Day 22

The following footage takes place during Day 21.

8.31pm – The housemates are sitting in the couch after the nominations announcement – this week it’s Sarah on 12 points, Bradley on 13 points and Ray on 15 points. Sarah walks in to the bedroom and Ray follows. “12 points is a lot, isn’t it?” “Not really, when you were on 17 the week before. What goes around comes around.” says Benjamin.

Ray is telling Bradley that he feels like he can be himself and not worry about what anyone thinks about him, because he is already nominated. He wants to win one more challenge before his time is up. “We started as a team and we end us a team.”

Back in the bedroom, Layla and Estelle have joined Sarah and Benjamin.

Benjamin: Are you allowed to say – are you glad you had this particular advantage?
Estelle: (waving arms) not… I don’t think I can talk about it.
Benjamin: Do you think it will effect your time this week?
Estelle: Yeah…
Layla: Don’t let it, we can’t have you upset as well.
Estelle: Nah, I’ve been through the rollercoaster. I’ve cried when I’m nominated.

Sarah is in the Diary Room. Big Brother asks her how she felt when she heard her name announced. She says she was numb for a little bit, and that it’s easy to tell from other housemates faces which ones nominated you. “You love these people and you’re so close with them… you just wanna punch them all in the face, you really do!” She starts crying. “It’s hard, you just don’t think it’s going to be this hard.”

In the bathroom, Bradley and George are chatting.

George: Bradley you nom nom victim. It’s all you bloody are.
Bradley: But… I got less points than this time! Last time I got 16, this time 13. That’s one less person that absolutely hates me.
Layla: No one hates you…
George, joking: I hate you!

Stacey, Sarah and Benjamin are by the BBQ. “Some people are just absolute pests,” says Stacey. Sarah says that some of the housemates who hugged her after the announcement clearly didn’t mean it.

Benjamin comes to the diary room. He tells Big Brother that he can’t be too excited out in the house because one of his friends is up for eviction, but he’s really grateful that he gets to stay another week. “The twist really scares me, because I nominated Estelle and then she went to go and see stuff… and I wonder if she knows I nominated her?”

Big Brother: Is it fair to say that the confidentiality of nominations is frustrating for you?
Benjamin: It is… but I’m glad I read the rules last night because the confidentially is frustrating for me and I have a big mouth and need to shut up.

On his way out he bumps in to Sarah, on her way in to the Diary Room.

Sarah: I wanna start upping people like you did.
Benjamin: Upping people, what do you mean?
Sarah: Like, I want to say to Ray, really so it wasn’t over, cause Bradley just said that you said, “Oh, was it over?” Like, lie to my face why don’t you? Be a man.
Benjamin: Do what I did, don’t wait three days, go up to him at one point and say “yo yo yo”.
Sarah: And George, too…
Benjamin: It’s the same two people that I was having a problem with last week.
Sarah: I just feel really betrayed.
Benjamin: You don’t know that they nominated you though
Sarah: I do, I can see it in their eyes. I can see it in Estelle’s eyes.
Benjamin: I’m going to tell you what right now, that if you do what I did last week and believe that you know the nominations, it’s going to make it impossible to… [Zoe interrupts]

Later in the night, Big Brother calls the two of them to the diary room. He tells them that for the last 40 minutes he has been listening closely to their conversation, and that it is a fundamental rule of Big Brother not to discuss nominations or who they believe nominated them. “Despite constant warnings to all housemates, the two of you seem to think this rule does not apply to you. It does.” Both housemates are issued a formal strike. “I’m so sorry,” says Sarah to Benjamin.

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Day 22.

8.46am – The housemates are called to the bedroom and told about their challenges against the other house for the next few weeks. They are told they need to elect a head of house – unanimously they appoint Benjamin. He’s called to the Diary Room to collect the task notes, which he reads out to the others. “Housemates be warned. This challenge is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Good luck, and may the best house win.”

Housemates have to run a 42KM marathon on the treadmill. Michael suggests that the slow runners go first, then the rest run at no less than 16KM/h. Benjamin is first to get up to the treadmill.

Big Brother: House 2, that means you must get on to the treadmill.

The real housemates all laugh. Footage is then spliced in from the fake House 2, with the actors laying by the pool relaxing – not a treadmill in sight. (The real housemates don’t see this).

Cue montage of male housemates without shirts and female housemates in running gear running on the treadmill to inspiring orchestral music. “My legs aren’t long enough to go this fast,” complains Angie. At the half way point, the treadmill starts smoking. “House 1 and House 2, stop the treadmills and step away. Official timing has been suspended,” announces Big Brother.

Ad break.

Zoe and Layla are in the lounge.

Layla: Oh my god, I don’t think I can do it. I don’t even know how long a kilometer is…
Zoe: We should have gone first… then we wouldn’t feel bad..
Layla: We might have to do more than a kilometer now…

In the bathroom, Benjamin is telling some of the girls that they should have two goals: short term goal, kill that other house; long term goal, everyone in here should want to win. He hopes that the houses will merge and one won’t be shut down. Sarah thinks that she’ll be pretty funny around other 30 year olds. Benjamin thinks even though he’s 32 he acts like the youngest person in the house. He goes on to tell Michael that he’s the alphamale in the house.

Michael: I’d prefer you didn’t call me that… purely because I know what other men think about that term. Because George will go “no I’m the alphamale” and Ray would say “well I’m the alphamale”.
Benjamin: Really?

The treadmill has been replaced and the housemates have to restart the task. Benjamin is continuing his run which was interrupted when the treadmill broke down.

In the kitchen, Angie says that she wants to do another kilometer. Estelle says she’s also happy to get back on and do a couple of kilometers. Angie tries to say that she wants to get back on because she’s not been on for a while, but Estelle cuts her off and talks over her. Angie stops talking.

