Day 33

Footage from the Sunday eviction show. No times are given.

Some time in the morning – Ava and Estelle are toasting their coffees together while dangling their feet in the pool. From the kitchen George jokes the two girls are about to kiss. Bradley adds that they are the “new age lesbian” couple. Estelle tells Ava that they were the topic of conversation “last night” (Estelle and Angie were in the chat room together). Ava says “I love us” and they hug. Back in the kitchen Layla describes it as “that awkward moment when a hug lasts too long”.

Housemates are doing dips and Stacey comments that it’s easy for Ava because she has a small body. Ava is adamant that “it’s not easy” in a very forceful manner, and Stacey is taken back by the response. She later tells Ben “now listen you little tofu lover…”

Ray tells BB in the diary room that Estelle is a chameleon and Ava should be careful about that. Especially if Estelle is evicted, the other housemates might not be so welcoming of Ava after that.

Angie is convinced she’s going to be evicted and tells Layla some parting words: don’t let people push you around because you’re full of opinions and they’re going to be best friends on the outside and will hang out”. George is eavesdropping.

Michael and Josh are feeding each other gravy from a wooden spoon, much to the surprise of Ben.

While lounging, Ray says a good strategy to kiss girls is “rock paper scissors”. George comments that when he was in Melbourne he found it hard to pick up – only twice in a week. Stacey adds sarcastically “oh it’s such a hard life being ridiculously good looking and a millionaire isn’t it”. George’s perfect week was five pickups in a week. Ray’s strategy is to go into a nightclub and find the hottest girl and crack a joke then work his way down to the next level of pretty girl “or I’ll pick up at McDonalds”.

Angie is stressing about being evicted and Michael jokes “I can’t wait till Angie is evicted”. She gets quite frustrated and comes to the diary room. She gets teary and says she doesn’t want to leave yet. It’s been the experience of a lifetime and she’s not ready to give it up yet.

Ben asks Ava to sing for the housemates, which she does while everyone else clicks along.

Angie is sitting alone outside crying.

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