’t know if he should feel bad or not for not cooking. The other housemates say they would like a go but Ben keeps dominating the BBQ. Chrissie figures it out straight away: he’s been here the longest so it’s his place.


Irena talking about how it sucks to be nominating after trying to get along with everyone so well. Belinda is beyond that and is wondering what she’ll wear to her eviction. We then take a look back at Jess’s troubles nominating on Big Brother 2. Big Brother was getting really pissed off because Jess couldn’t think of any reason to nominate.

Then Peter Abbott (the show’s executive producer) is brought into the studio. He talks about nominations but doesn’t really reveal what will happen. He says that even if the housemates figure it out he has multiple nomination schemes planned to trick them. Footage is then shown of the housemates picking balls with numbers on them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has nothing to do with nominations at all and was designed to confuse the housemates. Of course Carlo gets the ball with ’69’ on it.


Fart talk. Carlo says “the fart joke will ever die”. Claire explains that there are 2 types of fart: sulphur and methane.

Update on ‘relationships’ in the house: footage shows that Jo and Patrick are getting rather cosy with each other. Jo is delighted to hear that Patrick is straight and single. Jo massages Patrick’s head and he gives her a piggy back to the bedroom. Also shown is Belinda and Vincent (not so saucy). Ben snoring. Vincent gets in a tantrum about Carlo peeing in the garden.


Round house mates singing badly. Gretel then asks the experts for their opinions. Jess and Marty think that perhaps Jo and Ben will be nominated in the round house and Carlo and Vincent in the square house. Carmell says that Jo will not be getting nominated.

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Day 5

It’s 3:42am and Ben is snoring again. He has worked out an arrangement with Regina to tie a rope to his leg that she can tug if he snores. It doesn’t work.

Members from both houses rise early to clean and make breakfast. Belinda does a short bit of cleaning in the square house and starts preparing breakfast. She says she loves cooking, to which Vincent replies he loves eating. Meanwhile in the round house Regina gets up to do some cleaning. Vincent is getting dressed infront of Irena, she comments on his briefs. Ben doesn’t want to get up… the other housemates are getting ready for some breakfast and just as Ben declares he doesn’t want to get up Big Brother announces the hot water has been turned off. Over in the square house, Vincent and Irena are getting pretty close. Irena talks about how she likes flirty talk (some aggression) with her boyfriend. She tries to move the conversation to Vincent’s girlfriend, but he won’t say a thing. Ben is showing with cold water.

1:04pm – The girls in the round house are sunbathing and talking relationships. Chrissie says she was with her boyfriend for 6 years, but they grew apart. Later, all the round housemates make a chess board using charcoal from the BBQ. Ben says he’s gullible and the housemates go on to convince Regina that the word ‘gullible’ has been taken out of the dictionary. Regina talks about how she uses swear words without realising it (eg. in front of a customer).

6:27pm – Daniel is showing off his thrid nipple to Chrissie who is very interested in it. 20 minutes later Daniel is talking about Regina, and how she says whatever is on her mind (in a good way).

7:46pm – Leah enters the round house and is very excited. Ben thinks her self-doll is a baby at first. Saxon enters the square house without much excitement. Carlo doesn’t look very happy about the new arrival (probably because it isn’t a girl). Meanwhile Jo gives Leah the house tour, she thinks the bedroom is awesome. Jo offers to move beds for Leah. Saxon is in the square bedroom while Belinda gives him the tour. He comments on Irena’s laugh.

8:25pm – Saxon asks Vincent if he has a “partner”. Vincent is really offended that he didn’t say “girlfriend”. Leah is sharing photos of her boyfriend “Brennon” and her family to the other housemates. The square house is working out sleeping arrangements.

In the round house Leah tries to communicate with the square house by yelling over the wall. Leah: “I’m new.. are you having fun?”. The square house isn’t impressed. Leah goes on to say “Have you got a pool?.. yeah we got a pool.. two pools, and a tennis court!”. The square house gives up trying to yell back and goes inside to talk with Saxon. He reveals he has a deaf younger brother, who suffered a stroke when he was very young. Despite this, Saxon’s brother is very confident. Carlo walks into the room and other housemates tell him about Saxon’s brother. Carlo doesn’t seem to care that much and makes a joke about it by yelling “WHAT?”.

