Not AGAIN! New intruder Boog is yet another actor

Are any of the housemates not an actor?

We sure sound like a broken record lately – but new intruder Boog is ANOTHER actor listed on a talent website.

Boog, whose real name is Alex Roe was described on Monday night’s show and in the newspapers as a “sales assistant” and “personal trainer”.

Nope. She’s an actor slash dancer and here’s her Starnow profile.

Update: She’s also listed on Ripley’s Management as an actor.

Update 2: Yep she’s a personal trainer too.

In the profile she says “I performed in many musicals through out school and continued once I finished school. I also have completed plenty of short courses with NIDA and Verve studios. I’ve had a lot of experience working and performing on stage and have just started going on audition where I hope to gain more experience.”

Boog is just another in a long line of housemates from this season who have turned out to be models, actors, singers or dancers. Fans are left wondering whether it’s even worth auditioning the normal way to get on the show.

Here’s Boog’s showreel from her talent profile:

It also turns out that Ryan from last season and Boog know each other “well” – you fill in the gaps.

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