Does Skye have a boyfriend on the outside?

Man says she's cheating on him

A Gold Coast man says he was in a relationship with Skye when she entered the Big Brother house and now that she’s cheating on him with Jake he’s breaking up with her.

Body builder Dion Sheppard appears to have been in a relationship with Skye at least a month before Big Brother started. The two are pictured together in the bottom left of this Instagram post from a mutual friend:


On the launch show Skye said she was single and described her ideal man as having “dark skin. Dark. Dark. Dark. Dark everything. Blue eyes is nice. Big lips. Gotta have a nice smile. Long eyelashes. Nice eyebrows that I could tidy up with my wax pot.” The description sounds very close to Sheppard.

School friends of Skye told a Behind Big Brother member the couple discussed their relationship before Skye committed to the show and agreed that she would enter the house “single”.

But now that a romance between Skye and Jake has been pushed on TV screens Sheppard says it’s over.

A friend of Sheppard’s announced on Facebook he’s now a single man:


But Sheppard has told his Facebook followers he just wants to forget about it and move on:


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19 Replies to “Does Skye have a boyfriend on the outside?”

  1. Hello, I’m a mutual friend of both Skye and Dion and I’m here to try to validate the relationship between the two. In short, yes Dion and Skye were in a relationship when she entered the house contrary to the “casual dating” status she’s been ‘advertised’ as by Big Brother. Skye and Dion were going out for several weeks/months (not 100% sure on the dates) when Skye was accepted into the big brother house. I just want to clarify this is not a fan composing claims in order to get 15 seconds of fame, Dion and Skye were going out. People may view Dion in a negative manner because of his decision to break up with Skye whilst she is isolated inside of the big brother house but for all of those who do, just remember… She didn’t just hook up with other individuals in the house which many may accept as socially acceptable whilst being in a relationship she *Obsessed* over Jake trying to form a relationship in the house which is utterly pathetic. I’ll still stand by Skye as a friend but this needed to be confirmed by another because claims may be made.

  2. Pretty awkward considering Dion wasn’t even the one who spoke to these guys… Just confirmed with him now he didn’t say shit all :/

  3. Skye and Dion were dating for approx. 6-7 weeks. Dion became aware of where Skye was going a few weeks before lockdown and he was told by her family that Skye was unable to make any kind of a committment. Dion and Skye are both decent people and they understood the situation for what it was.

  4. Ain’t karma the bitch! Ironic that Skye’s now cheated on dion isn’t it? What goes around certainly comes around.

  5. Dion cannot complain about being cheated on when he began his relationship with Skye while with his girlfriend of over five years! Skye is being portrayed as a sweet innocent airhead- and although she is most certainly an airhead she is most certainly not sweet an innocent at all! She not only also had a boyfriend when she and Dion started hooking up but also knew Dion was in a long term relationship when she was seeing him. Skye then tormented his then girlfriend with messages and screen shots of their explicit messages, not to mention her first point of contact being a Facebook message saying ‘hahaha your boyfriend cheats on you’. When questioned about the cheating, Dion repeatedly denied any involvement with her until finally all of his lies caught up with him. They deserve each other!

  6. Maggie. There are 2 sides to this story. Skye did meet Dion a long time ago after she had split up from her ex boyfriend. Dion pursued Skye and told her that he had split up from his then girlfriend. When Skye found out that he hadn’t split up with her, both Skye and her mother told him to go sort himself out as Skye will be seen as the bad person in this situation. Skye then went back to her ex and it was him using Skye’s fb to taunt his girlfriend. When they met up again recently they were both single. He had Skye that he had been then broken up with his girlfriend for a few months. Skye isn’t the bad person here.

  7. Hi Angela.. What is your best email contact? I’m a journalist and would love to chat further. Thankyou

  8. Hi Leeshie, I’m not sure how to send you my email address privately through replying here. Kind regards.

  9. “I seen that yesterday… I think some people need to get their facts straight before opening there mouths… Yes Skye had a boyfriend before entering the house but they were on mutual terms that she was going into the house single…. Now seems like people are changing the story” Is what on of her best friends quoted on the same photo. Thanks..

  10. all you guys do realise that skye actually cheated on her ex boyfriend Kasey BEFORE she got with Dion, WITH Dion himself? Once a cheater, always a cheater. She cheated to go with Dion, he should of known she would cheat on him too.

  11. And you are?? Like the previous comments above, there is and always will be two sides to every story… Skye isn’t a cheater!

  12. Don’t get me wrong, I love Skye. I’d prefer her to win over any of the other house mates, but I know she did because I’m friends with her ex-ex or whatever he would be now.

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