BB silences family response to Jason’s coming out story

They say they love and support him

Jason’s family say they love and support him, but Channel Nine’s social media army have been deleting the family’s responses after Jason’s coming out story was aired on TV.


On Wednesday night’s show Jason spoke of a strained relationship with his family after revealing to them he is gay. The story was seized upon by Big Brother’s online team who dedicated a tear jerker of an article towards it, with the byline “Jason opens up about his heartbreak at not feeling supported by his family when he revealed he was gay.”

But there’s two sides to every story and Jason’s brother Jonathan Roses quickly jumped on the official Big Brother Facebook page to give a response:

Hi everyone, I’m Jason’s brother, and I would just like to say that my parents love Jason. A 2 minute description on tv will never do the story justice. It was certainly a tough journey, but we support him 100%, and my mum in particular has been the most actively supportive person behind his big brother push. There was no turning of backs, no disowning, we love him and support him for who he is. Thanks for reading. And please continue to support my brother!

But the Big Brother online team didn’t want anything to spoil their precious story line. The response from Jonathan was deleted within minutes.

Like this article to dislike the way Channel Nine’s social media team handled this.

Follow up comments from Jonathan asking why he was censored were also swiftly deleted. Speedy Behind Big Brother users grabbed some screen captures:


And following that:


Behind Big Brother users are not impressed:

I can’t even begin to describe how disgusted I am that they are so willing to fake everything we are seeing out of that house, even going as far misrepresenting a HM to this extent! In my opinion, something as hugely sensitive as somebody’s sexuality and/or especially their coming out story should NEVER EVER EVER be tampered with. If what we are finding out about Jason from his brother is correct, I will not forgive the BB producers for how they are handling this situation.

Well it looks like we’ve identified the housemate the producers have chosen to coddle, protect and guide along the path to victory. Is Jason telling lies himself, or is it just a case of selective editing to make him into a more sympathetic and lovable character? Deleting the comments from his family just so they can perpetuate their artificial storyline is absolutely pathetic.

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29 Replies to “BB silences family response to Jason’s coming out story”

  1. I think that Skyes their choice to win personally but if any of this story is true then the whole thing is disgusting!!

  2. this is a sensitive subject at the best of times and i would be shocked if indeed bb had censored the brothers response. to what end as they always get found out? if jason has lied it would be such a smack in the face for genuine people afraid to come out.

  3. I’m seriously considering boycotting BB… they delete people’s comments when there is no need. They don’t listen to fans and they aren’t providing us anyway of knowing what’s going on aside from their heavily edited shows… you guys are awesome at Behind BB though! At least you guys are keeping it real: ) x

  4. It’s a tricky situation. I don’t think his tears or his emotions were fake. He clearly feels set apart from his family for what ever reason. This could just be his family being upset at him naming them as unsupportive.
    Quite possibly its a lack of communication on both sides.
    Who knows.. His brother trying to set the record straight on a Facebook page probably isn’t the right way to go about it.

  5. I reckon Jason has over exaggerated what happened, family were probably shocked at first because he was hiding it so it was a surprise and shock to them but have supported him and love him unconditionally. just my theory and I don’t reckon he will win. I really feel like he is acting and not being himself where as all the other housemates are more natural to watch

  6. Maybe Jonathan is just trying to protect his family? I don’t know but I tend to believe Jason in this situation. It’s easy for a family member to sit behind a computer and show his innocence and “love” for Jason.

  7. It’s becoming abundantly clear that channel 9 want to turn big brother into their own weird version of the Shire with contrived story lines and “twists”, bring back the old format where we didn’t need all this crap to take away from the actual experience of big brother!

  8. I agree with everyone else that it is ridiculous for 9 to delete Jonathan’s comments.

    I don’t understand why Jonathan says that there has been no disowning, backs have not been turned – Jason didn’t say that they had, just that the family relationships have now become very strained and that his parents had not met his boyfriend of 4 years (until the father did recently). To me Jason seemed utterly devastated, it looked like true despair and a very real moment. Within family dynamics different members experience things differently, perhaps what both Jason and Jonathan said are true. The situation could be as Jason described it but Jonathan feels that since his family still have a relationship with Jason that he is therefore being loved and supported. I don’t think those perspectives cancel each other out, they are just how each brother experiences the dynamics.

  9. obviously what we saw on tv is definitely not what jason said, bb team can edit whatever they want to make it fit with a controversial storyline, this is definitely the fault of the bb team

  10. I’d like to assume that this whole thing is a conspiracy against the BBAU production. Can we be certain that that comment was BY the actual brother of Jason? Can anyone verify that? What if Jason’s story IS true and someone online is just making all of that up to make Jason look bad? It could also be that his brother is trying to not have his family be bashed that they did not accept their son being gay. They could easily instead make a YouTube video and have that become viral in the BBAU online community.

    You guys remember the Ed situation? Where his family was managing his FB fan page and offering a date with him if they voted for him? Why didn’t the FB BBAU do something about that? But make a comment on the BBAU FB, they could either be making it a secret that Jason is lying or it is true and they don’t want any further damage to happen with Jason’s personal life.. All in all, this is getting out of hand..

  11. Everything Jason says on tv is true. His mother didn’t want much to do with him until this. They even used to work for the same Real Estate Company and he had to call her by her first name.

  12. There are always two sides to every story and they usually look different when compared side by side. Just because Jason’s brother saw things differently doesn’t mean channel 9 and Big brother have masterminded some big coming out conspiracy

  13. Big Brother is a fucking waste of time don’t know why they bothered bringing it back it was a flop last time no one cares bout that crap

  14. Obviously the family are going to say that, doesn’t mean they actually were/are supportive of him. Maybe they have changed, but it’s far easier to say “we support him” through a Facebook comment than it is to actually embrace him for who he is. Everyone here can pretend it’s a sympathy move, but it’s definitely not the first time something like this has happened in the real world.

  15. Welcome to Big Brother turning from a social experiment to a highly scripted, so called reality show. It’s happened to BBUS and BBUK.

  16. Jason and his family are incredible people and support and love each other so much, as well as anyone that enters their lives. Instead of reading between the lines, just leave it alone. Jonathan, you say what you like. At the end of the day it’s your brother. I couldn’t have said it better than you. xx GO JASON!

  17. They said they were supportive but that doesn’t mean they would welcome him being a partner home for dinner etc

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