Vincent and Belinda are back outside trying to yell out to Leah. They both find out both households have seven people in them, and Leah asks “is your kitchen inside?”. Irena doesn’t care and says they don’t need to know about the other house.

It’s bedtime. Regina and Leah share a bed while Regina strongly asks Ben to sleep on his stomach. Vincent and Carlo share a bed in the square house… an unlikely pair.

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Day 4 Live crossover

We start with near-dinner time for the housemates in the square house. We are told by Gretel that Big Brother is giving them an extra dinner to give them the impression they will be getting a new housemate tonight. Big Brother tells them that the store room is open. The housemates dabble around talking about how that was the voice of Peter Abbott and not the stand-in Big Brothers. Carlo goes on with his story and Big Brother has to alert them again that the store room is open. They hop to their feet and have a look around, delighted at all the great food they’re getting.

Back to Gretel in the studio.. she’s looking much better than last night. She talks about the two new housemates that will be going in tonight. We are shown Daniel’s video profile. He has a “Unique Mind”. Included in the footage is him at The Church dancing in his nerd costume (as seen on Search for a Supermodel). He even made a logo for him and his ex-girlfriend!

Back to the square house who have just realised that there is an extra meal.. they are getting excited. One of them says “maybe it’s Bert”. Carlo jokes about how it would be weird if he asked the housemates for 30 minutes alone in the bedroom, or Vincent’s bed (much to Vincent’s disgust).

Chrissie’s video profile is shown. She’s a freelance writer. “Quick witted” who drinks too much coffee. Now we’re in the hallway to the house with both housemates and Gretel. Both of them say they have no idea what to expect as they’ve been in isolation for the past three days.

Gretel in the studio. She says the housemates are “travelling”. She is then joined by Turkan and Nathan and Carmell. Carmell explains that Daniel is an introvert, which is unusual for a Big Brother house. Gretel can’t comprehend what an introvert is and asks Carmell to give a seperate definition of what introvert and extrovert mean. Carmell says Nathan is an introvert while Turkan is extrovert. Gretel doesn’t know what is happening next and needs Big Brother to buzz the info in her ear.

Update footage. Ben is plotting another trick for the next lot of housemates to come into the house. He wants to put sand in their beds and tell them his (and Jo’s) beds were the same. Jo won’t stop laughing.


Gretel tells us that the square house is looking forward to another housemate (prefferably a female one) so Jaime can have a girlfriend. Switch to the round house: Chrissy and Daniel come in and the existing housemates get all excited and introduce each other. Jo is showing everyone around. Regina says there aren’t enough beds for all of them. Later in the show, Gretel checks with Big Brother if there are enough beds, he says there are.

Gretel talks with Turkan and Nathan. Turkan says when she first went into the house she wanted to work out where she was, and who she would be compatible with. Nathan said he saw traits of the housemates ‘bleeding into each other’. He keeps talking and Gretel has to shut him up, to which he says “fine I’m going to Survivor”.

Update footage. Carlo builds a statue of his girlfriend, with plastic plate boobs.


Gretel says the main rumour right now are that there is an underground house. Turkan starts talking about how Vincent snapped at Carlo and Irena when they called him “Vince”. Nathan says he’s like Alex from BB2, but much more harsh. Carmell says Carlo is really nice deep down and Vincent (because he’s the oldest) feels the need to be the one in charge, so has to frequently exert his power. Then there is talk about star signs and personality traits. Carmell says there is some evidence to say that star signs influence personality. Nathan starts talking again and Gretel has to shoosh him.

In the round house the housemates are bonding in the bedroom. There is something wrong with Chrissie’s microphone which makes a bad hissing noise. They are all updated on the ‘housemate’ situation.


Predictions from Nathan and Turkan. Nathan says everyone will explode over Carlo’s outspoken-ness, but as far as Nathan’s seen, Carlo is the only one drinking beer (despite the fact Carlo said on the first night he never drinks beer). Gretel has to shoosh him. Carmel says it is evident there is a personality trait missing in the house. Gretel rounds up what has happened in the night. Tomorrow night Shannon (BB2) and Johnny (BB1) will be joining Gretel.

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Day 4

5:25am – We’re in the round house and Ben is snoring loudly, waking Regina. She gets up and gently wakes him. At first Ben doesn’t believe he was snoring, but apologises.

