Day 45

8.18am – Sam and Layla are up in the pirate ravaged Captain’s Quarters with bare essentials. Layla is not happy, saying “it’s ridiculous”, then calls Sam over for cuddles in a hammock.

Delilah is up and Big Brother wishes her good morning. The other couple – Josh and Ava are talking about last night. Josh admits that he felt bad when Ava was in the naughty corner and away from him, but alludes to her possibly being evicted. She doesn’t think she’ll go.. “nah”.

Zoe is wondering what would happen if Big Brother sends in an even hotter version of Sam – would Layla drop Sam and run towards him? Zoe wouldn’t be surprised. Angie wonders if Layla actually dropped George for Sam, and Zoe responds “yeah, of course”. Angie explains she tried to explain to Layla the public might perceive it badly but Layla got defensive every time (footage is then showed of various instances).

A little later housemates are called for work in the factory – a fake working area where only Sam must work. While he works the other housemates are treated to games and luxury food. They must not let Sam know. Today Sam must peel potatoes while the others play on a blow up bunny playground and are served chocolate fondue.

10.58am – Sam has been peeling potatoes for more than two hours. The other housemates are partying, particularly Ava and Josh who are making out quite furiously in front of the other housemates. Before long they’re all called to their individual working areas for the ‘working day’ to end. Sam is relieved of his duties followed one by one by the others.

Sam asks Ben “how many buckets did you fill?”. Ben doesn’t have any idea what Sam is talking about and says “um.. not many?”. When Ben catches on it was potatoes he says he had a green one and tried to eat it, to the disgust of Stacey. Josh fakes that he was getting sick of peeling potatoes, but Sam was fine with it.

A bit later some of the housemates discuss how they don’t like Ava. Ben wonders if Josh has realised “she’s a freak”. They’re all uneasy because at family dinner last night they asked her if she’s actually famous – she gave a very disjointed and airy answer. Basically everyone didn’t like what she was saying.

A little later Josh is explaining to Michael that he doesn’t care what people think and he just leaves the conversation when people say they don’t like Ava. Michael says in the diary room that he feels bad for putting Ava into a box and that he’s been negative about her. He realises he may have been just a jealous friend because Ava was taking so much of Josh’s time.

4.07pm – Angie is gushing over Sam being hot, a good cook and doesn’t complain about anything. She tells Stacey she thinks he knows more about them than he’s letting on.

Ben has been called to the diary room – inside he finds a mobile phone. Big Brother asks if Ben would like a video message from his partner. For the task he must take the mobile phone and carry out instructions which will be texted by Big Brother. He runs into the toilet to receive the first text:

Put on Ava’s best dress and jump into the pool

He leaves the toilet and tells Sam “I have really bad gas” before scouring the bedroom for Ava’s dress. Eventually he finds it and puts it on – he can’t zip it up because it’s too small. For some reason he then changes into another dress (he might have changed his mind of what “best” is). He goes outside and asks Ava “if we were to dress up as women tonight would this be your best dress?” She response “uhhh, yes”. Ava looks quite unimpressed. With confirmation that it’s the best dress, Ben runs and jumps in the pool. Michael cheers “you are looking fabulous” and Angie says “you are going to hell”.

In the evening Layla discusses how Sam is different to her last squeeze George – he’s more affectionate. Layla thinks her and George only did things because they were bored, but Sam is something more.

9.02pm – The girls are unhappy with Josh now that he’s been spending so much time with Ava: he’s no longer “fun Josh” and is always short with people.

It’s time for another text message mission for Ben. Again he runs into Sam by the toilet and explains he has lots of gas. The next mission is to arm wrestle Bradley. Afterwards he learns he has completed the tasks successfully and can watch a video message from his partner. His partner says “I miss you so much, I think about you every single day. I’m so proud of you and who you are as a person and I’m so glad to have you as my partner”. BB asks Ben what the message means to him

Ben: It means the world to me. I think I’m a little bit alone in the sense that I have an amazing partner in the outside world because none of the other housemates in here have what I have.

BB asks if he wants to show the housemates the video – he does. They all gather in the living room. Stacey, along with all the other girls can’t stop smiling while it plays. Afterwards everyone claps and screams.

10.37pm – Talk about Ava continues. Stacey is suspicious because Ava spent her first week only with Estelle and her second only with Josh. Stacey says “I’m off her!” Stacey is annoyed that Ava tells her that her humour is too sexual yet Ava makes out with Josh in front of everyone all the time. Meanwhile Ava and Josh are cuddling on the other side of the backyard. They exchange some soppy couple talk about how they’re on the same wavelengths.

Michael has come to the diary room – he’s guilty for destroying Layla’s hair rollers yesterday for a secret task. He asks what he can do to get new rollers for her. BB says he will get back to Michael.

Afterwards Big Brother announces there has still been too much swearing in the house. He then says “Michael.. your crown as being the most prolific swearing.. has been stolen. Sam report to the naughty corner”. Inside are a whole basket of onions and a box of tissues. He must slice them. Layla reminds him to not touch his eyes.

11.47pm – Sam is still slicing onions. Big Brother reminds him that he must “finely” chop the onions and that he has to start again. Sam yells out in annoyance.

A little later Sam resorts to saying sorry to Big Brother. BB then asks him how the onions are going, and lets him leave.

Layla gives him a congratulatory hug.

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