Day 32

10.02am – Michael and Zoe are in the Captains Quarters where he explains there are now two groups in the house:

Layla and Angie sort of

And then there’s


He adds regardless of how they feel, that’s a group but Estelle is starting to alienate herself. In the bedroom some of the housemates are laughing that Estelle made her side of the bed but not Angie’s (they share a bed). Ben asks which Barbie that is… “that’s Selfish Barbie”. Angie says that’s Pyscho Crazy Barbie. Bradley realises that Estelle is being referred to as Barbie because she has so many different personalities. Ben elaborates that there’s:

Gangster Barbie
Horse Riding Barbie
Mysterious Barbie – she’s the one where you don’t know what she’s going to say.

“Mysterious Barbie, would you like a tea?”
“No, I only eat tofu tea today, MEOW!”

Bradley adds that even so that’s the same person underneath those Barbie clothes. Angie says she’s going to make her side of the bed very pretty and leave Estelle’s as crap. Meanwhile Estelle and Ava are having a dance in the kitchen, to the confusion of George.

Michael is telling Zoe that George is boring. She agrees. “He’s a very interesting character, but he’s that basic bloke who doesn’t have much to say and when he does he sort of laughs it off as if having an opinion is a little bit… whoosy”.

12.13pm – Ava and Estelle are still inseparable, and everyone is still talking about Estelle. Josh says in the kitchen that she’s finding it hard to relate to people because no one knows which Estelle they will get – hip hop Estelle, basketball jersey Estelle, hippy Estelle or what? Zoe mentions the feeling in the house to try and separate Ava and Estelle – Zoe doesn’t think it’s a good idea because Estelle finally has some one. Josh believes it’s good for Estelle but probably detrimental for Ava.

12.51pm – The housemates have passed this week’s task (results weren’t shown). The housemates are now working out budget and Estelle talks a lot until Ben tells her “one at a time”. She then slinks away but initiates a discussion with Ben in the living room later on. She tells him she feels compressed in the house and starts getting teary. Ava, who is next to her, comforts Estelle, then keeps hugging her. She feels that every time she says something some one latches on to it and uses it to criticise her.

Ben says he does agree that Estelle may be more isolate in the house, but he also reminds Estelle not to take it to far and mentions that “everyone would like a go with Ava… she’s not the novelty toy, everyone’s keen, but at the moment there’s a lot of conversations in the house that no one is able to get to know Ava”. Estelle says she heard a conversation where Ben called her Ava’s guard dog. Ben denies this and says he referred to the two of them as the Bobsie twins. They hug and say “we are!”.

Ben reiterates the housemates are feeling as if Estelle is keeping Ava from the rest of the housemates. Estelle gets very upset and says she was just trying to be welcoming to Ava. The conversation goes round in circles and and ends with Estelle feeling that everything is a personal attack on her.

5.41pm – There’s a problem with the weekly shopping – everyone forgot to put any tofu on the list and new housemate Ava is a vegetarian. Angie suggest to Ava she speaks to Big Brother, apparently the other housemates assumed there was still 10kg of tofu in the pantry but that wasn’t the case. Angie gets very frustrated because Estelle started talking over the top of her, and they throw a few comments back and forth about it.

BB has allowed them to swap luxury items for some tofu. It’s revealed that some Tim Tams will be taken and Layla is not happy. She runs to the kitchen with Stacey to sneak some before they’re taken. They’re both not happy because the house is basically on staples again. Layla really, really doesn’t want to give up the Tim Tams. Stacey says “why can’t she eat like a normal person?”

8.45pm – The luxury items are being delivered to the diary room.

Tinned spaghetti
Tinned tuna
Sultana Bran
Hazelnut chocolate
Two packets of Tim Tams

is what Big Brother asks for. Zoe is not happy, Michael asks if there are any “eggceptions” (while holding an egg).

From a distance Layla screams “whyyyy?” upon learning the Tim Tams have to go. Ava is feeling really guilty about it and Josh reminds her that they’re luxury items and people can live without Tim Tams. They hug.

The new chat room is open for two housemates. Ben suggests Angie and Estelle go in to work out their differences and chat about what’s going on. Over some cakes and coffees Angie asks what’s going on with Estelle keeping Ava from the other housemates. She says she doesn’t like what’s going on. The line has crossed past having a giggle and being rude. There should be no division in the house – for example how Ben has been talking about two groups.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Michael predicts that the chat room pair are talking about banal subjects to get around the point that Angie hates Estelle.

Estelle is talking in circles (sorry – can’t even understand what she’s saying for the recap!). BB tells them they have one minute left and Angie concludes asking Estelle to not go on a rampage but bear in mind what people are thinking. Estelle replies:

“People think I don’t notice, I’m just above it, I’m not arrogant but I’m just above it”.

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