Day 42

George has just been evicted. Bradley is very glad that’s still in the house and Estelle hugs some of the other girls.

Michael comes to the diary room. He says he’s frazzled because George was just evicted and it was his four point nomination that put him up for nomination this week. “I feel responsible for him going, it shows where voting strategically can bite you in the butthole. I knew everyone would vote for Estelle so I only gave her one point”. He adds that George had an overt macho thing going on and Michael doesn’t really like that. He thinks it’s a lesson on the other hand.

Zoe finds it weird because she was only just starting to get to know George and then he leaves the house. When first coming into the house she thought he was a bit of a babe but kept it on the inside. She was the one that told Layla to go for it with George and watched their relationship happen and it sucked.

Time for George’s farewell message:

Zoe – I always thought you were the most beautiful wonderful…. trivia! How smart are you Zoe.

Layla – Princess Layla, you’re a very sweet innocent girl and it’s funny to see you fire up one night but everyone is like that and you’re a very easy going confident girl so well done.

Michael – You are hilarious, I see myself as the alpha male but you’re a person everyone looks up to and respects. I know you’ll go far in life and I can’t wait to see you.

Everybody keep enjoying having a laugh and don’t think about what’s happening on the outside world. I’m just going to miss you all and I hope to catch up with you.

Ava is being punished for not wearing her microphone. In the naughty corner she finds a whole basket of dirty jockstraps which she must wash and hang to dry. Bradley jokes she can call them a “Josh-strap”. After the housemates have all gotten bored watching her wash the jockstraps it’s just Josh and Estelle waiting by the naughty corner.

Meanwhile Sam and Layla are cuddling under a doona. He asks her if them kissing will complicate anything. She doesn’t see why it would and says no. He clarifies that “this is just fun”. Layla understands. Sam see’s it going badly because “things like this will always go bad because there will always be some one who gets jealous”.

Josh eventually gives up and leaves the naughty corner, leaving Estelle. Ava whispers to her “I love you more!”.

Later on Zoe comes to the diary room and explains that it’s weird that Josh and Ava hooking up so fast is weird and it will mean Ava is targeted for nominations. Josh is aware of this as well and tells Michael in the kitchen that he’s a bit worried but will deal with it. Meanwhile Ava is telling Big Brother that she feels it has been pretty transparent that her relationship with Josh has not been strategic and that would not be a consideration of others during nominations.

Michael and Ben discuss the housemates – they agree that Bradley can be grating but he’s a nice guy and they now like him. They also want to be able to tell Estelle when she is saying things that don’t make sense. Ben predicts that Estelle has a good following outside the house.

Meanwhile Estelle is telling Big Brother that she is very happy she’s been saved from eviction so many times, but she predicts she’ll be nominated again.

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