Day 34

Footage from the Sunday eviction show. Times are not given.

Ben and George are having breakfast by the pool, and George explains that Ava’s singing last night was really hot. Ben calls it “talented man syndrome” – as soon as some one can hold a tune or play a guitar, “that’s hot”.

Josh tells Michael he would like it if Ray was evicted so he could use the treadmill in the gym area, because he doesn’t want to be around Ray when he does weights. Michael says the way Ray always drops the weights is loud and abrasive, and George kind of does it as well. Conversation then moves on to how George is boring and won’t have an opinion about anything.

Angie jumps up from the pool to ‘scare’ Josh. He says “you’ve got a boogie”. She clears her nose.

The housemates are having a trivia night hosted by Michael. They each have a blackboard which shows their score. At the end of the game the housemate with the lowest score must be the servant of the HM with the highest score. George does terribly, with only 5 points remaining towards the end. Stacey says “show’s you don’t have to be smart to be a millionaire!”.

At the end George takes a guess and gets it wrong, ending up with zero points. Zoe is the winner with 70 points. George smashes his blackboard with his knee. Zoe begins her prize by asking George to put on some lipstick.

All HMs are then called to the diary room, and told that BB kindly lent them some chalkboards, and that one was recklessly destroyed. BB does not enjoy seeing his property destroyed for no reason. For the next 24 hours the gym and swimming pool are out of bounds. If you act like children, you will be treated like children. Stacey exclaims “what about Ray’s guns!?”

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