9:31am – Some of the round housemates have woken and Ben explains Regina waking him earlier. He thought that one of the Big Brother staff members had come in to whisk him out of the house.

10:36am – In the square house Vincent is trying to cook the housemates breakfast on the BBQ, while Irena offers advice at every given opportunity. She thinks the grill is too hot, but Vincent does not. Vincent looks very irritated, and tries to limit communication with Irena. Finally when Vincent realises some of Irena’s advice is correct, she swears at him and says “I hate to be right, but you’re a (censored)”. She then says it was a joke and has some cooking experience so she was trying to spare him the trouble.

11:35am – Yesterday Jo gave Ben a brainteaser: A man parks outside a hotel, and realises he’s bankrupt. Why? Ben still hasn’t solved the puzzle, and Jo asks him if he’s figured it out yet. Patrick suggests the man owns a caravan park, but that is incorrect. Hotel spelt backwards? No. There is a long pause. Patrick says the man is playing monopoly, that is correct. He cheers and Ben says “well done” many times over. Ben suggests some of Jo’s clues were distorting his answer. Ben had heard the brainteaser before – but only the answer, not the question… or so he says.

11:45am – The boys of the square house are chatting inside so Irena and Belinda take the opportunity to discuss Carlo outside. They are both sick of him and his disgusting humour. Belinda is well over it and Irena feels like she’s in a football club or something. They go on to wash the dishes.

Twenty minutes later Irena is talking to Carlo about Vincent. Carlo is freaked out about Vincent’s panicing over the smallest thing. They both agree Vincent can’t relax as easy as the rest of them. Irena suggests he has a “stick up his ass a bit”. Irena thinks he’s playing the game because he wouldn’t mention the name of his girlfriend. Vincent has told them he’s a mathematician and/or an engineer. Irena repeats to Carlo what happened with the BBQ this morning.

Carlo: “I don’t like to talk about other people.. but”
Irena: “What else is there to talk about?”

Carlo thinks the group was getting tighter before Vincent arrived, but now Carlo feels he has to hold back on his dirty jokes because of Vincent’s distate for them.

12:57pm – Jo and Regina discuss weddings. Regina says they are so expensive, and all wedding talk is to do with prices. For Regina’s honeymoon she came up to Queensland (from Tasmania). Regina feels 30 is the ideal age to get married, because you change so much over the years. Jo asks how Adrian (Regina’s husband) might be handling it – Regina thinks he’ll be right, despite it being a little weird. The two didn’t think she would get this far. Regina says “he’ll be right”.

3:07pm – Irena explains to the housemates she thinks with pictures. Other people think with smells. Vincent says he remembers a smell for almost every person he’s met. Things like Panadol in a chemist have a signature smell for people. Belinda says she is crazy and has another side – her hairdresser side and her mad side. Vincent comes over and growls in Belinda’s crazy side’s ear. Irena wonders what the other side of Vincent is.

6:32pm – Carlo has fashioned himself some crazy spikey hair. He is annoyed because Belinda has cleaned up all the golf balls. He say she will be the death of him. Carlo and Irena create a song about Belinda’s cleaning habits. Carlo then does some commentary on his own golfing.

7:45pm – Chrissie and Daniel enter the round house. Everyone is happy and Regina looks surprised. Jo explains to the newcomers that there is another house over the wall, and they always make noise. They quickly discover there are not enough beds. Daniel is relatively silent. In the square house Big Brother has provided an extra meal so the housemates are expecting another housemate to come in.

Back in the round house, housemates are organising the bedding situation. They will put matresses together so they all have their own seperate beds. Regina wants to sacrifice her bed, but Patrick won’t have any of that.

8:48pm – Big Brother has placed a new double bed in the round bedroom. Jo is excited but Chrisie doesn’t look all that impressed. She inspects the bed, and says “its going to be a triple”. Outside some of the resident round housemates are having drinks and discussing the beds. Jo sits down with Chrissie and does the “Jo interrogation”. Chrissie explains that she is an advertising writer. Jo has to leave to check the cooking of the rice, leaving Chrissie and Daniel at the table alone. At the BBQ Jo dishes some food for herself. Regina asks “are you going to eat all that… what have you got worms?”. The housemates around the BBQ laugh. Ben asks “have you checked?”.