Sarah: The boys can do 16 (kilometers), let’s get them doing that, Angie and I are going next and then just leave it. Or Angie, you get on and do your thing…
Estelle: If you don’t wanna run Angie, I’m more than happy to…
Sarah: She knows, Estelle, she absolutely knows.
Estelle: Can I just say, I feel like I can’t have any input any more because people are just cutting me off. I just wanna say I can run because I’m fit, I know I can smash it.

Zoe swaps with Benjamin on the treadmill.

Sarah: Sorry for cracking it, but people have heard you say it maybe thirty times that you wanna do it.
Estelle: I know, it’s just hard, because we’re fit, and we can offer something.
Sarah: I know, just… enough. We all feel like that, we’ve heard it… so… I’ve said the same thing, but I haven’t said it twenty times. Otherwise you’d want to punch me in the face, and right now…
Estelle: It’s just that I’ve been cut off every time I’ve said it.
Sarah: No you haven’t.

Ad break.

1.35pm – Zoe is replaced by Layla on the treadmill. “Please got help me,” she says.

Sarah: I feel bad, her [Estelle] boyfriend just got kicked out…
Angie: Yeah, she’s not happy.
Sarah: I just had to tell her to stop talking about it.
Angie: Yeah, it was really awkward. I’d just prefer her to come up here and do it than for me to cop it for the next…
Sarah: Yeah, just drop me off. I’m off. That’s fine. It’s for the best, then there’s no awkwardness.

In the kitchen, Estelle tells Ray and George that everyone was getting upset with her and that she just wanted to say that she can run and they should just consider her. “I wasn’t being a bitch, I can run fast, just consider me. At the moment I feel like everyone is so quick to jump on me when I have a suggestion.”

Rocky-esque music starts as Ray, George, Benjamin then Josh take turns running. They finish the 42KM and all start cheering.

Later, in the backyard, Ray asks George if he saw how hot the girls in the other house were.

Ray: What happened to the chicks in this house? I mean… I was expecting… I suppose Sarah is… they’re all, like, hot, but those chicks in the other house… whoah. I’m just hell jelly man. It could be us in the other house, and there’s no dude competition, just that big fat dude.
George: Yeah, big time, hey.
Ray: That’s the problem in this house man. There’s you, swinging from branch to branch, Joshy running bloody marathons, Ryan thank god he’s not around any more… man, I’m struggling man, I’m sleepin by maself, it sarrks.
George: But Ray, you are a bit of a loser.
Ray: Yeah, I’ll pay dat… thank you… thank you…

All housemates are called to the lounge to find out which house ran the fastest. The winner wins one point in the battle. House 1 completed in 3 hours, 16 minutes and 32 seconds. House 2 “completed” in 3 hours, 19 minutes and 21 seconds. All the housemates cheer, hug, and scream. They form a huddle: “House 1!”

Ad break.

Big Brother shows House 1 some “footage” from House 2. Fake housemate Greta and Tyson are talking about soulmates – it’s insipid, to say the least. “Maybe if people don’t travel enough they won’t find their soulmate,” says Tyson. “Maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong place…” The footage cuts out and the housemates are instantly skeptical that what they saw is real.

Benjamin: I’ve got a hunch that we’ve been skitched. That was the worst dialogue I’ve ever heard.
Sarah: I thought it was real, they were nervous and flirting…
Stacey: We all sat around saying “describe your perfect guy, describe your perfect girl,” we all said really cheesy stuff.
Layla: Do you think there is really another house?
Josh: I dunno… I’m skeppy as…

Stacey, Josh and Layla are on the orb couch outside.

Josh: Now that Ryan’s gone, they’ve lost the relationship from the house. So now I feel like it’s going to be more focused on Layla and George and myself and Ange.
Layla: Yeah we’ve made a decision. We’re gonna not sleep on the same side of the bed any more… it’s getting a bit… last night it got a bit too hot.
Stacey: Oh, Josh, you know what pesky Ray said just before…
Josh: No, tell me, what did Ray-dar say?
Stacey: He said he wanted to swap the girls he saw on the telly with us.
Josh: Steady on Ray-dar… steady on… he’s perfectly harmless, but he’s not the kind of guy I would choose to spend my time with. He’s like a mate of a best mate, you know what I mean?

Zoe’s in the bathroom when Surly the fish starts talking to her. Layla and Sarah bust in. “Who were you talking to just then Zoe? I could hear a guy?”

Later, Layla is outside telling Michael she heard Zoe talking to a guy’s cockney voice in the bathroom and it wasn’t Big Brother. [Michael has already experienced Surly talking, and was given a task from him in the second week].

Michael: What did he say?
Layla: All I could hear her say was “in the next two weeks” or something… and then I started giggling and opened the door and it stopped.
Michael: Do you think she’s just going mental?
Layla: It was a man! Honestly! It wasn’t Big Brother! I feel like everyone knows something that I don’t!

Ad break.

4.57pm – George has joined Michael and Layla outside, where they are still discussing what just happened with Zoe. “Maybe Surly can talk!” says Layla.

Back in the bathroom, Zoe tells Surly to ask Big Brother if the second house has a pet too. She does – Big Brother says that House 2 does have a pet, an octopus named Rodney. She heads back to tell Surly the news. Surly says that he wants Zoe to win because he doesn’t want to go back to the outside world, a shark might eat him. He sets Zoe a task: burst in to tears and tell another housemate that she is really stressed out, and that all of the housemates need to work together and try harder. If she wins, Surly will cook dinner for her. Zoe finds Sarah in the bedroom and turns on the waterworks pretty quickly.

Later, Zoe is called to the Diary Room where the meal she missed out on last week in the Captain’s Quarters is served. The rest of the housemates are eating pork and vegetables in the kitchen.

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