Day 25

8.28am – Heavy metal music is played through the house to wake the housemates. Stacey rocks out in her bed while the other housemates look quite unimpressed. Bradley explains to Estelle it’s the one week anniversary of their first kiss. Estelle rolls over, unimpressed.

In the Captains Quarters George and Ray are eating breakfast, but they don’t understand what they’re eating. Possibly a big mushroom.

Meanwhile the other housemates are eating baked beans. No one is sure who the baked beans belong to, and Sarah asks if she can just have some. Estelle says there’s some right here and she can have some. There’s a misunderstanding that is cleared up. Estelle wants to talk to Sarah again because she thinks they are having a weird disagreement about things.

Later the boys return from the Captains Quarters, and George has smuggled some chocolate out. He gives it to Layla as a present. She is very happy and gives him a hug.

Ben says to Josh “can Ray go back to the Captains Quarters?” Josh agrees, and Ben adds that Ray’s brain has been poisoned by something. “I think he’s put pesticide on his head and he’s turned into a pest”. Ben continues that he thought it would be good that Ray returned because it makes him go to the gym, but now he just want to his Ray. “Ray has the presence of five people”.

10.29am – Layla is still contemplating where she stands with George, after overhearing yesterday that George has a love interest outside the house. Angie reminds her to be super careful and be the one with the upper hand. Layla doesn’t want to continue the bed sharing with George any further.

There’s another inter-house challenge. The housemates must paint a self portrait which will be judged by the public on Facebook. Ben must snap at all of the housemates to shut up a few times, particularly targeting Bradley.

Later on the painting has started and Ben has a clear vision for the self portrait mural. He’s not happy with Estelle putting a skateboard, horse and rainbow next to her in the picture.

During a break in the painting, Stacey says to Ben “I hate Bradley, he’s so annoying”. Ben replies “I hate Estelle as well, why can’t they follow simple instructions”. Stacey wants to make sure Sarah is not left with a tiny amount of space. Sarah says they need to get Estelle out of the mural area otherwise other housemates won’t fit onto the canvas.

3.43pm – Painting has finished. Ben comments he looks like Bert from Bert and Ernie. They all take a photo with them next to their portraits.

Later, the fake “results” are in. The winner is House 2. The house looks very discouraged – saying “this means we’re not popular with the public”. Michael reminds them all to not doubt themselves too much over it.

Josh comes to the diary room and explains the inter-house challenge has made them feel like the spotlight has been taken off them and they may not be really be getting their time in the sun.

The mural portrait from House 2 is revealed to the housemates. It’s considerably better than their effort. They don’t believe it’s real. Layla says “this is the biggest stitch in Big Brother history”. Some say that if it is real it’s good because they won because they’re the better painting, not because they are more popular.

8.36pm – Inter-house challenge – they must guess the number closest to the other house’s combined age. House 1 wins. Ben does a victory lap of the backyard before changing the scoreboard.

Later Ben tells Sarah he must convince the other housemates there’s another house to lift their spirits. Sarah says it’s not a matter of convincing them – there really is another house. Ben’s face doesn’t look very convinced.

Bradley is telling a story about a girl he loved in high school. He made a card for her that said:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
There’s nothing in the world
More perfect than you*

* Except for the Dark Knight

Ben comes into the kitchen and calls a house meeting. He says he thinks most housemates don’t believe there’s a second house. Ben says being Head of House there’s another house and if you don’t believe there isn’t, he doesn’t want to hear it anymore. He wants a winning attitude in the house from now on. The only way they’re going to win is to have a positive attitude. “If I hear anything about there not being another house, I will no longer be Head of House and I’ll leave it up to chaos”.

Layla and George are cuddling in bed. She says she’s staying away from him and he says “no don’t”. They giggle and cuddle.

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