9:47pm – Jo asks the girls if they have a scary reoccuring dream. Regina says she has one where her teeth are falling out. Jo jumps up and screams because she has the exact same dream too. In Jo’s dream she’s trying to put them back in but Regina is spitting them out. Chrissie explains what the dream means: you know the truth but you’re not saying it. If you’re trying to put the teeth back in you really don’t want to say it.

In the square house Belinda explains how strict her parents were when she was younger. She wasn’t allowed to watch Neighbours until she left home. Irena is surprised. Belinda’s family just watched the news and movies.

Back in the round house Patrick says he is turning 30 this year. Chrissie at the end of the year. Patrick wants a family tea with chocolate and cake. He explains his family still has parties to celebrate birthdays, and they have birthday cake traditions, like saying “ooh” when the cake comes in.

The square house is now discussing people outside the house…. well people on Neighbours. Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan. They wonder where Jason is now. Belinda has never heard of him though.

10:41pm – Round house is talking about Steve Irwin. Regina has seen him on Oprah, which is what made him big in the US. Daniel does a impression of Steve Irwin. Jo says Steve knows shit. (She means a lot – Chrissie laughs). Christie likes it when he runs away from an angry reptile with it’s frilly neck out. All the housemates giggle along.

11:48pm – Ben and Regina are working out an anti-snoring plan.

3:40am – Ben is snoring. Regina sits up and pulls on a string attached to Ben’s hand.

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Day 3 Live crossover

We are joined by Gretel who is wearing too much blush on her cheeks. She’s with Patrick in the Big Brother eviction hallway, ready to send Patrick into the Big Brother house (which one though?). Upon questioning Patrick says he was very disappointed when first told he wouldn’t be going into the house, and that he has no plan to win when living in the house.

Patrick’s video profile is shown.

Gretel is then joined by Sarah Marie (from BB1), Damien (from BB2) and Carmel Hill (the BB shrink). Carmel explains that Ben was chosen to be put in on his own for a night because he is usually the one in control and in this situation he wasn’t. Jo was the next in to provide some female competition to Ben’s control-freak nature. Gretel accidentally gives away what house Patrick is going into (the round house). He is going to be the threat to Ben’s dominate position in the house.

Damien says he would rather be in the square house and feels he would get along well with Carlo, but Jo is out of his league! Sarah Marie would rather be in the round house because it would be easier to make better friends with a smaller amount of people.

We are then treated to some update footage. Ben and Jo are discussing a plan to ignore the next housemate. It then evolves into tricking the housemate into thinking that this is the “holding house”, and making them wait in the bedroom for a long period of time. In the words of Jo: “mindgames baby”.

Live: Patrick enters the house, calling out “hello?”. First reactions are “woohoo” by Ben and “Oh my god are you serious?” from Jo. They all greet, make friends.. none of that trickery that Ben and Jo were plotting earlier. Jo says she’s got a headache (isn’t that what Ben said when Jo entered the house?). In the bedroom Patrick is picking out his bed. Jo and Ben share a brief hug while Jo says “yay we got some one”.

More update footage: Ben is cleaning the house from top to bottom while Joanne spends the entire time (or so it seems) sunbathing in the yard. Back with the experts, Gretel suggests Ben is trying to impress Jo. Carmel says Ben made it clear it was his house. Also, she mentions that Patrick has a personality that will adapt to the people around him. Damien and Sarah Marie both agree that the houses are way too small.

Back in the house the three round housemates are explaining how they entered into the house. Jo and Patrick talk about the same security guard who opened the door for them.

Back to Gretel. Sarah Marie and Damien are saying the square house is very segregated, with the guys outside building sand castles while the girls are inside the bedroom gossiping about the boys, and their boyfriends outside the house. In some live footage from the house, the square housemates are waiting outside expecting a new housemate to enter. Carlo says something ___ scrotum (most of it was censored).

Gretel is now saying that the square house thinks there may be a third house, and thats where everyone else is. The round housemates think that the other house must be much larger than theirs. Gretel is now in the eviction tunnel with Regina (29), who says she has no plan and doesn’t know what to expect. Gretel says “we don’t know which house BB has planned for her to enter” this immediately gives it away that she’s going into the round house. Regina’s video profile is shown: “I’m a bit loud at times”. Carmel says Regina is the female aussie battler.

