Day 27

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

In the morning Josh is questioning how much chocolate was secretly eaten by some of the housemates last night. He’s really not happy. Outside, Michael asks what should be an appropriate punishment for those who snuck chocolate. Bradley says “a punishment should be for Sarah and Stacey who snuck our behind our backs and ate chocolate”.

Stacey (angrily): Bradley, you came out, had some chocolate and then thanked me.

Bradley looks blank.

Later there are comments that Estelle and Angie could be sisters from another mister. They’re both sitting on either sides of Josh. There is footage of Sarah in the diary room explaining that Angie and Josh are great together but Estelle is the love triangle that no one saw coming.

Michael is using the infra red thermometer from the pizza oven to measure “who is hot for whom”. He measures that Josh’s hand on Estelle is very hot, 32 degrees “you creep”.

Ben comments inside that what was happening earlier was an episode of ‘Chances’. Estelle was all over Josh. Ben says “if I had razors for eyes….” suddenly Estelle walks in and everyone shuts up.

Layla and Angie (talking like they’ve had a fair few wines) have come into the diary room to tell Big Brother that Estelle is loving the male attention. They do a reenactment of Estelle wanting affection from Josh and George. The two of them say “we’re not bothered, but if we were bothered, we’d be bothered”.

Ben is warning Josh that if he has any aspiration to be with his love interest from outside the house, he needs to stop letting Angie doing what she’s doing (their pseudo non-relationship).

There’s an awkward moment outside when the girls don’t want to talk to Estelle.

Josh and Michael have come to the diary room. They say that all the housemates are flipping out and losing their minds. Both of them seem a bit tipsy as well. Michael comments that Josh is oblivious there is a “love hexagon” forming around him. “Ben probably wants a slice”. Michael even jokes that he’s interested.

Later at bedtime some of the housemates are cuddling and Ben walks over to Josh and Angie’s bed and pulls Angie out from the bottom of the bed. Then he pulls Estelle (who is cuddling with Michael) out of the bed and dumps them both in their own bed, away from the boys.

(There is more footage but it’s hard to tell when it is from, or if it’s even from the same day. The conversations are disjointed.)

Later in the night, Angie is telling Ben that she feels Estelle is trying to take over her roll in the group. For example, Estelle is always wedging herself in with the boys. “It sucks”. Ben reminds her that Estelle doesn’t have other people in the house.

Meanwhile in the bedroom Zoe is telling Layla she thinks everyone is sick of Angie and Josh’s relationship.

Ben is in the diary room explaining he thinks George is not doing anything in the house and is only there for a holiday “he’s taking the scenic tour”.

Ben: What do you reckon Big Brother? Josh gets treated like he’s the prettiest man in the house. Michael’s always there whispering in his ear about how crazy all the girls are for him, and it must come from a little bit of jealousy, because you’d think he’d just sit back and be happy for his mate.

Ray is having his chest waxed by some of the housemates in the bedroom. He screams and writhes around with each strip. He starts bleeding and a layer of skin has been taken off. The girls do both of his pecs at the same time. He’s bleeding a lot. Zoe gets George on the leg with a wax strip.

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