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Big Brother Photoshop madness

Housemates get the Photoshop and GIF treatment

Day 16

23 September 2014

Posted by Tim

It’s that time again when we roll out the latest batch of Photoshops and GIFs of the housemates, created by our very talented forum users.

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Starting of with a little pre-season biblical fun…


And it didn’t take long for the flood of Gemma photoshops to begin…






And then launch night…



(Mr Stickyfingers)

Some popular Skye images have popped up:



(Mr Stickyfingers)


And finally we leave you with this homage to strong women telling off men on Big Brother. Old school BB watchers will recognise this as a throw back to the infamous Gretel incident.

That’s it for this round! We’ll have more for you this weekend!

  • Benjamin Norris – these are hilarious!!!! Jurassic Park and Karen reading the weather = amazing.

  • Henry

    It’s like Skye has espn or something hahaha

  • JohnnyG

    Lisa is Kyle Sandilands love child