Voters claim their Ben save texts were not confirmed

Classic miscount rumours spring again

Mere minutes after the shock eviction of Ben the regular claims of unconfirmed votes began to appear.

Twitter and the official Big Brother Facebook page have been flooded with posts stating their text votes to save Ben were not answered by the normal confirmation message.

Normally when voting via text you receive a confirmation message for your first vote each voting period, then there are no more replies. When the next voting period begins you receive one confirmation again.

The most explicit example is the iPhone screenshot below. The owner claims they did not receive a confirmation message this voting period, when in previous periods (such as voting for the Sugar Sisters) they did.

We made a shout out on Twitter and got quite a few responses from people saying they experienced the same thing. We’ve posted those below.

Then again… claims of a miscount always pop up when a favourite housemate is evicted. What do you think? Join our discussion forums to jump in on the debate.

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