Day 20

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

11.27am – Sarah and Ray are sitting down to talk about last night, where Ray danced “aggressively” towards Sarah and upset her. Bradley is nearby. He is explaining what he did was irresponsible and he “pushed that line” and stepped over it. He was becoming this “bouncy and violent person”. He explains he never hit anyone but clearly it upset Sarah.

Sarah: The expression in your face and hitting my hat on the ground a couple of times and pushing me out of the way, I’ve watched hip hop movies, I’ve never seen anyone dance like that and push the girl away and being like “yeeeeah” (manly hand actions). For a 30 year old woman and a 25 year old bloke, to have a dance off that was degrading – I don’t think that’s ok. I felt threatened. And I shouldn’t have grabbed your hat and glasses (said to Bradley).

The three of them group hug.

Outside Ryan is playing some new version of charades where the other housemate give him situations and he acts them out. The first is from Michael “you’ve just made the most amazing pie in the world and gone outside to take a phone call and you’ve come back and found the pie is on fire and you’re looking for the fire extinguisher to put it out”. He acts it out and Michael gives running commentary. Ryan acts it out comically while Michael continues. And the end he screams “why god, why the pie?”.

4.47pm – Yesterday Angie was talking about she doesn’t like Estelle, and continues now… “the one sentence for me was quote ‘maybe this is just me being selfish but…'”. Angie says there’s no maybe about it. Ben sees other housemates being humans but sees Estelle in the corner making webs. “She creeps up on you”.

Unknown time – Channel Nine decides to put for a radio station in the way of the timestamp. Estelle is confronting Sarah about the fallout from last night’s party. Estelle says “you’ve just kind of brushed me off”. Sarah wants to talk about it later. Estelle replies “I’m going to be walking around for the next three hours thinking ‘what have I done’?” Sarah is annoyed and says back “why do you want to do it in front of other housemates do you want to make it uncomfortable for them?”.

Estelle: I’m being direct because I’ve said three times I didn’t know what I’ve done.

Sarah: When you speak to me sometimes I feel like you don’t acknowledge what I say. I feel that some words you said last night indicated to me that my feelings weren’t validated. It seems like more got spoken out there (outside) than did in here (where Sarah was).

Estelle: I’m feeling like people are ganging up on me because I don’t gossip about people Sarah I’m honest to people’s faces that’s why I wanted to talk about it this morning.

Estelle is suddenly in tears and the eviction audience laughs. She says that her intentions are honest but people are grabbing onto things that I say.

Sarah: I know you are this beautiful fantastic person. What I feel for you… (Estelle tries to interrupt). No.. I’m speaking, I’m speaking. I’m going to talk. It’s my turn. Look at me and listen love. For you, for me and for the house you need to let people finish their sentences, and empathetically acknowledge what they’ve just said.

The footage cuts away so we don’t know what happened next.

8.07pm – There is cross promotion of another Channel Nine show that we won’t cover in this recap.

George comes to the diary room to wish his Mum happy Fathers Day because his Mum has been there for him his whole life.

Angie says “I’m missing you heaps and I love you more than ever”.

Michael says “Happy Fathers Day dad. I graduated, only took eight years. Look at me now, I’m wearing a shirt that’s not mine and company provided pants. Worst son ever”.

Layla says “I hope I’m making my Dad proud and… um… don’t matter. Sorry!”

9.53pm – Estelle is telling Bradley in the bedroom that Sarah reminded her that she is still cutting people off in conversations. Meanwhile Sarah is telling Stacey and Ben in the lounge room what happened as well.

Bradley believes Sarah was in the wrong.

Sarah tells her group that Estelle has super sharp hearing and has heard all of the conversations about her today.

Bradley says the hardest thing in the house is people who are two faced.

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