Regina enteres the house. Jo is ecstatic, probably because there is another girl in the house. They all clear up the situation as to why there are only four housemates there. Meanwhile the square house has heard the comotion next door and is still expecting another housemate to enter. Carlo says he will show off his ass to the new housemate.

Gretel wraps up the night, saying in the words of Big Brother “haha, ticked you!” (um.. no). Sarah Marie predicts that Jo will become the leader of the round house. Damien says Vincent will knaw away at the housemates, and that Ben is on a power trip. Carmell agrees with Sarah Marie and adds that Regina will probably become second in command. Gretel blurts out one of her usual metaphores, calling BB “solitaire, then twister, then Ken and Barbie (???)… but the game is Big Brother”.

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Day 2

Big Brother Day 2 update starts with morning showers in the square house. Meanwhile in the round house Benjamin is cooking up a breakfast for Joanne and himself, looks like it consists of coffee and sausages.

Later in the day, the light rain prevents the square household from doing anything outside, instead they sit on the patio and talk amongst themselves. Carlo discusses his Dad’s religious near-death experience. The conversation moves onto the housemate’s living arangements outside the BB house. Claire also talks about when she told her Mother she was bisexual. She said she wanted to tell her Mum in such a way that her Mum wouldn’t think should could be changed (or along those lines).

Later Irena and Belinda talk about marriages. Irena shows her engagement ring which she doesn’t wear on her finger, but instead on a necklace.

Carlo is singing horribly the ‘Hey Babe’ song while Irena claps along. Ben hears the singing over the wall and says “Thank fuck I’m here”. Footage from Joanne’s entrance into the house is shown from last night. Ben and Jo hug and greet each other. Ben says “I’m it” which surprises Jo: “What, are you kidding me? Get out!”.

In the square house Vincent walks in on the housemates who are sitting around outside having a conversation. They all meet and exchange names, handshakes. Meanwhile Ben is showing Jo the outside showers, she says “this is crazy! What did we get ourselves into?”. Ben tells Jo about the guy next door who “won’t shutup” (obviously Carlo).

While Vincent talks with the square housemates Carlo (for some reason or another) moons the housemates. Vincent, shocked, says “I’ve been here ten minutes and I’ve seen your ass!”.

Back to the round house. Jo says she’ll sleep next to Ben. Soon she is complaining that the room is wrong, and they must have been given the crap house. Ben complains that there is no spa, and Jo suggests it’s under the big sand mound in the backyard… she suggests that they go digging tomorrow for it.

Vincent is giving cooking tips to the housemates and gets quite annoyed when Carlo and Irena call him “Vince”. Then footage of Vincent and Jaime bonding. Then shock horror! Vincent’s dried rose petals have grown mould on them. Apparently he has dry skin and needs the rose petals to make a special wash for his face. The other housemates assure him he can probably still use some of the rose petals that haven’t got mould on them. Problem solved!

Later in the night Carlo suggests they have a Jerry Springer night to keep things from getting boring. Vincent is the host and the first guest on the “show” is Irena who plays ‘Krystal’. Krystal has a confession to make: She plays the Oboe. Irena does a great job at playing an American talk show guest. Claire (Steve the bouncer) and Vincent (who is hosting the show) can’t stop laughing while Irena keeps a straight face the entire time. The next guest, Carlo comes out dressed up in womans clothing… am I seeing a trend here?

10:21pm – Ben and Jo talk more about his wife by the BBQ. He says that his wife is being very good about him being on Big Brother (much better than he would be if she was in the house). They hear the other housemates yelling and screaming, Ben complains about Carlo once again.

Back in the square house Jaime comes out as Carlo’s brother on BB Jerry Springer. Irena looses it and starts screaming and swearing, ala Jerry Springer style.

Ben and Jo discuss their secrets over dinner. Ben says he has many secrets and in his line of work, there is always going to be some one questioning him . He says that there is a matter which went to court, so he can’t reveal many details about it.

New bed time visual – a Big Brother pixel housemates gets into bed (animation).

12:35pm – Jo and Ben talk about how they are probably the old house and the others are the young house. They complain about those roudy youngsters.

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